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For submissions, blog advertising info, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between, simply drop me an email to However before emailing, be sure to check out the FAQ on my about page to see if I’ve answered it already!

For print magazine advertising enquires please email and someone from my team will get back to you asap.

I love sharing what I know and offering advice through the content of my blog, however I am unable to give “free advice” via email. As much as I might like to spend all day meeting people for coffees and chats, I regrettably don’t usually have time for that either.

I am also unable to help with school projects or University dissertations.

However I have many advice columns including “Dear Kat” in the print magazine. If you have a wedding planning question that you’d like to see me answer in a future column, please drop me a message.


  1. Hi, I have just fallen in love with your site!!
    Please take a look at my site and see what you think….i know it says whimsical but if you look at my signiture cake, the topsy turvey one these are the cakes i would love to promote.

    I also make sculpted cakes of anything and if you would like me to make a bespoke rock and roll cake for the blog i would be happy to do so.

    I have two new photo shoots soon with crazy stacked cakes and cupcakes and i would love you to feature me as i want one of your badges!!

    I will not take any more of your time up as i l know you are so busy.

    take care

    Skye x

  2. Hi, first, excuse me for my english. Just a message to thank you, your website gave me so much ideas to realise my 100% DIY wedding day. I send photos on my little blog. If you want to see more, just contact me. It would be a pleasure to have your impressions. Bye.
    Julie et charly

  3. How do I subscribe to your blog? I’d love to add it my my list of blogs that are emailed to me on the regular. I work in a small mid-western American bridal shop that specializes in more traditional fare but I’m IN LOVE with your blog!! I’m also a silly, forgetful girl and definitely don’t want to lose track of this awesomeness!

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say that it’s great to see a blog dedicated to all things individual and different- LOVE it!

  5. Michelle

    Hi Kat-
    Im looking for some help again, you are such an awesome go to girl for all that is fab!!! I contacted you a while back about vegan shoes for my wedding and Im still looking but have found some super cool stuff on the sites you suggested. So my search is on again, but not for shoes, rather for hair accessories/flowers. I dont want typical pearls, white, or crystals. My dress is purple so I want something really beautiful, animal friendly and not more expensive then my dress, Ive found some really great ones but they are over 100 dollars and I just cant imagine spending that on a hair piece. I also dont want a veil. I could make one but would need some guidance so if you know of a tutorial on line that might show me how that would be great!!!. Ok, thanks for your help oh goddess of all that is cool and awesome!!!

  6. Jess

    Hi Kat,

    Hope you are well, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I absolutely love it!
    I’ve recently had a FYEO photo shoot, which I would never have thought of doing until stumbling across your post about it- so thank you!!

    I was wondering if I could pick your brains about bridal accessories- my wedding is in October and my bridesmaids and I are all wearing strapless gowns. So I need to find something to cover our shoulders when we’re outside having pictures.
    Do you have an suggestions or recommendations?
    I’ve looked at all the usual bolero/shrug type things but nothing is grabbing my attention!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    All the best

    Jess x

  7. Post author

    ooh jess thats so cool, are the photos fab? (like i even need to ask!)
    the high st is actually pretty good for sparkly little jackets…or how about some cute cardigans? ive actually got a sweet wedding going up tomorrow with the bridesmaids in cardies….maybe they could all wear the same dress but a different coloured cardigan to keep them looking modern and different?

  8. Lisa

    Hey Kat!
    Loveeeeeee your blog and site!!!!!
    Definitely the style me and my guy are going for!
    Would love to see some sorta article and photos of the plus-size rockabilly bride!

  9. Cindy Pretorius

    I am all the way in sunny South Africa, and am UBER blown away by your site, even with the backwards band width here I have spent hours going through all you pics, advise and all and have picked up a trick or 2 for my wedding day in September, so Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

    Truly inspired!

    Totally Rock’n Roll!

