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  1. Donna Moore

    Hello, is this the issue with Josh and Haley Steward in it from New Orleans? Do you have anywhere locally in the Montgomery,AL area where I can purchase one or do I have to order online only?

  2. Richenda

    Hey! I went to get a subscription but I don’t have a PayPal account and don’t really want one – is there any other way to purchase the magazines? Thank you x.

  3. Post author

    Hey Richenda, everything is handled through PayPal for a number of reasons, including security. Just set an account up, its super quick, easy and safe!

  4. Charlotte Alexander

    Hi Kat. I’m still looking to find issue 5 as it’s the only one I don’t have. Tried on ebay a few times and it’s usually only sold as part of issues 1-6 etc. Can’t find it in the shop section on the website. Many thanks, Charlotte

  5. Ilona

    Hi I would like to dye two strands of my hair one blue and one red I would like it to last 4 to 5 months or more which temporary hair dye do you recommend because I’m lost with all these products..

  6. Good morning! This is my first time placing an order! I would like to know if your first issue is still available to purchase? If it is may I ask what would be the price of it? Thank you! Theresa! 🙂

  7. Glynis Barnet

    Please could you advise me where I can get issue 11 of the Rock and Roll bride as I have tried Smiths and other newsagents without any luck. Thankyou

  8. Glynis Barnet

    Hi Kat
    Many thanks for your reply.I have today ordered issue number 11.Looking forward to receiving it.Thanks again

  9. Glynis Barnet

    Hi Kat
    Please could you help me locate the wedding of Michell and Marc’s wedding at ocean kave.june2016.It was called a Boho inspired Shakespearen wedding in a cave.I have gone back as far as issue 10 but am unable to find it.I made the wedding bouquets etc and would love to be able to get the issue they are in.Many thanks for your help.

  10. Rebecca Neal

    Have you published any articles on keeping calm in the countdown, 17 days to go and its just hit me!!!!!!!
    Becky xxx

  11. Natalie Bernal

    Hello Kat,

    I am writing you from the States. I know Rock n Bride is currently not sold at any newsstands here. I am one of the brides featured in your wonderful magazine. I want to say thank you for featuring my wife and I and giving same sex weddings a platform for the world to see.

    I would like to buy 3 copies of issue 13 but I noticed the page is setup as single orders with individual shipping cost. It there any way I can order 3 copies but have it under one shipping cost?

  12. Emma Baranowski

    It was lovely to see my mum’s (Liz Baranowski) flower table decorations in your 13th issue, page 70 – flowers sourced and arranged all by herself – they looked stunning

  13. julia

    Since I live in the US and shipping seems expensive, are your issues available to purchase as digital versions?

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  14. Post author

    Hi Julia
    It’s just a print magazine I’m afraid, there’s no digital version available.

  15. Hi Kat
    Have you had any luck in locating the issue that would have Michell and Marks wedding from June 2016 as I would love to find the pictures as I made her bouquets.Thank you

  16. Diane Mendonca

    Hi ! My daughter’s wedding Caroline and Steve were featured in the March , 2017 issue, I’d love to get extra copies . You did a great job, loved loved the feature

  17. Shari

    I’m in NZ and want to order the current issue as well as the available back issues hoping to combine them for shipping. I can’t figure out how to select more then 1 item at a time 🤔. Im wondering if it because I’m on the mobile site?

  18. Post author

    Hi Shari

    We can offer a bulk order price for 5 copies or more (ordering any less than 5 really doesn’t offer any saving on shipping I’m afraid). If you want to go ahead, please email us and we can let you know how to do it!

  19. Morgan

    Hi there! This has probably been answered so I apologize. I do I unsubscribe from the magazine? I love it, it’s wonderful but I’m married and now trying to save a little cash. Thank you! I will continue to follow your blog!

  20. Jamilla


    I saw you guys at the Curious Wedding fair and ordered a custom veil which hasn’t arrived yet.

    Who can I contact please?


  21. Kristianne

    Hiya! Would like to submit our wedding which is in a few weeks (June 3rd) do you prefer submissions with official photographs after the wedding or info beforehand? Don’t want to miss the boat 🙂 thank you!

  22. Lizette

    Hi i saw your cake toppers of a tiara and queen how much are they i want to buy them let me know if you sell them please

  23. Lowri Dennis


    I was wondering if you sold garters? My fingers are crossed that you do!

    Thank you in advance,


  24. Patti

    I saw a dress on this site I’d love to have for my wedding maybe similar how would I go about inquiring about it

  25. Dawn Dixon

    Please sell digital issues!! Or do you have a US distributor? I want to have all the issues and the shipping is just to cost prohibitive. I love what I see!

    Thank you

  26. Megan Furdas

    Hi, I believe my wedding will be in this July print issue – Megan & Will Furdas. We currently live in the US and I’d like to order more than just one issue – is that possible?

  27. Malin

    By the way I love you magazine!
    I just saw your direct video on facebook and I wanted to order all 5 copies 11-15 .Is there a way to order it together caus when I try it only works seperatly.I mean so I can get it shipped together?Or do I have to go in and do the order for every single magazine?Thanks again regards Malin

  28. Post author

    Hey Malin
    You need to order them one by one and we are unable to combining shipping for this offer.

  29. Poppy

    Hi, I was wondering when I will receive my magazine as its the first time ordering online, I purchased the new issue just over a week ago. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  30. Hi there!
    I asked you a question about wearing a black dress to a wedding. I was worried it was “not done”
    After your reassurance that it was OK, I made a shawl to add colour. Not sure if I can post a pic here or on Facebook. Otherwise check out the photo on Tulip and Thistle Crochet, if you like?
    Mandie 😀

  31. HELLO!!! All the way from the Sunshine state of Florida! I adore all of your magazines and all the killer wedddings! I would love to purchase all of the back issued magazines but do I pay 9.99 per magazine to ship or can you ship them all together?

    Rock on!


  32. Post author

    Hi April, its per magazine. Shipping costs are calculated on weight (and size) so that how much we’re charged per issue.

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