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For submissions, blog advertising info, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between, simply drop me an email to However before emailing, be sure to check out the FAQ on my about page to see if I’ve answered it already!

For print magazine advertising enquires please email and someone from my team will get back to you asap.

I love sharing what I know and offering advice through the content of my blog, however I am unable to give “free advice” via email. As much as I might like to spend all day meeting people for coffees and chats, I regrettably don’t usually have time for that either.

I am also unable to help with school projects or University dissertations.

However I have many advice columns including “Dear Kat” in the print magazine. If you have a wedding planning question that you’d like to see me answer in a future column, please drop me a message.


  1. Hi,

    Can i just say i love this website it looks amazing. I’m an Elvis Tribute Artist and a few weeks ago i did a wedding for Nathan Matthew and his wife, it was great.

    Im asking if you can do a link for my website and i will do yours on mine.

    What do you think?

    Let me know please

    Gordon Elvis

  2. Your website is a life saver! I waited until the last minute to try to find a black crinolin for under a fabulous dress I just bought. The 1st Annual Junkers Ball is June 2nd, here in Kansas City, and I need a petticoat….fast, so I have to make it! Let you know how it turns out.
    Thanks again, Monita

  3. Lyndon and Laura


    We’re writing to ask whether you ever look for stories about unusual festival themed weddings on a budget…

    My partner and I met through a band we both played in a few years ago and got married on Saturday in an amazing Viking Longhouse and underground Earthouse amphitheatre. We organised almost everything ourselves, from making the cake and all the decorations, growing the flowers, Lyndon’s father did our ceremony, my sister made my dress, we both performed some of the music and our family and friends did the rest… firespinning, African drumming and dance, you name it!

    We have tons of pictures, videos and recordings from the day as well a picture storyboard of our journey planning the wedding.

    Everyone who came said it was the most unique wedding they’d been too and so much fun!

    If you’re interested in writing any feature please get in touch.

    Kind regards,

    Laura and Lyndon

  4. Vienna


    Just simple cry for help…do you know of any reputable make up artists in the Shropshire area? My friend is getting married in August and hers has been extremely unprofessional and keeps messing about with appointments etc.

    Any recommendations will be gratefully received!

    Vienna x

  5. Post author

    Vienna – try the fabulous elbie van eeden. She’s in London but will travel. I use her for most of my shoots and she’s the best!

  6. elizabeth

    hey do you know any good not expensive plays to get wedding invitations, save the dates etc etc that dont look…. best word without cursing….boring??? im gonna start pulling my hair out trying to find something that i like

  7. sandi lawrence

    Hi Rock and Roll Queen, I was wondering if you have a DIY Tutorial on how to make bunting out of doilies? I thought I saw one on RRB but I can’t find instructions on the site. Or if any of your readers have information that is thankfully welcomed too.

  8. Amanda

    How do you deal with wedding stress and daily stress….im planning my wedding for this oct. and my life is just absolutely crazy….i had to get a second job so i can pay for my wedding and IM GOING CRAZY!!!!

    thank you

  9. Celyn

    Hi Kat,

    I love your website, it’s been so helpful to get me out of my miserable slump of looking at ordinary wedding dresses – thanks to you I have some fresh new ideas to look at 😀

    I have a few questions;

    I love the Butler and Wilson tiara in one of posts but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Where did you buy it from? I’ve seen a similar one but prefer yours.

    Also a more personal question,
    How often do you have to due your hair to keep it that colour? I’m considering going from red to pink but worried it’ll be a lot of work!

    Thanks x a million!

    Celyn x

  10. Alexandra Barton

    Hi Kat,

    Just wondering (and hoping) whether you had any plans to do a School of Rock workshop up in the North West?
    Abolutely love your website and even though I got married last year, i have no intentions to stop reading your posts.

    Thanks for providing a welcome break to my mundane work days. 🙂


  11. Amel Pickles

    hi i have just stumbled across your site and would love to check out the magazine but it is sold out is there anywhere else i can get one?

