Wet & Windy Scottish Lochside Elopement with a Red Dress & 14 Guests

I love Gail and Mark’s wedding for so many reasons, but one of the main ones is their incredible attitude towards the unpredictable Scottish weather. They got married on a drizzly Scottish lochside on a Monday in October and absolutely loved it!

“In a typical cliché way we both love the outdoors and Mark is a keen mountaineer so, after acknowledging that there was no way my wee Mum would climb a hill for our wedding, we settled on a loch setting with fabulous hills all around,” Gail explains.

They chose the Bank of Loch Lubnaig for their ceremony, a beautiful setting with gorgeous views for days. “Choosing to get married outdoors in the beautifully unpredictable, atmospheric Scottish countryside meant we didn’t worry about the weather beforehand, because we knew it would be beautifully unpredictable!” she laughs (love this!)

Despite the driving wind and rain on the lochside meaning they had to squeeze into a tiny nearby takeaway coffee cabin to sign the paperwork – otherwise it would have blown away into the loch – Gail says she loved the weather. “The lochside ceremony was just beautiful. I actually loved feeling the rain and wind all around. When it was just the two of us getting photos taken at the lochside it was breathtakingly romantic. It was, to be fair, also good to know that my daughter would have my impending hair frizz sorted in five minutes when we got back to the hotel…” (Gail’s daughter, Ellis, did her hair and make up on the morning too).

Mark grew up in Liverpool and, being a huge Liverpool FC fan, had joked about Gail wearing a red dress for the wedding. Gail ordered a red dress from ASOS to see if the colour suited her, and ended up loving it so much that she didn’t look at anything else, and that became her wedding dress! She also purchased her fab red fascinator and shoes from the high street. “I’m so glad I decided to do that, just to see the smile on his face when he saw me walking towards him to the tune of Quando Quando Quando from a bluetooth speaker,” Gail recalls.

For their reception Gail, Mark and their guests went to Mhor84, Balquhidder, a hotel they love to visit when they go walking. “We had the gorgeous main dining area to ourselves all evening, one of the benefits of booking dinner for 14 people on a Monday evening in October I guess!”

The hotel staff had decorated the tables with different coloured candles and wild berries picked from the hotel gardens, and Gail’s Mum had decorated mini milk bottles for people to put their red rose buttonholes in.  Red roses also adorned the beautifully simple buttercream cake from The Cake Lady Falkirk.

See, told you it was refreshingly beautiful! The only downside? “In retrospect, we’d probably have told more people about it as we’ve had so many lovely messages since we got married we feel a bit bad not telling folk beforehand!”



  1. Margaret Russell

    What a wonderful day we had Full of love and the rain did not dampen our spirits So proud of my daughter Gail and her lovely husband Mark

  2. Mark

    Can’t add anything more I get too emotional we could both mix our greatest dreams together and we’d still not better that day ❤️ It was so beauteous ♥️♥️

  3. Elena

    She looks like a million bucks! Proof that you don’t need expensive clothes to be literally AMAZING! Congrats!


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