Win a Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly Wedding Planner!

I am in full-on ‘totally psyched for the year ahead’ mode right now. I’ve got a bunch of new projects in the works and I’m feeling all together really positive about 2018 and what it might hold. A lot in part to all your incredibly kind comments on last week’s post about the future of Rock n Roll Bride. You really have no idea how happy reading all those replies made me.

So, to celebrate this new-found feeling of joy, I’ve decided to drop a surprise giveaway on you. It’s just my way of saying thank you for all being so wonderful. I’ve partnered with my babe Veronica Dearly to give THREE lucky readers a Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly prize package including the wedding planner, a two pins of their choice.

I am so proud of the wedding planner, and I know it’s really going to help you when organising your alternative wedding. Why? Because I wrote the damn thing (haha)! But in all seriousness, I’ve put all my insider wedding planning knowledge into it so if you’re foundering or don’t know what the hell you need to do, this is the next best thing to having me on speed dial.

Plus it’s hella cute and has STICKERS,

The planner comes in a super fancy A5 ring binder and is going to make you so damn organised you won’t know what to do with yourself. It’s broken up into four sections: Calendar and Timeline, The Nitty Gritty, Fun Stuff and Notes. The 12 month calendar is where you’ll jot down all your appointments and generally plan your life (it’s date-free meaning you can start using it right away), and the planning timeline will let you know what to do and when. There’s even a budget checklist to keep you on track.

The Nitty Gritty section is where we get down and dirty with every aspect of the planning process. I’ve shared my tips for each important bit (from choosing your dress, writing your invites, managing your guest list and RSVPs, choosing your cake/ flowers/ decor etc) and I’ve even written you some madlibs to make writing your own vows a breeze.

Plus, of course, there is oodles and oodles of space for you to scribble your notes, ideas and general wedding musings, and plenty of fun surprises along the way.

As a side note, we’ve purposely tried to keep everything in the planner as gender neutral as possible, so if you’re in a same sex relationship you won’t have to worry about having big blank sections!

There are three ways to enter this giveaway:

1. Comment on this blog post letting us know what aspect of wedding planning you’re struggling with the most (and how you think the planner will help!)

2. Follow both @rocknrollbride and @veronicadearly on Instagram. Like this post and comment on it tagging a babe who you think might also love the planner.

3. Follow both @rocknrollbride and @veronicadearly on Facebook. Like this post and comment on it tagging a babe who you think might also love the planner.

Each action is a new entry, so if you do all three things you’ll be entering thrice, giving you more chances to win!

You have one week, until midnight (GMT) on Sunday 11th February, to enter. Good luck everyone!

Ts & Cs

♥ Three readers will win a Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly wedding planner and two Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly pins of their choice.
♥ Closing date for entries is midnight (GMT) on 11/02/2018. The winners will chosen at random, contacted via email, Instagram or Facebook message after that date and told how to claim their prize.
♥ Contest open to all readers of Rock n Roll Bride, regardless of location, over the age of 18.
♥ UK or international shipping is included, however if the winner is outside of the UK they may need to pay customs charges to receive their prizes.
♥ If for any reason the advertised prize is unavailable, Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly reserves the right at their absolute discretion to substitute a similar prize of equivalent or greater value. None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered
♥ By entering the draw, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly’s decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. Zoe Butler

    Omg! Would love thiiiis! We have too much time to spare, getting married in 2020. So think having a broken down timeline would help organise all our ideas. Also them stickers 😍❤

  2. Sophie Hord

    My sister Jennifer would love this planner SO MUCH! She is getting married in May and I think this’ll help her a lot. We are struggling with choosing the right bridesmaid dresses as each of us have different styles.. what can you do to help? 🙂

  3. Sian

    What an awesome giveaway!! I’d say the biggest issue me and my fiancée are facing is the fact her family is from Milton Keynes and we live in Nottingham along with all my family. Trying to get that balance is hard!!

  4. Emily Zervos

    Keeping everything in one place would be key for me. My wedding isn’t for a couple of years but I KNOW I will loose papers, have ideas hotter down everywhere and it will be crazy!!

