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For submissions, blog advertising info, press enquires, messages of love and everything in between, simply drop me an email to However before emailing, be sure to check out the FAQ on my about page to see if I’ve answered it already!

For print magazine advertising enquires please email and someone from my team will get back to you asap.

I love sharing what I know and offering advice through the content of my blog, however I am unable to give “free advice” via email. As much as I might like to spend all day meeting people for coffees and chats, I regrettably don’t usually have time for that either.

I am also unable to help with school projects or University dissertations.

However I have many advice columns including “Dear Kat” in the print magazine. If you have a wedding planning question that you’d like to see me answer in a future column, please drop me a message.


  1. OMG I love you!

    I have been doing off-beat weddings (and of course the more “normal” stuff) since 1985, (yes, the “era of no taste” bridesmaids).

    I also teach sewing and design and would love to help out your DIY folks…how can I help???

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

    Linda Carter
    Carter Creations

  2. Naomi

    Hello Rock’N Roll Bride! I just wanted to say thank you for diggn the picks Charlotte took of me at the Cathedral of Junk. I was more than stoked to see em on here! Have a great day and love the website-even if i didnt have pics on here 🙂 –Naomi

  3. pam hodgdon

    My son is getting married this year on July 10. He and his soon to be wife are very punk and I look forward to a very cool wedding. It will take place on my roof top overlooking the ocean and I am trying to make it perfect for them. I really need the perfect officient for the wedding. We will have alot of punk in the weddin g party and alot of conservative people in the crowd—can you help me—open to anything!!! Love your weddding photos!!!!
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Pam Hodgdon

  4. Sarah-Jayne

    Hey Kat,

    I am having a halloween inspired wedding on the 30th October this year. Am nearly sorted with everything, but am a bit stuck. I’ve got pumpkins for centrepieces and we’re having games like bobbing for apples for the kids (big and small)……………but I’m a little lost on what I can do to decorate without it looking like a kids halloween party……………………………….any ideas?!

  5. Louie

    Hey Kat,

    I love, love, love this site! It’s like a non-bride-brides bible.


  6. Manty

    Hi Kat

    LOVE your blog! I’ve stumbled upon it as I started planning our wedding in 2012 (advance prep never hurts I feel!) and since then I’ve become addicted to checking out your latest posts and photos on almost a daily basis!

    We are actually going to have 3 weddings(!!!) – starting with the registry followed by a party at my partner’s parent’s house, then there will be a hindu wedding ceremony held in India (where I’m from), and finally a humanist wedding themed “a little bit of rock n roll, a little bit of retro” held here in Brum (where we live) followed by a sit down lunch and a evening reception! (I’m really hoping that once all three are over and I have all the photos I can send you a selection which you can feature!)

    The latter two are still happening at the beginning of 2012, but the registry wedding will be held at the end of next month! It will be quite casual and I have a summery style in mind for it. However, I really want to have fresh flowers in my hair (am a bit of a hippy) but have no idea who can help me with that in our area. Can you please help?????
    Manty xxx

  7. liz

    I nominated you on the KNOT for best wedding blogger……….hope you WIN, 1,000 Amazon gift! check it out and post so people can VOTE for you!

  8. ashlie

    im looking for a rocker venue in baton rouge,la and i was wondering if you might could help me.

  9. Hey Kat,
    Just wanted to thank you for blogging the Irregular Choice Patty floral shoes, I saw them here I knew they were perfect wedding shoes for me. I’m working from the shoes up so I now have the task of making my dress as fabulous as the shoes!
    As a heavily tattooed bride to be it’s refreshing to find your site amongst the dross that is vanilla wedding articles and magazines. Keep up the great work 😉
    Nic x

  10. Where has this blog been all my life?! I LOVE IT! It is now in my favorites and I have been stopping by every single day 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  11. RaShell

    I saw on one of your posts a while back a website to sell your used wedding dress.. I cant seem to remember which post. Do you remember the site?? Thanks Much!

