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Spectacularly Tattooed

I am most definitely having an Our Labor of Love binge right now – but with weddings like this on their site, can you flippin’ blame me…and come on, I couldn’t find this spectacularly tattooed Bride and not post it now could I?

Definitely stunning – definitely inspiring

Credit: Our Labor of Love


I adore Jonathan Canlas’ work and I am an avid lurker of his blog.┬á Look at these gorgeous table setting he just posted…I love peacock feathers, and the deep jewel blues are just so dramatic and stunning – I would love to go to a wedding with table settings like these.

Credit: Jonathan Canlas

Small and Perfectly Formed

Ooh!┬á Another amazing wedding shot by Our Labor of Love.┬á This has got to be my favourite…the Bride not only┬ámade her own dress (I know!!) but the teeny tiny wedding was super intimate and super sweet.┬á Check out the photograph of everybody crammed into the┬áminute ceremony room :o)┬á Oh and there’s the classic cars again for my Dad…

Credit: Our Labor of Love

Because You’re Worth It

This wedding is posted on other blogs a lot…but I totally love it so I’m jumping on the bandwagon…and I figure some of my readers may not have seen it – I’m providing a public service because you all deserve to see it!

Credit: Our Labor of Love

Yellow = Happy

Yellow-themed weddings make me smile,┬áthey’re always so sunny and happy.┬á But what makes me love this wedding oh so much more is that it took place in the UK..woohoo!

I can’t decide which I love more…the dancing Bride, the┬ájumping for joy Bride or the mini Bride.

Credit: Our Labor of Love


I received a lovely email today from┬áDan of the fantastic Tinywater Photography thanking me for featuring Amy & Dennis’ wedding.┬á So┬áI thought to myself, “hey┬áI haven’t checked out their blog for a while, I’ll pop over and see what’s new” and OMG am I so glad I did!┬á Isn’t this wedding just perfect for Rock n Roll Bride?

There’s more to come so I will most defiantly be posting the new photographs when they’re up too.