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No Frou Frou Please

I’m afraid my knowledge on this wedding is slim to none as it’s one of my finds from my extensive flickr browsing!  I not only love the Bride’s outfit but the bridesmaids are definitely kickin’ it!  It just adds to my argument that getting your bridesmaids to wear what they feel comfortable in is the way forward – just ask them to stick to a colour scheme..the effect is quite frankly wicked!  They’ll still look like ‘team bridesmaid’ without looking like ‘team frou frou prom dress’

Credit: Actiongrl

Groom Style – James

Geeky and Gorgeous…

Credit: Tiffany Aicklen


This shoot could be straight out of the rock ‘n rollin’ 1950s!  The location is actual awesomeness and the couple are total rockabilly-cool…

Credit: Tiffany Aicklen

The Unbride

These are highly overdue to be posted and I apologise for that right now!  Justine of The Unbride had a fabulous and glamorous wedding to Gary back in October, and just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these amazing photographs, here’s a few of my favourites…

This is a wedding I wish I had been at!  It looks so fun, so stylish and that venue is actually amazing!

There are soooo many gorgeous photographs from this wedding and I couldn’t possibly post them all.  I urge you to go and check out their fabulous slideshow for all the weddingy goodness (you will fall in love with this couple I promise!)

Credit: Greg Gibson via The Unbride

Sunset Strip

I seem to be all about the intimate weddings today, it’s not intentional though I promise!  Yet when I’m presented with weddings such as Jared & Jenny’s, on one of my most favourite photographer-blogger sites, Featherlove Weddings, I can’t help but post them straight away.

The couple not only tied the knot at sunset on the beach, but followed with a wonderfully small reception, held at Paradise Grille, San Diego.

These amazing photographs were taken by my good blogging friend, Noa Azoulay-Sclater, and if you haven’t seen her blog before I highly recommend that you do!

Credit: FeatherLove Weddings

Understated, Natural Elegance

Robyn and Kevan’s wedding was a gorgeous, intimate affair.  I love the look (and the idea) of having an outdoors, one with nature wedding (but unfortunately I don’t see enough of them in rainy England!) 

Kevan custom designed some green converse to match their wedding colours and had the date of the wedding put on the back..who says it’s only the Bride who gets to have fun like this?  This Groom has got some definite Groom Style – I love it!

This wedding looks so fun and relaxed with some beautiful details.  I also adore those portraits on the swing..amazing!

Credit: Sabine’s Photography