Sunny & Sparkly

This portraits by Kellie Kano are simply stunning.  Don’t you just love that sun, lens flare thing? (I’m sure there is an official term for this!) It really makes all the sparkles on the Bride’s dress pop!

Credit: Kellie Kano

Something Blue

Quite apart from the fact that these images are flippin’ gorgeous, I am all about this Bride’s head wear and her blue necklace & earring combo.  Uber Stylish

Credit: Luna Photo

Film Vs Digital

I am going to give you a terrible example of how to wedding plan right now.  When we were choosing our photographers, we didn’t do what all the magazines tell you to and meet with as many photographers as possible to decide who suits us best.  I found English Rose Photography, we met them and we booked them… We knew as soon as we saw their gorgeous photographs that they were who we wanted, and as soon as we met them we knew they were perfect for our wedding.

The reason I’m telling you this is because like English Rose, Linda Chaja uses film in her camera instead of a memory card.  Now, the fact that John & Jill of English Rose used film wasn’t the thing that sold them to us – it was their style, their personalities and their love of weddings that did it…however looking back I think its really nice to have ‘real’ photographs, not just a digital image on a screen, to remember our wedding.  Sure, I know you can print off digital images just as you can with film..but think of it like this – why would anyone choose to use a Polaroid camera?  Exactly, there’s no logical’s simply because Polaroid’s rock.

But aaaaanyway, I digress…what I actually wanted to say (and could have said in literally one sentence) was that Linda Chaja uses film…and I like it.

Credit: Linda Chaja

Groom Style – Nick

Paisley ties are so sexy (no, honestly I really love them!)

Credit: Matthew Morgan

Twitter Love

I started out a Twitter sceptic, but I thought I’d join as it seemed to be the ‘in’ thing to do (especially as a blogger – everyone’s on it!)  I started off tentatively, dipping my toes into proverbial pool so so speak, not really knowing what to expect and well basically, not ‘getting’ it. 
However now I am sold.  I love it!  Twitter has put me in touch with so many of my readers (yey for saying hello) as well as other bloggers and photographers.
Lyndzee of EP Love was such a Twitter find…well she found me, then I found her website and I found myself at a little gem of a wedding.  Tadaaa..behold, a little Twitter masterpiece

Credit: Ep Love

A Detailed Look

If you’re on the look out for some fabulous detail inspiration, then look no further than this gorgeous wedding posted by The Bride’s Cafe today..simply stunning! 

Credit Marie Labbancz via The Bride’s Cafe