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Understated, Natural Elegance

Robyn and Kevan’s wedding was a gorgeous, intimate affair.  I love the look (and the idea) of having an outdoors, one with nature wedding (but unfortunately I don’t see enough of them in rainy England!) 

Kevan custom designed some green converse to match their wedding colours and had the date of the wedding put on the back..who says it’s only the Bride who gets to have fun like this?  This Groom has got some definite Groom Style – I love it!

This wedding looks so fun and relaxed with some beautiful details.  I also adore those portraits on the swing..amazing!

Credit: Sabine’s Photography

Umbrellas and Feathers

How can anybody not fall in love with this gorgeous wedding? For me, it’s all about the details – the colour, the feathers (in the boutonnieres), the umbrellas, the simple and sweet table decoration and the wellies (I have no idea what my American readers will make of this word! See if you can work out what I’m talking about…)

Credit: Cheri Pearl

Gorgeous Green

Ahhh the light, the gorgeous couple, the colour, the chandeliers, the dresses!  I am totally gooey over this wedding…

Credit: Amelia Lyon

Rodney Smith

Not strictly wedding-related, but I hope I can be forgiven for assuming many of Rodney Smith’s photographs have come straight out of a wedding magazine shoot…a super stylish wedding magazine that is.  I hope these gorgeous images can inspire someone along the way…

Credit: Rodney Smith

Not For The Faint Hearted


There are some seriously sexy fetish photographs in this post!  I actually ummed and arred a little bit about posting these but I figured it’s Rock ‘n Roll Bride for goodness sake I need to have some balls…it’s wedding related and certainly not something you’d find on the knot or!

Credit: Fetish Model

Birds Of A Feather

This couple chose a bird and aeroplane theme as the Groom is an aerospace engineer (he made the place cake topper too)…but for me it’s all about the Hello Kitty garter and the wicked feather fans the girls carried instead of flowers.

Credit: bethany_bezdecheck  via Offbeat Bride