I am a little bit too in love with this Bride’s vintagey, short, long sleeved, petticoated, wrap dress!

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Credit: Project Wedding

It’s All In The Details

Your surveys have been coming in thick and fast (you must all really want those shoes – I don’t blame you!)Ā  You still have a week to get involved (clicky here) but I thought I’d get the ball rolling on some of the stuff you guys have been saying.Ā  A number of you have said that you’d like to see more detail shotsĀ on R’nR Bride, i.e more ideas to steal – I feel that!Ā  So here we go…now don’t ever say IĀ never give you anything!

This coupleĀ a beautiful Adian infused wedding and I’m pretty sure there are ideas here worth a quick steal!

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Credit: Project Wedding

Sunlight, Sun Bright

As you have probably already realised, I went on a bit of a Fuller Edge binge last night…but their edgy, awesome photography forced me too!Ā  I have one more to share with you, and I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one just as much as the others.
I am particularly in love with the bouquet (never seen anything like it) andĀ the portraits with the sunlight streaming through, just gorgeous.

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Credit: Fuller Edge

Seriously Sexy

Oh Balls!
I was totally going to log off my computer right about now and go spend some quality time with the husband..but then I found these!
I hope you appreciate all the time, effort and love I give you!

Seriously cute (doggy) but at the same time seriously sexy (the second photograph!)

Credit: Fuller Edge


Oh yes!
Fuller Edge haveĀ quite simply just rocked my Friday night with this wedding…or more specifically this Bride has with her amazing dress and black birdcage veil…

Credit: Fuller Edge


I’ve got a funny feeling you’re going to like these polka-dot bridesmaid dresses, which by the way, perfectly match the giant-looking wedding cake!

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Credit: KLK Photography