Rustic Charm

Here’s another beautiful wedding shot by Laura Ryan (who by the way has just nominated Rock ‘n Roll Bride for a Blog Luv award..woohoo)

Laura described this day perfectly so lets just go with this…”A beautiful fall day, a unique location and a farm..  details of green, pom poms, carnations, a custom made dress, Converse Sneakers, BBQ, a hay ride, pumpkins.. and one or two long exposures..”

Credit: Laura Ryan

Vow Renewals – Yay or Neigh?

Call me controversial, but I’m not sure I agree with vow renewals…unless the couple is like 80 years old and have been married 60 years…in that case I find I it touching, sweet and full of sentiment.  I love the fact that a couple who’ve been together that long are still so totally head over heels in love with each other that they want to re-tell the world. 

However when a couple who’ve only been married 5 or so years do it, it does make me think, ‘well maybe they just wanted another party?’   See, told you I was controversial.  Tell me what you guys think..and please do..come on don’t told back!  Am I a heartless bitch?

However, as you know, I’m all about the beautiful images and even though this is a vow renewal, I can’t help but post them – I adore the Bride’s dress (I wonder if it was a new one or the one she got married in before) and I love the dramatic shots with the red umbrella.

Credit: Laura Ryan


Gorgeous brightly coloured weddings seem to be a bit of a recurring theme here at Rock ‘n Roll Bride recently…but with weddings like this floating around blog-land are you really surprised?

For those of you that want to know, Lisa’s spectacular dress was designed and made by ‘Blue’ in NYC, based on the dress Michelle Williams wore at the Oscars, and her fabulous shoes were a bargain buy from ebay!

Credit: Candice Cusic via Brooklyn Bride

Amelia Lyon – Colour & Fun!

See, I told you I was going on an Amelia Lyon binge today!  Finally, lets gawp in the fabulousness of Jeramy & Shelly’s wedding…well more specifically their cute cute cute daughters/bridesmaids, balloons and the awesome ring photograph!  So colourful and fun…

Credit: Amelia Lyon

Amelia Lyon – A Stunner

This wedding is so sweet…sweet and chic.  Isn’t the Bride a stunner?  And don’t get me started on her dress!  Fantastic as always Amelia!

Credit: Amelia Lyon