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Something Blue

Jessica & Karl got married in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, in the Södermalm region to be precise, which is apparently one of the coolest  urban areas of the country. The wedding had a distinctly blue theme which perfectly reflected the countries nature. “Blue is as Swedish as it gets with it being the dominant colour in the flag” photographers Cole & Jakob told me “and a lot of that has to do with the importance of the ocean to the countries culture. Even the archipelago that Stockholm is built amongst is surrounded by the blue of the sea, and that colour was an underlying theme through the planing of this wedding.”

Jessica wore a dress by Design by Marja Collection with a beautiful handmade hairpiece by Percy Handmade and a flawless hair net made by Tied and Feathered. Karl wore a Western North Carolina tie from Me & Matilda which again matched their ‘something blue’ theme.

jessica-karl-41 copy

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Soulmates & Magic

Chihye & Tom’s LA engagement speaks volumes of their love. From the simple moments between these two to the beautiful field full of ruby red heart balloons – what’s not to love about these?

It would appear that photographer Chrissy agrees with me “I don’t know if I have the words to accompany these photos. They truly speak for themselves. A couple so deeply and genuinely in love mixed with God’s beauty creates the most gorgeous moments. Chihye and Tom are another one of my kindful couples, our first meeting lasted hours over Sangria and Cuban food. The longer I do my job the more I believe in soulmates and magic.” (and I swear to God I wrote by ‘bit’ before I even read hers! It must be love…)

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Under the Spotlight – Olivia Soleto Weddings

You think of a wedding and you’ll pretty much straight away think of the bride. Her flowing white dress, her impeccable make up, her perfectly manicured nails and her purposely selected flowers, jewellery, shoes – the lot. However there’s one lady out there who wants to change this preconception and runs her wedding planning business with the groom in the forefront. So, if you’re groom doesn’t glaze over when you mentioned the ‘W’ word or if he’s wanting to get his teeth stuck into the planning as much as you, then I may well have the answer.

I interviewed Olivia, the woman behind Olivia Soleto Weddings the other day…

Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Olivia Soleto-Teasdale, and I’m a wedding planner.

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

I live in Islington, north London with my husband, Anthony. I cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, and further afield if required. With so many people living away from their home town these days I have to be flexible.

What is your background and how did you get into the wedding business?

For the last ten years I’ve worked as a senior manager in the catering and hospitality industry, including Wagamama and most recently, stylish British restaurant, Canteen. I’ve always enjoyed organising events and have planned many things for family and friends over the years. I came up with the idea some years back, but it wasn’t until I planned my own wedding I realised I was good at it. Organising a wedding can be very stressful, but with my professional background it’s something I’m accustomed to, along with the long hours and high expectations.

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French Fancy

After seeing and featuring Laurence’s shoot by the fabulous French photographer Anissa Rahali, I knew I’d found a new one-to-watch in Anissa. So when I came across this ridiculously gorgeous tattooed chick boudoir sesh on her blog I couldn’t wait to feature them! You’ll see why…


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Retro Sweethearts

“Christina has a love for all things vintage.” photographer Krys told me when she sent over Christina & CW’s engagement session. “She says, “if it looks old, I love it”, so we were on the same page with the idea of old buildings, rust, chipped bricks, and whatever else we could find in DeLand, FL where we had their engagement shoot. Christina and CW are definitely an amazing couple to work with. Not only were they down for anything I threw at them, they were amazing models as well (they also didn’t mind at all when I dropped an F-bomb or two). Christina wore a cute red swing dress with a sweet heart  top and electric blue wedges (later some vintage white wedges with an ankle strap). Too cute. CW, or C-Dub as I have nicknamed him, wore a western shirt and cowboy boots. This shoot was inspired by The Notebook, the south, and turning an ugly setting into prettiness.”


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Ooh La La Oscar De La Renta!

Before I share this wedding I want to let out a little ‘squeeeeal’of excitement over bride Sian’s Oscar De La Renta number. I actually remember coming across this dress last year sometime on a blog somewhere and being pretty much floored by it’s beauty. So when photographer David shared his images from Sian & Dave’s London Zoo wedding from Saturday I knew I knew that dress…and I fell in love all over again. Not only that but teamed with the Vivienne Westwood shoes (which I love and have a pair of myself) and it’s a match made in Rock n Roll heaven!

David and I share a mutual love of these shoes, as he explained, “Sian already knew her shoes months before the wedding and they were my favourite wedding shoes – the Vivienne Westwood shoes that smell lovely and have big red hearts on them.  I never thought I’d comment on the smell of shoes – see what being a wedding photographer has done to me!  Last year a bride of mine, Caroline had those shoes as well and it was great seeing them again.  I feel like old chums with them now.”

I don’t think I have ever seen such an ecstatic bride. You won’t help but grin from ear to ear when you get your peepers around this lot…


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