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For submissions, blog advertising info, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between, simply drop me an email to However before emailing, be sure to check out the FAQ on my about page to see if I’ve answered it already!

For print magazine advertising enquires please email and someone from my team will get back to you asap.

I love sharing what I know and offering advice through the content of my blog, however I am unable to give “free advice” via email. As much as I might like to spend all day meeting people for coffees and chats, I regrettably don’t usually have time for that either.

I am also unable to help with school projects or University dissertations.

However I have many advice columns including “Dear Kat” in the print magazine. If you have a wedding planning question that you’d like to see me answer in a future column, please drop me a message.


  1. Hello Kat,

    I just subscribe to you wonderful magazine but it is said hat my subscription will start only end of december. Is it possible to get actuel magazine?

    “Bisous à la française” :-*
    (mail subscription :

  2. Nicola Tate


    I subscribe to the magazine but ny copy has not arrived this month despite the money coming out a couple of weeks ago, is shipping delayed or is my postman a secret rock n roll bride?



  3. Alice johnson

    I adore your site. The ethics and all. I’m getting married myself shortly and wondered whether you could share this on your page to help empower other women that may be feeling this way….

    Now I am one for raving and ranting and swearing but not often taken a stand on social media. I am not articulate, my spelling and grammer sucks but I hope people will get my drift…..

    Friday was one of the best days of my life. My mums and I went shopping for a wedding dress. My heart dancing with a zillion butterflies and my anxiety levels in that place between projectile vomiting and laughing till I wee myself.

    As I stood trying on dresses surrounded by mirrors in the shared dressing room I was opposite a girl who I deemed to be one of the most beautiful and perfect women I have ever seen. A body like in a movie a face like a piece of art. Tall, slender, absolutely stunning. She’d have looked good in a bin bag but as she started trying dresses on I was almost in tears. I was so happy for her but so envious. I wanted to be her. I wanted to look like that and I wanted right there and then for a freaky Friday moment where we could swap bodies.

    I told her she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and she looked shy and bashful. She saw me try on my dresses and returned the compliment. I don’t know whether it was just to be nice or not but I appreciated her efforts in trying to comfort my broken mind.

    We left the shop with excitement but not the feeling that we had found ‘the one’. Later that day we did. And I stood there and looked at myself and I thought. … may not be that other girl. But you are the girl Brodey Laundon is marrying. I cheered up and thought about him and how much love I feel and have in my heart which makes it almost feel like it’s about to burst.

    I’ve never won and will never win a beauty pageant. I won’t be the girl that guys look at and lust over and that’s fine. Especially because I have my guy……. but now to the rant…… looking through bridal magazines….. I see this. …… (see image)

    Titled THE WEDDING PROCEDURES. Firstly sounds like a really bad hammer horror film. But secondly. …… where the fuck do people get off writing this pure. …..utter shit. I don’t feel good enough most of the time. ….but now…..over the next year. According to this article I need to book a consultation with a surgeon, start using acid fillers, have both, teeth whitening, IV therapy and go for a thread lift on my jowls boobs and cheeks.

    So I wanted to take this opportunity to say FUCK YOU to the “Brides cosmetic guide 2017 in association with Lumity” (more like fucking lunacy) This horrid untreated non-threaded jowl faced lump that I am may not be perfect. But I got a fiance you thick twats.

    Ladies and gentlemen, trans- whoever you are……. people love you. They love you. Dressing gown and hung over. In bed with the flu. Or just plain hormonal. You will look amazing on your day. BE YOU because that’s who we love xxxxxxx

  4. robert goreham

    hi kat
    i love the magzine so keep up the good work
    i have tried to submit a shoot but have not heard from you so just making sure you have received it and its not got lost in cyber space lol look forward to hearing from you

  5. Hi Kat, I adore your work. It’s seriously wonderful.

    So far, I have read all your posts and they are amazing. Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. sent you an email.. doing research for big Netflix series about marriage and weddings.
    Be great to talk to you if you are around and could spare a moment.. love what you do !!

    sue bourne


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