Yep. Amazing.

Ok so I’m offically in love with Red Leaf Studios.¬† Check out this next bridal shoot I found, it’s just as amazing as the first.

Credit: Red Leaf Studios


Yep..I definitely love it!¬† Can this be me…please?

The old, delapadated house  creates such a beautiful contrast to the glamourous Bride.

Credit: Red Leaf Studios

The Light.

This could be one of the most naturally stunning Bride’s I’ve ever featured.¬†I say could because I seem to say stuff like this a lot and I really don’t want to go back and find another post where I’ve said exactly the same thing…I’d look like a fool!…and I’m a chicken like that.¬† But anyway, you see what I mean right?¬†

The gorgeous photography is actually amazing here.¬† The light, the dark, the shadows and the sunshine…stunning.¬† Wow

Credit: E. Leigh Photography

I Love…

If you’ve been reading Rock ‘n Roll Bride for a while, I’m sure you would have worked out that my passion (obsession, fascination, fixation) is real weddings and gorgeous photography…Now when I discover a spectacular new wedding such a this, can’t you see why?¬†

Gorgeously vintage styling is mirrored perfectly by the photography –¬†the two working together to create these beautifully in tune images.¬† Amazing…sigh…

Credit: Josh Goleman

A New Kind Of Fabulous

I remember seeing these photographs on Black Eiffel ages ago, but I assumed they were a fashion photo, on my re-discovery of them I’ve discovered they are actually a real life¬†engagement shoot.¬† AMAZING!


Credit: Josh Goleman

80’s Prom

On paper these 80’s style prom/bridesmaid dresses should be hideous but for some reason they really work!

For more of this cute, vintage wedding clicky here

Credit: Flint Photography via Amorology Weddings