Skin Graft

After the Circus Freak post and Suzanne’s stunning red dress, I wanted to check out Skin Graft Designs, the magic behind the dress in some more detail. So, after Christinamessaged me to say the link was broken, (thanks hun!) I re-found the site and oh what a lot of fantastic wedding dress joy I was to behold…

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Brain Freeze

When I have a marathon posting session I occasionally get brain freeze.¬† I literally can’t think straight enough to write an eloquent¬†or well worded post.¬† However their are¬†loads of reasons why I adore these images, and it would be too sad to neglect them just because of my own frosty brain.¬† So I’m going to make it simple for you (or really for myself…)

I love these because of…
Amelia Lyon
The sleeved dress
The red wall
The car
This image

Is that OK?

Credit: Ameila Lyon

Runaway Bride

…with a red veil!¬†

Credit: Yulia Gorbachenko


Have a gander at this lovely and inspiring wedding styling, designed by Punch Design.¬† I a particular fan of the old family photographs, dating back to the 1800’s, which adorned the walls of the venue.

Credit: Josh Nelson (Design by Punch Design)

Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers…

One post from Pixie Vision¬†just isn’t enough.¬† Check this couple out! Fire dancers, fairy flower girls, belly dancers¬†and¬†this dress omg¬†the dress!¬†Also, I’m not sure what her bouquet is made of but jeez it’s fantastic!
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Credit: Pixie Vision

Circus Freak (In A Good Way!)

This is a circus wedding if ever I’ve seen one!¬† Erm…WOW is all I can say!¬† The guests seem to have totally got into it too, check them out all dressed up, isn’t it amazing!?¬† I wouldn’t have known who to spend the whole day staring at…what a feast for the eyes this is.¬† Pure gothic heaven at it’s best.

The Bride’s dress was made by Skin Graft Designs¬†and the wedding took place at¬†The Madre Grande Monastary

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