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Woohoo! A new engagement session I am a little bit obsessed with…

(and their wedding is next month..I will most definatly be stalking the photographer’s website to get the photographs as soon as I can!)

Credit: Oeil Photography via Casando Ideas

Ballet Bride

Oooooh Pretty! (Clicky here for more from this session)

Credit: Posh Pink Photography via Casando Ideas

Justin Winokur

These were sent to me by Justin Winokur.  Now I haven’t got any info about this wedding as of yet but I just had to post the photographs straight away..they’re just too good!  I’m just hoping he will send me some more soon (I also have a clown themed wedding that I’m dying to post as soon as possible!)

Credit: Justin Winokur


I am super duper excited to post these photographs.  I don’t think I have to explain why!

Edit: Dress is by Stephanie James Couture

Credit: Aaron Delsie

Parisian Chic

The Bride, Liesl (who is stunning by the way, but you don’t need me to tell you that) wore a piece of her Grandmother’s veil in her hair.  Isn’t that just a gorgeous idea.  Reminds me of this Bride I featured a while back.  Her dress is Monique Lhuillier and the bustle was inspired by a vintage dress she had seen in an old photograph and was made especially for her. I love it!

(Clicky Here and Here for more

Credit: La Vie


Woohoo, more peacock feathers!  This engagement shoot is classic elegance at it’s best.  Just wait until you see the wedding (will post in approx 5 minutes!)  Fabulous.


Credit: La Vie