Email is our love language. For real wedding submissions, freelance writing opportunities, advertising info, brand collaborations, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between, please drop Kat an email to While we will make the final decision on whether a feature is placed in print or online, you are very welcome to let us know if you have a preference and we will take it into account.


We accept real wedding submissions from photographers, newlyweds or a wedding supplier involved in the day. We know you are as time-poor as we are so like to keep things as simple and straight-forward as possible. To submit your wedding drop us an email and include the following:


♥ Between 10 and 20 low res images. Please include portraits of the couple and detail shots (the cake, centrepieces, decorations etc). If the submission is accepted we will then ask you to send the full gallery.

♥ Images can be sent attached to an email or linked to an external online gallery. If you would like submit via Dropbox please email a direct link to the folder itself rather than inviting us to a folder within Dropbox (as these can often be missed).

♥ Colour images are generally preferred over black and white.


♥ The couple’s names, wedding date and location.

♥ A short paragraph or a few bullet points laying out why you think this wedding is perfect for Rock n Roll Bride and anything that makes it particularly stand out.


While we favour real weddings over engagement and styled shoots, we do feature all three. Sometimes if we don’t think a shoot works for a full feature, but we like it, we may request to use it to illustrate another article in the magazine (with credits of course!) Boudoir is generally not our bag but if you have something really amazing and unique then try us. We like to be proven wrong as often as possible!


Exclusivity & social media

Rock n Roll Bride will only publish weddings and shoots that have not been previously featured on any other wedding blogs or magazines. Please do not submit anything that is currently pending with another publication.

If your submission is successful and published, we are happy for you to submit it elsewhere afterwards. We only require to be the first to feature something. We do not expect the images to be held back for any specified period of time after our feature.

You are very welcome to publish the images on your own blog, website or social media but if they are picked up by another blog, magazine or publisher it may jeopardise your feature with us.

Will I hear back about my submission?

YES! You will hear back, usually within 2-3 working days, whether your submission is successful or not. If it isn’t please don’t take it to heart! We receive a huge amount of submissions everyday so unfortunately, we are unable to feature every single one. If you haven’t heard back within a week, feel free to send a follow-up as it may have got lost in cyberspace!

How long does it take for a submission to get featured?

Our current lead time for publication is approx. 3-4 months for online features and 2 issues (4 months) for print features.


Permission to be featured from the photographer and the couple is imperative and the image copyright holder (typically the photographer) will be required to sign a permission form before we share any images. Please get permission from all parties before submitting a wedding or shoot. Weddings cannot be featured without the questionnaire filled in by the couple and the signed permission form.


Things we really love:

Happy, smiley couples in love.
Creative and beautiful portraits.
Brides with attitude and a rockin’ sense of style.
Wicked, unique wedding details (cakes, centrepieces, flowers etc).
Pets at weddings. The more the better.

Things we don’t really love so much:

Selective colour. Never ever, ever do it. EVER.
Dutch tilt. It makes us feel seasick.
Over-processed, inconsistently edited photos.
HUGE high res image files embedded into emails.
Weddings that are more about the STUFF than the LOVE.
People that are rude. Or Impatient. Don’t be a dick.


Rock n Roll Bride attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world who want a different perspective on wedding planning. Our readers are kick ass guys and gals who share a passion for individuality in a world dominated by tradition. With this blog we aim to inspire, intrigue and motivate our readers to plan their weddings the way they want and to plan a wedding that reflects them and their love.

We offer blog advertising options including banner adverts, sponsored posts, social media campaigns and brand collaborations. We also offer display advertising and editorial placements an in our gorgeous bi-monthly print magazine, starting from just £50.

For information and rates simply drop us an email and we will send you our ridiculously gorgeous media kits.


  1. Anthony Insull

    Hi, I’m trying to organise a secret wedding for my fiancé, but the ideas I have are a little on the awkward side to organise. I know she would love a horse and carriage but how many purple horses do you find let alone the carriage? Where do I go and who can help me?

  2. Lauralei Frog

    I am freaking out & really need some help! I’m getting married in St Ives (near the beach) in June and i cannot find a dress to wear! I have this great expectation to be different, & I don’t want the standard wedding dress, but I just cant find anything even vaguely right! I also have a real problem with spending hundreds on a dress I’m only likely to wear once! I really love the Bohemian style, but I also love colour & my finace wants to see me in something elegant & special! I just don’t know what to do, or where to look? I live in Wiltshire, near to Bath & Bristol, have you any ideas?

  3. Hi Kat,

    I really love your site! I too think Unicorn Horn bubble bars should be an all year round thing!

    I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Helen and I work at Incase you didn’t know, we help busy people free up their time by matching them with reviewed and trusted, local cleaners and there is nothing that keeps you busier than planning a wedding!

    We’d love to set up a little promo for your readers to help them free up their time!

    If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll get something sorted for you (and your lovely readers!).

    Have a lovely afternoon!

    Thanks, Helen

  4. Hi Kat,

    I sent you an email about a rainbowtree wedding a couple of days ago. I just want to check that you received it, as my email has been playing up this week.

    Thanks, Lucy.

  5. i was just wondering if anyone has ever done a paramore theme wedding if so did u have images that you would be able to share for ideas thanks so much xx

  6. I love how this site features wedding items that are beyond the status quo! Keep up the good work in promoting more than just the usual…

  7. Brian Downes

    Can anyone help? i have heard a rock a billy /late 50s/early 60s song called rock and roll wedding, it has all the characters in there Peggy Sue, long tall sally, etc but cannot find it again even on you tube.