  12. Leanne Middlewick

    Dear Rock my Wedding
    I just luv your page and blogs.. a huge help thank you
    we are getting married sson (3 times actually,as our families all live on seperate continents)
    We would like to know if you would be interested in featuring our weddingS? and how do we go about it?
    wedding 1- a black and white cocktail eve in Johannesburg, South Africa
    wedding 2 – a steampunk farm wedding in the Free state, South Africa
    wedding 3 – hand fasting in Ireland
    Let us know whta you think?
    Thank you
    Leanne Middlewick

  13. Dee Adams

    Kat, this blog/website sort of kicks butt! I’m planning a completely non-traditional wedding for (gulp!) 4 weeks from now, and finding this site has made me feel infinitely better about doing things so differently from all the common wedding-industry traditional stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just not for us. So, once we’re back from everything post-wedding, I look forward to submitting stories and photos of our true rock-n-roll wedding to you – complete with a cupcake stand made of vinyl records, a card box made from an old acoustic guitar, boutonnieres made from guitar picks, and me and my groom playing rock n roll all day with all our musician friends.

  14. I LOVE your site! and I just received your 2nd issue of Rock and Roll Bride Magazine… love love love it!! so excited to get a shiny pink package in my mailbox! Question: any chance you are going to make your 1st issue available once again?? would love to have it as well! 😀

  15. Lola Eble

    I absolutely adore your blog. I was married last November (11-11-11) in a rockabilly style wedding and the whole planning phase I was thinking about how I couldn’t wait to email you the pics and hope to some day see my wedding on your page. Unfortunately the photographer I hired for my special day never even showed up. I was devastated to say the least. 🙁 I am still torn up about it. I don’t plan on marrying again ;P so I guess I’ll just be out of luck makin it on your site. Wanted to let you know how much I love ur blog, though!

  16. Hi Kat, like the multitude of others I am a big fan and love getting the notices of new posting on your blog!! Was emailing with two enquirys……first off , have you ever considered doing a school of rock in northern ireland? I find there are so many great things out there, like your school of rock for instance that aren’t quite as accessible due to the distance………..secondly, is there a possibility of another collaboration with Ms Jasmine Star? Thanks again and cannot wait til issue number 3 hits the public eye!!!!!!! 🙂

  17. Post author

    Hi Michelle I’d love to do a workshop in ireland! id just need some help finding a venue.
    I dont have any plans to do another workshop with jasmine at the moment but never say never!

  18. Faye

    Hey Kat – we’re doing a last minute budget wedding in New York (Brooklyn Bridge -inspired by your shoot!) and would love some fashion/amazing photography for a few hours, any suggestions??

    Love Faye x

  19. Lyse Mercer

    Is there any way that I can access the photographs of Gemma and Liam Johnson on rock and roll bride as well as the stills. My mother died shortly after their wedding and my husband will be undergoing major cancer surger which was just recently diagnsed. This is the reason why I was unable to visit your website in a more timely fashion, have an awful lot on our plates right now. Any chance you can send me or make accessible to me. She was the flower girl at my wedding 22 years ago.

    Thank you for yoru consideration.


    Lyse Mercer

  20. Ashley

    How did you make the pink sparkly mixer!? DYING to know! i’m helping a friend plan her wedding right now and she would DIE for a mixer like that!!

  21. Pam robinson

    I just came across you’re sit love it.We’re wanting to do a rock inpired wedding I’m looking for a dress would rather it have at least cap selves.If if could send me link.Thank you so much

  22. Lucie

    Hi! I love your blog. Bit of a random question but have you ever come accross a london pub crawl wedding (say 3/4 pubs) ending in one for dancing? My boy is quite keen on the idea but i cant see how it would work… :-/ thank you! x

  23. Rainbowdot

    we got engaged last month and are planning to get married in 2015ish. i was really exicted when i came across your website and qucikly ordered a magazine (that arrived to day and is amazing) i am so so so so happy that i found your website im sure it will be a somewhat of a bible for us and the planning of are wedding and help keep us both foucsed on what we as a couple want not what “we shoud be doing”

    thank you for making me feel a little more “normal” you do an amazing job and i look forward to visiting your page and reciving your wonderful magazine for the few year.

    with love one very happy newly engaged rainbow dot 🙂 x

  24. Kell

    Hi Kat,

    Your website is fab and is currently saving my wedding plannng arse! My main struggle is THE DRESS! every bridal shop I go in makes me want to gag! do you have any recomendations for alternative, show stopping dresses in London or the South East area. Im looking for quirky drama thats both beautiful and will fit a winter wonderland theme! any advice will be really appreciated!

