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Retire In Style

Ever wonder where all those neon signs in Vegas go to retire?¬† Well I have the answer…they all go to a lovely new home¬†called The Neon¬†Boneyard just outside Vegas, a delightful¬†3 acre rural retreat where offbeat and tattooed couples¬†reguraly show up to take some kick arse wedding photographs!

Credit: Kelly Lee

Proper Vintage

Remember this awesome wedding?¬† Well the photographer,¬†Azuree Wiitala certainly gets some damn good weddings to shoot – check out this new one.¬† Proper vintage¬†and¬†(I would guess)¬†Victorian style.¬† I particularly love all the authentic details and the muted tones throughout…It is almost gothic don’t you think?¬† Gothic Victoria..I like that.

Credit: Azuree Wiitala

Sexy Sunset

Aren’t sunset photographs so dramatic and awesome-looking?¬† These pictures are haawt!¬† Check out the photographer’s flickr for more

Credit: Henry Chan


Well they do say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!


Credit: Sarah Turner

Just Dance

In Brazil, when they’re happy…they dance!¬† I’m all about the vintage style processing this week.¬† Lovely!

Credit: Kika Antunes