  8. Sophie Williams


    So my Aunty has just shown me her dress for the wedding and it is so close to the Mother of the Brides dress it is UNREAL, I’m not the type of person to turn around and say “That’s exactly like my mums, you can’t wear that”

    My mum has had body issues for years and has finally found this beautiful dress that makes her feel incredible, My aunty has always been slimmer so she could wear anything.

    As the bride i feel an impulse to fix this issue but I can’t be blunt, I’d feel dreadful about it for days…


    Help from anyone out there would be very much appreciated!

    Kind regards
    Sophie xx

  9. Kym

    Not sure if this is the right place but i just wanted to say the layout of your website is amazing! I just noticed the header feature, where each individual post has a feature behind the logo. Its subtle and brilliant and such a great use of all the amazing content you put on here. Please keep up the amazing work, your such an inspiration! xox

  10. Laysa Colla

    Olá, eu sou do Brasil e sou apaixonada pelo seu trabalho, gostaria de comprar uma revista mas queria saber se ela é traduzida em Português BR ?

  11. Laura Jackson

    HELP! Can anyone suggest a UK-based alternative to BHLDN? I ADORE the dresses and can’t find anything similar here, and cannot afford to fly out to the States to try them (which would actually be cheaper than the shipping costs!) Any suggestions…?! Laura

  12. Rachel Holt


    I’m trying to find a stockist of the magazine in Edinburgh. When I use the search your town name or post code facility the map takes me to Salt Lake City, US. Have tried 2 different computers and my mobile.

    If you could point me in the right direction I would love to pick up a copy for my sister in law?



  13. Carmen

    Buenas noches.Me gustaría comprar dos números de la revista con fecha de Mayo/Junio del 2015.Como puedo hacerlo?.
    Un saludo y gracias

  14. Fiona Boss

    I would like to introduce myself as the UK Business Development Manager for Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive Collection.
    I understand the hotels have a feature in the 3rd Edition magazine and I would like to know how I can get hold of this edition.
    I look forward to receiving your advices,
    Kind regards,
    Fiona Boss

  15. I would just like to know how I can upload an image and website URL for my comments. Thanks for any assistance you can give. Thanks.

  16. Cathy

    At last a fantastic alternative wedding magazine!
    But I’ve only just found you!!!! 🙁
    I’ve just pre ordered number 4 magazine , but is there any way I can get hold of 1,2 and 3 issues?

  17. Eva

    Dear Rock N Roll Bride,

    I hope all is well with you!

    When and where can we mortals get our hands on the latest issue of your fabulous magazine? 🙂

    Many thanks and have a wonderful day!

  18. Brenna

    Any ideas where to find an Officiant with an ‘alternative’ look in Oregon? Tattoos, piercings, bright hair, etc.?
    I want someone fun.

  19. karen amison

    I totally love your magazine, have bought all three issues so far and it’s been constant source of inspiration when planning my own wedding, which took place on July 11th. This was a second wedding for us both and we made it a family occasion, to include my fabulous daughter, who is 15 and autistic. Planning around her GCSE’S, which she took in the months before the wedding, was difficult (she has four learning disabilities) but we were determined to continue because we had to postpone the wedding last year, due to family illness. Without ‘Rock and Roll Bride’ I would have felt like giving up, but in the end, we managed to hand make and personalise most things and the day was enjoyed immensely by all. Although the wedding has now taken place, I intend to keep reading your magazine and am delighted to hear that a date has been set for the release of issue 4. I’m really looking forward to it.

  20. mir


    this website amazing.. I follow all day during bored work. I check for new post every 15 min! 🙂

    I would like thank you for help to me about spend my day with enjoy

    love from Turkey

  21. Alyson Bridgeman

    My shoes where issued in one of your magazine and I missed it I would love to buy a copy it was a middo shoes competition they were Ivory shoes with a rockabilly theme if you could do anything to help me I would love it thanks

  22. Kris Pattison

    Was the wedding that took place in New Orleans at Race and Religious on the blog or in the magazine? The one for Steve and Jess. If the magazine, which issue?

  23. Marta Moldoveanu

    I had a wonderful outdoor wedding and I want to share it with you . If you want I can send you some photos 🙂 Love your work <3

  24. Hi guys,

    I’ve been looking around for a while at funky brooch & button bouquets for my fiancee at our wedding at the end of November, and have just come across your site..

    While we’re not exactly going rock n roll all the way through, I have a couple of ideas for reference, so perhaps you could drop me an email? It’s been a bit tough to get replies from a few websites, so hopefully you get this! I’m the groom – you can email me at the address I’ve added into your contact box, and although we’ve still got over 2 months, I’d really like to get a quote and steam on if it’s good!

    Many thanks,

  25. Hello, Just after some advice as to how I could possible order a copy of the first issue; my makeup artistry was featured on one of my Brides and would really love a copy to keep. I’ve tried all of my local stockists but they literally sold out within a few days of release. Would love any direction on how I could obtain one. Many thanks x

  26. Kimberley clipper

    Laura and zack I’m once again letting u know how happy i am for you both love u both so much. Aunty kim

  27. Vicky

    Good morning kat my love, hope you are well!! Do you have any spare copies of issue 1 and 3? I’m missing them from my collection… vicky xxx

  28. gary


    Looking on your website, cannot find how to purchase a subscription to get the magazine delivered as part of xmas presents I’m getting for her. Please can you help


  29. jackson

    I saw one of your article about a bearded harnaan kaur and i have been looking for a way to meet her but all to no avail
    pls can you help me out

  30. maddy

    Where did you get your dress….I am completely in love with it. It is my dream dress it is so perfect. Please tell where I can get it. Please


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