Blair & Sean

Here’s another gorgeous wedding photographed by Mathieu Photography.¬† Blair and Sean’s wedding is just stunningly beautiful…so I’m going to let these images speak for themselves….

Edit: You must also check out their Trash The Dress shoot rocks!

Credit: Mathieu Photography

Wedding Show Report + Mark & Jickie’s DIY Wedding

I’m am super tired from my busy weekend handing out flyers in the cold at the National Wedding Show this weekend.¬† I’d like to extend a very special thanks to all the lovely people I met, especially the guys who took the time to ask me questions about the site and gave me one of the many ‘Oh Wows’ I overheard when they took a look at the leaflet!¬† From what I saw, our leaflet did really seem to stand out from the crowd¬†(exactly what I wanted!) and I even got someone who came up to me and asked if I was¬†‘The Rock ‘n Roll Bride Lady’!!¬† It really did make it all worthwhile.¬† I hope my new readers enjoy the site and good luck with the competition! (I have extended the Wedding Date to August 2010 by the way, as I figured a lot of people at the show may be planning for next year.)

Due to my busy weekend I have had no time to blog (how very unlike me, as I usually blog up to about 15 posts a day – I’m not kidding!) so I have a lot of gorgeous weddings to catch up on, starting with this fabulously stylish affair sent to me by the very lovely Molly and Matt from Mathieu Photography.¬†

Jickie and Mark, the Bride and Groom are clearly a very creative pair as they handled all the details from the gorgeous paper flowers to the hand painted sugar skulls (I love them!) themselves.¬†Instead of a regular guest book they displayed a typewriter for all their guests to leave them notes of encouragement and lurrrve….Oh and one more bonus…the couple¬†got¬†engaged in London (woohoo)

Enjoy these amazing photographs!

Credit: Mathieu Photography

What!? Free Wedding Photography?!

Oh Yes!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how bloomin’ chuffed I am with all my regular readers for coming back time and time again to read my random ramblings, but also to welcome a brand spanking new¬†spate of British Brides to be!¬† I am off to the National Wedding Show at Olympia in London-town tomorrow and Sunday to spread the Rock n Roll Bride word so I’m hoping there will be some new names cropping up¬†in the comments soon, please don’t be shy, I’m not scary…honest.

Anyway in order to share the love (by the way I have been dying to tell you all about this for ages!) I am running very very exciting competition in conjunction with David M McNeil, photographer extraordinaire to offer one lucky couple free, yes FREE wedding photography (including a pre-wedding engagement shoot, oh yes!) 

I’m really sorry but the competition is only open to UK based weddings (unless your willing to fly myself and David to you..we wouldn’t mind..honest – we like holidays!)¬† Clicky HERE for all the exciting details and info on how to enter.¬† I’m very much looking forward to reading all your entries and hopefully getting to know some of you better.¬† So what are you waiting for?¬† Did you not hear me? FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!

This contest is now closed


Such Fun

I couldn’t decide whether I loved the actual wedding portraits or the engagement shoot of this stunning couple,¬† so I’ve decided to post both.¬† Is that ok?!

How gorgeous is her dress?  I want!

Credit: Christine Farah

Not Just Groom Style…

I saw the Groom¬†first and I thought ‘ooh he’ll make a good Groom Style post’¬†but them I saw the Bride..and the rest of the wedding, and OMG it would be criminal, sacrilegious almost to exclude any aspect of this day.¬† Just wow.¬† I love it all (maybe a little bit more than I should?)

Credit: Travis Hoehne

Tired Blogger, But A Wedding Too Good To Wait For

I am tired.¬† Very tired.¬† So tired in fact that words escape me, and I like a lot about this wedding and it’s not really fair butthis most will consist of primarily singular nouns…

I like these things in this wedding…Tattoos.¬† Flowers.¬† Groom Style. ¬†Cake.¬† Dress.¬†Umbrella.¬† Little¬†Hat….


Credit: Katie Moos