Groom Style – Dog In a Bow

Patterned tie, converse trainers and a dog in a bow…I likey

Credit: Ritzy Bee


This wedding looks stunning…but it is totally over shadowed by the Groom’s hair! I am actually a little bit in awe of it in fact.

Credit: Jeff Tisman via Brooklyn Bride

Whole Lotta Love

What do I love about this wedding?  Well let’s see…

The Groom’s shoes
The  Dolce & Gabbana couture gown
This Photograph…
The car
The kids drawing table – what a good idea to keep them entertained whilst waiting for dinner!
The fact that they had a string quartet for their evening entertainment…but they only played rock music!
The belly dancer
The ring on a crayon…

Credit: the image is found

Campfire Wedding

“Hurrah” I hear you cry!  Another fantastic and original wedding shot by Ian Grant.  Remember this cute cute cuuute older couple that he photographed?  Well this reminds me exactly of that wedding – the rustic, outdoory, natural, relaxed and hippy vibe is contagious!

Credit: Ian Grant

Polaroids Rock

I like polaroids.  Whenever I see a wedding shot using a polaroid camera it makes me want to get one myself…and take cute, vintagey styled, kooky photographs.  For more of this wedding clicky here or here

Credit: Michelle Pullman

A Juxtaposition.

I love when tattooed chicks wear traditional white wedding dresses – the juxtaposition looked very very cool.  These photographs most defiantly prove my point.

Credit: Eclectic Images