  10. Hey there Kat~
    I have just stumbled onto your site & i absolutely LOVE it!! I have a question/idea (if you haven’t already done it): Have you ever/would you ever do an article about the wedding music? Like what the bride walked down the isle to or what song the couple walked out to? All these wedding are so very unique & it would incorporate a lot of the “Rock & Rollness” into the pictures and moments : ) Just an idea : )
    Once again AWESOME hair AWESOME style & AWESOME site ; )
    Keep up the FABULOUS work!

  11. Rob

    Hey dude! Can you help me? (im sure you can)
    Im looking for a wedding photographer for 30/06/12 and its a minefield trying to find exactly what i want.. I thought I had found it with Chrisbarbermedia but after some back and forth banter they are booked 🙁

    Im looking for a fun, creative and superduper modern style (edgy high fash) kinda feel… I love Chris Barbers work and also Steve Gerrard, can you recommend anyone to me that has a similar style of young, fun creative portfolio. Wedding is at the funky Redhouse Barns in stoke prior (west mids)

    if you could email me some RocknRoll bride approved details to my email that would be cool as a cucumber xxx thanks

  12. Kat! Do you have any suggestions for any sites that sell non-traditional engagement rings? Anything like Art Deco or Vintage or just plain different! I’ve been looking around and the options are a little repetitive, no?
    Thanks, lady!

  13. Kat!

    Just wondering if you have any advice on Hen-Do’s? I will be a bride as of next October & on the hen do don’t particularly fancy prancing around with a naff penis hairband on my head!

    There’ll be a mixer of young un’s & oldies looking for a good time on a budget probably in the vicinity of the british isles.

    Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

    xxx mouse xxx

  14. Hi

    We really like your website… and wanted to let you know that many a bride-to-be comes into our shop and recommends you…

    best of luck..

  15. Caroline Gorton

    I LURVE your website, its absolutely fabuloso. Ive just been looking through your old photoshoots and you came to my home town- Beautiful Bognor! If you decide to come down here again then I will make you all a cuppa.
    Your website has made me realise that I must do my wedding MY way and not do certain things just to please everyone else, second time lucky.

    Your dead gorgeous too 🙂

    Caroline xx

  16. Hi we were told about your site by a Burlesque lady at the vintage festival on the south bank, my sister is getting married this friday, she is going to be wearing an original 20s dress and there is a bit of a 20s theme, it isbeing held in london and e thought we would send you some pics if you like them for your site.

  17. Misty

    I love your blog! It is nice to see I am not the only one who wants a non-traditional wedding!
    I have a 50’s style pin-up dress that is white with black print and a black tulle petticoat. I am dying my hair black and pink and wearing fishnet stockings down the aisle! My soon-to-be? He is going to be dressed as a 50’s gangster! We’re talking Fedora, trench coat, there is just one touch… his shoes are bright green!
    At our reception our guests are supplying the food as we have made it a potluck! Our tabletops will be laced with brightly colored tiny Origami stars and our centerpieces are designed primarily to be fun.
    There are things that I wanted to do but can’t afford, like making bright pink paper lanterns, and lit candles to float in the pool, but overall I’d like to think that ours will be one to remember.

  18. hi
    its me again about necklace . actually saw necklace in magazine in hairdressers so couldnt save article .
    when i put in rocknrollbride , main page comes up . i clicked on “about ” and same bride on main pic . pink hair , long and put in style of mariontoinette . ? colourful large tattoo on her right upper arm , strapless cream goen . photo credit says david mcneil .
    sorry as specific as can be , know its long shot but wondered if poss to give me details of necklace bride
    wearing . thanks

  19. Hello, I can’t make the second date Dec 7th for your blogging talk. Please do some more as I would love to attend 🙂

  20. Dear Kat, is there a way to see your blog’s archive without clicking always on the SEE OLDER POSTS options?
    There are sooooo many posts and I really would like to see your first posts.
    Is there by chance the possibility to see one day a monthly archive (for example?). Thank you so much anyway!
    Love your blog, really.