  12. Mandy

    Hey Kat-
    My coworker is looking for a dress for her daughter as a bridesmaid in a wedding. The bride has a dress very similar to the one in your ad running on the site now for the photographer. Where in the word can you find cute vintage bridesmaid dresses for kids?!

  13. Rexy


    I adore your site so much and am currently organising my own hitching but I have seen so many folks finding awesome vintage bunting… and i want it!

    Do you know of anyone in Brisbane or Australia that does it?

    Grovel grovel.

    Rex xo

  14. My husband and I had a wedding of contradictions, just like our whole relationship, and after seeing your website, thought I would let you know! We had our first date at an Iron Maiden concert, but had a white wedding (in a registry office) I walked down the aisle to Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”, and had Bush “Comedown” to leave to. My husband wore the trraditional tux, but chose Bush’s “Glycerine” to say his vows to, which were an old Eskimo poem. Then to top it off, we went to celebrate with all our friends in Manchesters Gay Village…this year we celebrated our wedding anniversary at Sonisphere….at Iron Maiden! Our own version of Rock n Roll!

  15. Jennie

    Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this site! I’m getting married in October & we’re going very traditional as the groom’s family & church are quite stringent about what’s ok for the ceremony and I’m fine with that. However, my sister found your site & it’s fantastic! For my bridals, I’m wanting to go with something unique & expressive of my personality & I’m loving Rock n’ Roll Bride for inspiration. Thanks so much for such a terrific site & even after the wedding, I’ll still check in to look at the beautiful photography. All the best to you! – J

  16. Marisa

    Hello Kat and all reading,

    My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding. We are not traditional nor is it a traditional partnership considering we are both women. She is more girly and I am more, well, I look feminine but like to wear mens suits, comfortable clothes, etc.. I have dreads and tattoos and she is, well, the opposite of that.. Anyway, I have no idea where to start. I want a kick ass suit that’s not the stuffy crap you see normally, and she wants a kick ass wedding dress, not the traditional white, blah blah blah stuff.. I need help.. Where do I find this stuff? I’ve been searching for hours looking at wedding stuff online and I’m not finding what I’m looking for. My email is Please help!!!

    Thank you,


  17. Hello Kat!

    You are an all round favourite in our household – I ADORE you, my little girls think you are super cool and my husband thinks you are HOT! Hehehehehe!

    I got married in the summer and my photographer Adam Bronkhorst showed you some of the shots and apparantly you loved them! MADE MY DAY!!!

    Keep up all your AMAZING work,

    Love you,

    Maryanne x
    Jam and Tea x

  18. Debora

    Love youre site!! I’m gonna have my own rock ‘n roll wedding in June 2011 !

    Best regards

    Debora (the Netherlands)

  19. I want to share my wedding as soon as I get my pro pics back. My Photograher is an amazing chick and soooo kick ass to work with. Im going to post soon!

    I have a love for poe so I had a black dress, parchment scroll for guest to sign and ravens, old books, a skull and masquerade mask. I cant wait to get pro pics back!!! Most wedding sights frown upon October 31, weddings!! Not yours. I love this sight. Its awesome!!

  20. Norah

    Where are those gorgeous turquoise/teal shoes from in your competition prizes? I want them for my wedding … on 19th November! xx

  21. Natasha Brown

    Hi! Am planning my big gothic Alice in wonderland PVC clad wedding for next year and i am sick of page after page of white tulle and Sickly sweet bridesmaids so what a relief to find your blog!!
    Plenty of DIY inspiration and love the hair! Mine is currently a lovely shade of cadbury purple, great for pointing at to explain what the weddings theme colours are!

    Natasha & Mark

  22. Laetitia

    just a word : I love it !!!!!!!

    we are planning our black and red rock n’rall wedding for June
    I gave the link of your blog to our photographer, she just turned mad about it… !

    thanks a lot

  23. Hello dear! I just wanted to send you some love ♥♥♥

    I had originally typed up a message to leave here, but it ended up being REALLY long and I didn’t want to make this page ugly with my life story 😉

    I hope you get a chance to read my email. Thanks for all your hard work and best wishes for all the good things to come in 2011!!!


