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Here We Go Again..

Remember my last post on nLighten Images?  Well it was one of Rock ‘n Roll Bride’s most popular ever posts, so I feel it necessary to post another, just as beautiful wedding taken by the photographic genius that is nLighten.  I love the colour, the life and of course the lurrrrve of this wedding.

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Sweet, Personal, Stylish

I love this sweet, personal wedding.  Katie emailed me saying she didn’t think her wedding was ‘offbeat enough’ but I wholly disagree!  Certainly being a Rock ‘n Roll Bride is not about trying to make your wedding as ‘cool’ as possible, it’s about doing it your way – doing what you love…and they certainly did!  All these gorgeous details are what make this wedding so gorgeous.

Katie writes:  “We got married on a farm in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA on August 23rd.Our photographer was Ken Stabile. My favorite photos took of us where down the road at beautiful Ashintully Gardens. He used infrared film, holga & diana cameras as well as digital.

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I feel like I haven’t posted an amazing tattooed bride for ages (it’s probably been about a week – too long in Rock ‘n Roll Bride world!)  So thank you thank you thank you Tine Hofmann, here comes a brand new one and it’s an absolute beauty! (Take note – this is also a glasses-wearing bride which again I love!)

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Melody & Will

Here comes the next one…although I think this wedding is something pretty special (didn’t I say that already today? sorry occupational hazard…)

The Bride, Melody is actually a wedding planner herself, so could you expect anything less than spectacular for her own wedding?  Well ironically, being surrounded by all things wedding in her day to day life, Melody (and Will – the husband!) decided they wanted to go completely out there for their own special day…and they certainly did!

The wedding was small, intimate.  The Bride wore (in her own words) ‘a killer dress not a wedding dress’ with blue shoes to match her sapphire engagement ring.  Finally the most important accessory of the day was the bouquet.  Before her grandmother died, Melody would read to her from her bible. So, in her honour and memory, she took the bible to the florist  and he turned the bible into her bouquet!  Amazing!

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Oh No…

Oh no..I’ve found a new photographer that seems to have photographed so many wicked Rock ‘n Roll weddings that I am going to have to spend hours trawling through his blog to get all the best ones for’s a hard life I tell ya!

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Mellow Yellow

There is something pretty damn special…actually strike that – there are is a hell of a lot of special things about Dani & Mark’s wedding.  The Bride is absolutely model perfect and the whole day just seems so sunny and happy!

Proving my point, this wedding has already been featured in Southern Weddings Magazine and Pacific Weddings Magazine, as well as on The Bride’s Cafe.  Despite that I reckon it’s worth me sharing the gorgeousness right here, right now…swoooon!

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