  21. LadyL

    I just read the bride in black and was blown away. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Everything she said i completely understood. I was doing a search for 1950’s dresses and punk wedding dresses when i saw your website pop up a few times, i am so glad i took the time to check it out. Ever since i have gotten engaged i have said that i will take my time planning because i want my wedding to be my way and be about us (which is a little bit of everything). All the magazines that are on the shelf are just to traditional which is far from us. Keep up the great work

  22. Nixi

    Hey Kat,

    I love weddings, and have dreamt and dreamt of them since I was a little girl – when i found your blog a little over a year ago I was amazed! I absolutely love it, it continues to inspire me every day.

    I have one question to ask and maybe you can blog about it?? I want to know how to start looking at venues? I’ve tried all the usual haunts and wedding sites but nothing has that wow factor.

    What do you recommend for finding amazing venues – especially in the UK with the quite restrictive wedding laws.


  23. Kat –
    This is truly a badass wedding website. 100% refreshing. Love your vision and message. Looking forward to advertising on here soon!

  24. Natty

    Kat, I love your website and I really need some no mess advice from you. I’m looking for a floor length “proper” wedding dress in bright (canary) yellow. Everywhere I’ve tried has tried to fog me off with alabaster! Pah! Can you offer any suggestions? (I’m based in London) Eternally grateful if so!

  25. Jen

    Hi Kat

    What are your thoughts on tipping wedding suppliers/vendors on top of their fees? My Mum has just mentioned it to me and I can’t find much information online so I’m not sure if it’s standard/expected or not necessary. And how much is appropriate if it is standard? I haven’t budgeted for it and I’m worried it can end up expensive but I appreciate they are offering a service. Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  26. Saakshi

    I was just browsing through your site and i got veryt intrigued by it. I am too gunghoo about this whole wedding planning and madness.
    But back here in India, we have very different kinds of wedding and wedding preperations. I really do want to start up something on the similar lines in here. Can you please help me kickstart the same.
    I would be really obliged.
    Thanks and Regards,

  27. I am wondering when your next magazine is coming out… The first edition was fab and so open and honest… Eagerly await another shiney pink wrapped magazine for 2012 xxx

  28. I just had to stop by….the HAIR girl THE HAIR! is amazing. 🙂
    Had to say hi to another fabulous pinky-hair-doed girl!!!!

    Love it!!!!!

  29. Sarah

    I would like to see a post in the future about wedding gloves…where to buy, styles, and whether you take the entire glove off to put the ring on, etc. Thanks!!

  30. Highjinx

    I was lead to this site after you published my friend’s wedding and I am totally in LOVE with it – the features and DIY information are so so helpful.

    A small request, from one Kat to another, I would love it if you could give some advice as to picking wedding theme’s and how to stop having “too much” going on (I’m trying to balance my love of 50’s rock n roll with a beach location).

  31. Post author

    High jinx – I’ve had an article on this before. Use the search box and search for ‘how to pick your wedding theme’ and it should come up

  32. Highjinx

    Thanks Kat – You really are dedicated for a 2.26am reply! Much appreciated 🙂

    I was concerned that there is a fine line between being eclectic and mismatched but the more articles I read the more I’m realising you should follow your insticts and be true to yourself. Thanks for the pointer (PS I love the dress below your “about the girl” shot, it is so cute)

  33. Hi Kat, just dropping by and saying thanks for all the amazing articles and blog posts over the months. Really love the blog and wanted to say so!!!!

    ps…any news on the next mag? I need more pink!

  34. Jasmine

    Hi Kat
    I love your blog, so interesting and has given me loads of cool ideas for my wedding next year. I am thinking about getting a dress from Honeypie Boutique but can’t find any reviews for their dresses – do you have any idea if they’re any good?
    Cheers and keep up the good work 🙂

  35. Post author

    Hi Jasmine I don’t have any personal experience of honeypie but I have featured weddings with their dresses in (one going up this week actually!) And the dresses look fab

  36. Fitzy

    Hi girl!

    I just wanna thank you for great wedding websites… I am going to get marry and I was scarried by all those sweet wedding magazines. I think it is so pity there are not such as original websites in my country because many links from this blog are not useful for me… Hope it will be change 🙂 So thank you.


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