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And Finally…

One more for the road (or two in fact)…I want to be this Bride – she’s stunning!

Have a cool yule dudes…


Credit: Jonathan Canlas

Jonathan Canlas

I know this wedding…I may have even featured it before on the old blog but it’s well worth doing again.  The Bride is gorgeous, the Groom is cool, the bridemaids rock…its my kinda wedding!

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Tec Petaja

I’ve just discovered Tec Petaja’s blog and photography… it’s pure and unobtrusive yet so detailed and personal.  This Bride and Groom are just stunning right?

I really love this wedding… the birds.. the cupcakes.. the flowers…

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A Thousand Paper Cranes

A thousand paper cranes (traditionally folded by the bride and groom before the wedding, patiently and methodically) are said to bring a marriage good luck to an Asian marriage.  Now judging by these photographs, I reckon Kim and Brent will have a very lucky marriage!

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Tanya & Kate

Tanya and Kate has an intimate wedding in a little Vietnamese restaurant.  Anna Kuperberg was there to take the photographs.  I love the converse…I now have 3 pairs and growing!

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