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Mad Hatter Rock n Roll Bride ~ Candy Floss, Beach Huts & The Great British Seaside

It’s that time of immense excitement for me again, when I finally get to share with you a ‘lil project I’ve been busying myself with behind the scenes. Unbelievably this shoot has been in the pipeline for over a year but it’s only now that I’ve had the time to get it all organised properly!

The Photographer
I first met Eliza Claire just over a year ago at the very first ‘Rock n Roll Bride meet’. We met in a teeny cocktail bar in central London. We drank cosmopolitans and mojitos and talked way into the night about business, photography and changing the face of the UK wedding industry…and look how far we’ve come in only a year! At this first meeting we talked about doing a photo shoot together and would you believe it’s actually taken this long to get it together. However, as always, the wait was so worth it as within the past 12 months we’ve got to know so many more amazing people in the industry, a few of which we asked along to join in the fun.

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Laid Back Hawaii Beach Wedding

I think you’re going to love Kim & Paul’s wedding – its the perfect post for a gorgeous sunny Monday like today! The couple, from Colorado, got married at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows, on the North Shore of Oahu.

They went diy crazy and did a lot of the wedding themselves – from the flowers (which they bought wholesale) to the homemade veil. “We really wanted our wedding to be a ‘non-wedding wedding’ that was as unique as we were and at the same time have a super fun beach party!” Kim told me.” We also wanted to involve our family and friends… so thankful we have so many creative people in our lives to help (flowers, hair, make-up, firecrackers!). Even though I didn’t buy one bridal magazine or try on any dresses, I definitely perused the wedding-porn online that was tailored for the independent thinking brides.  We didn’t want to give in to the ‘wedding industrial complex’ and doing things the way they are “suppose” to be.  I think that I’ve always been a non-traditionalist which is why I chose to forgo the cliche white dress and khaki Hawaiian beach wedding for one that was more colorful, stylish, elegant but still casual enough for the beach.  We had an amazing time with all of the special people in our lives in a place that is very special to us.”

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Take My Breath Away

Rhys & Alana’s engagement shoot reminds me of Top Gun… you gotta love those aviators. Alana’s H&M dress is super cute (I know this because I have the exact same one!) too.

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A Sunday Kind of Love – Unveiled


This weeks Sunday Love nomination has to go to all the lovely people who organised and attended the Unveiled photography event on Thursday. I was asked to speak at the event, hosted by The British Journal of Photography (for those of you that don’t know, the BJP is the oldest and one of the most internationally renowned photography magazines in the UK – eeek) and sponsored by Hasselblad. No pressure then!

I co-hosted a talk on blogging, social networking and alternative wedding photography with the amazing Chloé Browne of Caught the Light Photography. I would have died without her! She was so so awesome. Although I was super nervous beforehand I managed to not fall over and to not make too much of a fool of myself. I wore pretty new shoes and talked about having pink hair & tattoos and about how to be yourself…and I even made people laugh!

So thank you to The British Journal of Photography for inviting us to speak and to all the photographers who attended for listening to our babbles, for asking lots of questions and to the so many of you that came up to me afterwards to tell me you felt inspired and/or you enjoyed our talk. THAAAANK you.

On a final note, I know there were loads of people I didn’t get the chance to talk to. As these things often go, I bet you still had some questions that you never got to ask in the Q&A or afterwards and of course, ever since the event I’ve been thinking of things I wish I’d said, especially on the social networking side. So firstly if you do still have some questions about Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blogging or finding your own photography style, please feel free to email me! And secondly, if you’re still baffled by social networking, you’ve got to watch this video. It’s pretty inspiring…

I look forward to the next one!