Groom Style – Steve

This is probably one of the very few weddings where there seems to be more photographs of the Groom than the Bride!¬† I’m sure it’s nothing personal to the Bride but when your marrying someone as rocking and cool as this dude is it surprising!?

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The Bridal Shoot and The Hurricane

I love Bridal Shoots!  I enjoyed mine so much, it was great to put the dress back on and just have fun with the photos, not worrying that your taking too much time away from your guests on the actual wedding day.  You will no doubt be much more relaxed too Рhopefully resulting in much better photographs!

Julie Robles¬†really pushed the boat out with this set.¬† The bride may not have been as relaxed as I was as the photo shoot fell on the same day Hurricane Ike blew¬†in!¬† But just check out the fabulous results – the umbrella, the bouquet, the dress –¬†I¬†love them all!¬†:o)

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Tiers and Pearls

Tess and Brian created a gorgeous outdoorsy vintage stylee, diy wedding in Idaho.¬† I have no info about this day I’m afraid but the photographs are just¬†too beautiful not to post…I just love Tess’ dress!¬† The tiers are so flattering to her shape, and I love love love the uber layered pearls.¬† I may have to steal this idea next time I wear something that’s not just taken¬†crumpled from the floor!

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The Chicken Man And The Naked Chick

OMFG just look at this ridiculously amazing engagement shoot followed by a spectacular and mind blowing wedding!  These will actually blow you away I swear to God.

Firstly the engagement shoot is like nothing I’ve ever seen before..a chicken suit and nakedness – now that’s a brave lady!¬† But then the wedding..BANG!…hits you right between the eyes with its whimsical, magical, mystical, fairytale, a midsummer nights dream-esque, woodland wonderland extravaganza!

Just check out these pictures and tell me they are not one of the most fabulous you’ve ever seen?

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Goth and Glamour

There’s definitely something eerie spooky, sexy, glamorous and cool about Vito and Jessica’s wedding.¬† The Bride wore white cowboy boots and the whole day had a gothy (check out the graveyard shots!) feel.¬† The day had a¬†checkerboard motif including the Bridesmaids wicked shoes (from Gwen Stafani’s LAMB range), the Groom’s Vans, the cake, the dance floor…

Check out the fabulousity…!

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