You Would Totally Say Yes!

I urge everybody to check out this adorable video..who wouldn’t say yes to this?!


It is actually the cutest thing I have ever seen..I would, without a shadow of a doubt, have been balling my eyes out if this was for me…

Credit: You Tube via Bridalwave

Carshow Wedding

The very lovely Kim sent me some photographs from her amazing looking car show wedding after reading my post on the new ‘transport’ category for the blog.  I think this wedding actually epitomizes my (or sorry my Dad’s) idea and shall forever more be remembered as the definition of wedding car chic. 

Kim writes:  I recently saw your post about the Chevelle and how your Dad thought your site was missing cars. Your Dad and my Dad must have been cut from the same cloth. As soon as I announced my engagement and my plan to hold my wedding & reception on my Dad’s lawn he began planning the car show. I thought it was a great idea. My husband, Andy and I discovered our mutual love of cars early on in our relationship in fact we bought a 1966 plymouth satellite (the white car in the pics) for eachother as a wedding present. My Dad drove my sisters and me to the tent in his 1929 Chrysler. The remainder of the cars belonged to guests who were promised “preferred parking” for vehicles manufactured before 1974 on our invitations. It was a great day and everyone loved being able to check out the rides.

I will most definitely be forwarding this post to my Dad to make sure he sees how popular his idea has become.

Style With Substance

For me, the overtly stylish wedding epitomises a Rock ‘n Roll Wedding.  The couple have incorporated themselves into the day – personal touches are really what make any wedding special. 

Credit: L’amore de Vie via Style Me Pretty


This tattooed bride is stunning and this couple look so blissfully happy (hurrah!)  I love to see such joy in a wedding.

Credit: Eclectic Images

Tired..But Still Blogging

This Bride is just so fantastic looking..I love her fact I want her necklace.  It’s getting late and I’m pretty tired so I don’t really have much else to say so just enjoy the photographs!

Credit: Mandy and Me

A Doggie Day

I have always been more of a cat person than a dog one, but when I spied this first photograph of the teeny tiny doggies on the amazing yellow chair, I knew I would be posting the wedding that followed.  Luckily for me, the wedding that did follow was just as stunning as that first image…and the bright yellow continued..fabulous!

Credit: Mulberry Photography