  24. Rodrigo

    Hi !!!

    My bride and I are Brazilians. Getting married on 29/11/2011. Our pictures were inspired by Rock n’ Roll Bride. Very cool. Join our Facebook to see them. Our facebook: Silvana e Rodrigo Casados.


  25. Dena

    Hi Kat,

    I know you must get this loads.. But where did you get your FAB ‘rockandroll’ necklace from??

  26. Ella Hall

    I’m not sure how I enter the Knot Couture, fabulous dress giveaway comp! Please help! I am desperate to be in for a chance to win one of those ‘something you can only ever dream of waering’ dresses!

  27. Tammy Rodrigues

    I am having a Tudors theme wedding on December 3rd, the ceremony is a pagan handfasting at the Elizabethan Village in Bedfordale in Perth WA. I am struggling a bit and was wondering if you think wedding planners are worthwhile using and if so do you have any reccomendations. I know my theme is a bit odd so i need someone with a theatrical flare rather than modern. (when it comes to music we are both rock at heart so the Tudors theme stops at the stereo. LOL)

  28. Lisa

    I’m trying to find awesome blue shoes with possibly skulls on them….any idea where I can find awesome accessories like that? Also where can I get little skull favors of some kind? My invitations have a Mexican skull and I want to incorporate that more than just on the invites…thank you!!!

  29. Cristal

    Hi Kat,
    I recently got engaged, I finally found the most prefect black dress but I’m having trouble trying to find a over the top black headpiece can you help.

  30. Rach

    Hey Kat, do you think there’s a set amount of time that you “should” be together before you get engaged, or do you think it’s healthy to just go for it when it feels right to you as a couple?

  31. kitty

    Kaaaat! 2 things: 1. You are fab and I am a big fan 🙂 2. which tattoo artist would you recommend (who did yours? Also, Im in London)?? I am about to get my first tattoo (!!) (4 years after first deciding I was going to do it, Ive finally decided I’m ready, and know 100% what I want!), but now I just need to know where to go! X

  32. sarah

    This is a cheeky little message for Alice. I was just reading your post about flowers and your vase hunt. I wondered what you would be doing with all of those vases after the wedding? I am in Brighton too, am using the same florist in September, and will also need some bud vases etc to display some flowers individually . If you want a home for some or all of those vases I’d be interested in buying them (or renting them, there has to be a market for this as finding them for yourself can work out costly in terms of money and time, I’m surprised place haven’t picked up on this yet). Hope you don’t think it too cheeky, if you do want to part with any after your wedding then drop me an email.
    Hope you have a fab day.

  33. Linda

    Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for youre lovely blog!!!:)
    Ive been looking in wedding mags and they are all the same-BOOOORING and nothing special.
    Got some great ideas and inspiration from your blog:)
    Thanks again!

  34. Linda

    Hi again.
    I see you have an advert about
    Would you recomend buying from them? I heard both so much bad and so much good about them. Do i dare to use them?

  35. Post author

    Hi linda that advert is a Google ad ie automatically generated. I dont really know much about them xx

  36. Katie

    I’m disappointed that you feature “trash the dress” photoshoots on this site. I think it’s extremely wasteful to destroy wearable clothing (especially a brand new and expensive wedding dress). If you don’t want to keep the dress, why not donate it to charity or consign it? Also, if previous generations of brides had willfully destroyed their dresses there would be a lot fewer vintage dresses in existence.

  37. Kat’s blog just gets more and more chockablock with eye candy, graphically delicious and interesting.



  38. Amanda Stockwell

    I love your site!!! Maybe you can help me, I saw some pics features a few months ago, but it takes forever for me to backtrack page by page…is there an easier way to navigate through the amazing dings featured? Forever Love, Amanda


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