    With Love x

  25. I think this site is just what’s needed for the ‘wedding world’ as you’re right much of it is ‘puke worthy!’
    I wanted to let you know about a venue local to us that has a rock n roll theme and that I’m holding a charity dinner & dance there this month too.

    Keep on rocking

  26. Lisa C

    Absolutley love this site it has given me sooo much inspiration!
    I am currently planning my own wedding with a vintage theme. My 10 yr old daughter is going to be my only bridesmaid and I have been trying without success to find her a fabulous vintage bridesmaid dress to tie in with my own vintage style (slightly lily allen looking) dress. However I don’t seem to be able to find any decent stockists of childrens vintage style dresses. Could you help me out with some recommendations? Any ideas would be grestly appreciated. Thanks xxx

  27. Hazel Somerville

    Kat I love your blog (left you a message in the green room); I’m planning and setting up my own wedding stationery business at the mo, and I’m looking around various wedding blog sites for info on advertising! I have nothing to show just yet as I am literally planning every little detail before I begin, so you won’t have a clue what my brain will be making BUT if you do have a little info sheet on costs for advertising, or maybe you just blog about the wedding stuff you find and like??

    Thanks 🙂

  28. HI! I just saw your Slime Cake photo and I need to make a cake like this for my son’s bday in a couple of days! Did you make this cake yourself? How did you get the icing to be drippy like that? Can you possibly share the recipe with me? Thank you!!

  29. Amanda

    I’m trying to find a wedding on here that had a link to her wedding video. I can’t find it again. It was posted within the last 6 months. It was a very small wedding and she and her husband got ready all morning together, climbed up a mountain side with 3 or 4 friends and got married. She had light pink long hair and the side was shaved. They had great photos and video. Any chance I could get help with how to find this wedding again?

  30. Steph

    Hey guys!

    was wondering if anyone knew where the lovely shoes from Lauren and Cons wedding were from? The white ones with skulls on the front? Would love them for my wedding next year 🙂

    xxx Steph

  31. Steph

    Kat – thank you! I will have a look on Ebay 🙂
    If anyone knows any other places where I can get similar wedding like shoes I would be eternally grateful 🙂


  32. Mariela

    Hi Kat!

    Hope you are having a great New Year!
    A friend of mine told me about the Blogacademy in London on the 23 & 24 Jan.
    I would love to attend but I’m not sure of the timings.
    Since I work full time I want to make sure I will be able to make it before purchasing a ticket.
    Do you have this info?

    Mariela x

  33. Ciao,

    This is Massi writing from Italy. We are a Wedding planning team, and we would love to have your badge to display on your website!

    We would infact love to be able to inspire new brides for an alternative and rock n’ roll Wedding.

    We hope that with your badge, we will be able to plan more unusual Ceremonies and receptions.

    Thank you very much!!!

    Ciao ciao


  34. Hey, and WOW, what a cool site, I am a wedding videographer and would love to share my work with you, I want to do cooler wedding videos, like the ones on here, so please anyone give me a call and lets chat.

    This site is fantastic, I hope its ok that i have blatantly advertised like this but I want links, is this possible?

    Thank you


  35. Hello Kat,

    Just came across an item you kindly mentioned me in ages ago.
    Thank you !, it was a while ago sorry to be so slow,been busy designing dresses.
    Congratulations on your success over the last two years ,brilliant.
    Thanks again,
    Jacqueline byrne

  36. Denise

    Hi Kat,

    I’m posting here because I’ve reached a point of tearing my hair out and I thought if anyone could help, it’d be you!

    My girlfriend and I are beginning to plan our civil partnership (date not yet set), and we’ve got a couple of requirements… we’d love a Summer wedding, so are looking for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor features… (a licence to hold the ceremony outside, preferably!). We’d love a big old country house with accomodation, but nothing too formal (we’d love things like a caravan photo booth and a bbq going in the gardens!)
    I’ve been searching forever and just can’t seem to find the kind of thing we want… can you point us in the right direction?!


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