Monochrome Wedding

Remember these wonderful monochrome Bridals by Sarah Austin? Well Sarah has just sent me the wedding pictures. Hurrah! Chad and Valerie’s wedding took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Ceremony was only 5 minutes long, and they kept it personal by only having about 80 guests of friends and family. They gave every guest a bottle of tequila as their party favor (I personally can’t stand tequila – bad experience as a 14 year old!) but I am loving the idea of alcoholic favours to get the party started!

Credit: Sarah Austin Photography

Video Star – Paint The Dress

I am loving posting all the videos this week. It seems the word is spreading about little old me and my little old blog and I am being inundated with fabulous video content as well as amazing images..woohooo! Can’t complain about that can we?

This is totally original take on the whole ‘trash the dress’ thing.  Don’t get me wrong I love TTD…in fact I love all dress pictures really, but Darrell Aubert of Aubert Films has taken the idea to a whole new level by telling a ‘trash the dress’ story with film.

Darrell goes on to explain:
Karen [the Bride] is a local part time photographer who was really interested in the TTD phenomenon. She reached out to me to shoot an awesome video for her and her family. I gladly accepted but with one condition, that I could tell a story with her video. One thing I always disliked about TTD was the lack of focus. It was more shock and awe than anything else. I wanted to tell the story of the bride’s situation, why is she doing this?
Karen’s story was one that, I’m sure, many mothers have. 3 kids, all the chores to do, a husband more interested in the football game than her. Her life lacked the spark that she had when she got married all those years ago. Finding her wedding dress and utterly destroying it is her way of expressing her frustrations and also a way of regaining some of that spark.

To read about Karen’s take on the experience, head on over to Darrell’s blog, but for now, check this out!

Paint the Dress from Darrell Aubert on Vimeo.

Credit: Aubert Films

Black Beauty

My wonderful readers, you have one day left to enter the contest to win a fabulous felt & button bouquet….so get me your entries in speedily! The winner will be announced and the new Rock n Roll Bride slogan will be up and running as of Friday morning…how very exciting!

Until tomorrow gorgeous guys and gals, why not enjoy a little bit of stylish Gothic Bride inspiration?!

Credit: Camilla Arkans for Vogue Nipon via Edomed

Vintage Pin Up Wedding…The Wedding!

I’m sure you remember Heather & Lucus’ fabulous vintage pin up stylee engagements?  Well even if you don’t I know you’re going to love their wedding photographs!  I am so honoured that Heather has send me these straight away and I am so excited to share these with you.

Heather describes their day:
The ceremony and reception was held at Squatters Brewery here in Salt Lake. We had a short, 6 minute ceremony that was funny and fit our personalities well. Our Australian friend got ordained and married us. My Dad wore a flamed hot rod tie to walk me down the isle in. I illustrated the two of us for a custom shot glass that was given to anyone that ordered a shot. We had an elaborate retro dessert table with my homemade cupcakes. (I am a self-proclaimed obsessed baker)
There was a retro photobooth for everyone to use, swing dancing, a themed ‘wedding cake’ shot that tasted like vanilla cake, and a cupcake tower. We also had our artist friends do illustrations of us, and framed them for display in the entry area. (I’ve included my favorite one in the folder) 🙂 – By JJ Harrison of

My dress was a Pronovias gown that I bought on ebay for $300. Then I had it trimmed shorter, and had a jacket made to match it, by a girl on

Thanks Heather, I am in love with your wedding!

Credit: Will and Deb Duris

Vintage Seaside Loveliness

Firstly sorry for my usual huge lack of posts today, I had a somewhat crazy day at my day job – hence less time for blogging.  How very inconsiderate of my work to make me actually do work and not blogging!  Anyway I will most defiantly be catching up this evening, atarting right now with another little gem from Michele M. Waite.

Lyndsey & Matt had a gorgeous vintage style wedding in Blaine, WA complete with lovely vintage touches throughout including the glassware, seashells, table decor, old bikes which all came from the Bride’s store Penny Lane Vintage.

Credit: Michele M. Waite

A Homespun Wedding

I am hoping to feature a few of Michele Waite’s weddings in the not to distant future, starting with this one.  I asked the Bride Danielle if she could help me with some details about their day and boy, what a response..this will make you happy!
Danielle explains:

I had my dress made – Chrissy Wai-Ching made it. She is a custom clothing designer and maker in Seattle – and was kind enough to allow me to collaborate with her on the design. (I am an architect, by training, and life-long hobby-seamstress) So she kindly tolerated my need to participate, but, is extremely talented all by herself.

My sister was my ‘bridesmaid’ – (also had dress made by Chrissy) and mostly helped me get through it all – But, wasn’t a traditional bridemaid… Those duties were shared amongst my friends and her.

Our wedding was special because we decided to buy a house for it. (HA) Literally, we spent months trying to decide where to have it… all around the Puget Sound region. But, ultimately decided the most important thing was the ‘place,’ the most symbolic part was that we wanted to cement our partnership on our own land, our own terms. Deepen our commitment through the experimentation of building a home together and ‘christen’ that place with the celebration of our marriage. (we are both architects) So, the house became our focal point for months after we closed. The date was set 6 months after we got the keys – and we worked our tails off with tons of help from our family and friends.

Eventually it evolved from being about us and our land, house and experimenting to the tremendous community effort to prepare for the event. We had a constant stream of visitors ready to jackhammer, cut boards, roll sod, install railings, build decks, tents and paint decorations. It was a machine of enginuity and REALLY fun.

What makes me a rocknroll bride? I don’t really know the answer to that. I did it my own way? I threw away the guide books and said there is something more than this? We made virtually every piece? We chose local artists and craftspeople to help us? Our caterer is an eccentric italian who happens to make the best food many of us had ever eaten at a wedding? We danced to good ole R and B hits on top of the tattoo heart with swallows saying LOVE, painted on to our deck? I didn’t have to put myself on a diet because I was too busy building my ass off for 6 months?

Hurrah to that I say!