  5. Naomh

    I am getting married in 18 months and I am a) CLUELESS and b) STARVING as I feel like the wedding diet should have started 200 years ago.
    I think I may need a planner for guidance! And maybe some perspective.

  6. Cara

    I’ve just gotten engaged, I’d love this to help as I’m struggling to know where to start!!

  7. Kate Turner

    I’d love this planner soooo much!
    Partly because I’m bloody useless at organising myself and I need all the help I can get! But mainly because it’s pretty and then I’d have no excuse to plan our wedding in all its shimmering glory! Yay!

  8. Zoe Stokes

    I think this would be lovely to just help tie all our weird and wonderful ideas together.

  9. Rebecca Morgan

    This will hopefully help me with the sleepless nights I have been having in the run up to my wedding in September. Having nightmares about forgetting important aspects of the wedding such as how much jaegermister do I need to buy!!!

  10. Siobhan H.

    I honestly love this wedding planner, I’ve had my eye on it ever since it was released and I’m not even engaged yet! Doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream!

  11. Caroline West

    Ooh! I’d love to win it as we are eloping to Vegas and planning a party back home afterwards, and it’s tricky to keep everything together and keep my brain unmuddled. So this adorable planner would keep everything in line, in a very fun way 🙂

  12. Susie Timney

    LOVE this planner!! 😍 Currently stick on where to have the ceremony/what type of ceremony to even have! And also reception venue decoration…

    This planner would be really useful in getting my ideas down on paper and allowing me to methodically work throihhbkdeas and contact suppliers. Would LOVE to be able to plan with Kat and Veronica by my side 😊

  13. Joanne O'Neill

    My wedding is rapidly approaching (18 months and counting) and I’d love something like this to help x

  14. Harriet

    Wow, what a beautiful planner definitely what I need as I’m struggling to get organised for my wedding.. and stickers ALWAYS help with organisation!!

  15. I feel like I can’t plan my wedding unless I win this! Been a bit lost with my planning recently and getting in a muddle so I feel like this will really help my situation!!

  16. Tiffsny

    Need this!’ Both as a rock n roller and a graphic designer and a mom of two little – we could use the organization!! Woooo!

  17. Meg Evans

    Ahhh this is so awesome!!!! Im a bit of “when insperation hits I have to write it down on anything available” kind of girl, this planner is so cute and fun that I’ll be able to have all of my ideas in one spot because it will always be with me. Plus I’m always scouring the site and group to make sure I’m not forgetting anything haha

  18. Charlie

    This is just perfect !!
    I’m such a planner and this will keep me on the ball for sure such a brilliant idea !

    Definitely need to get one !! 😍👌🏻💕

  19. Danielle

    This would be amazing and such great help! Everything is all over and having one place for it all would be so much better!

  20. We’re getting into the nitty gritty of wedding planning and it is driving my anxiety wild. A planner like this full of advice and tips might well help me calm down and stop having nightmares about everything going wrong.

  21. OMG… THIS! Recently engaged and wanting a small but fabulous wedding in the next 2 years, everything is DIY and this planner would be a dream!
    This blog is life for alternative wedding and the magazines are perfect for my scrapbook for ideas 😍
    Much Love!!!

  22. Amy Jay

    my friends got engaged in summer and shes been dreaming of this planner !! would love to win it for her !!! X

  23. Anna Weaver

    I have no idea where to start and this planner looks so fun it will motivate me and make me do it! And also break some wedding rules! X

  24. Lisa Powell

    I’m struggling to keep a track of my spending! We’re on a tight budget and I need a little help with it! This would be ACE!

  25. Beth

    This is soooo cool! We are getting married on February 22nd 2019 and this planner would be perfect as we are still at early stages in planning 😍

  26. Ella

    I’ve really found myself struggling with timelines both for the day itself and in terms of what needs sorting by when, so having a planner to force me to actually organise this would be a godsend.

  27. Amy Meehan

    Would love a planner just to get organised as I have a pinterest board, a trello List, notes on iphone and numerous post its all with different idea!! I need a dedicated planner or I may drive me and the half demented!!!

  28. Katie Tyler


    The budget is a big struggle for me too as I do like to get carried away! 🙈 I would love to have a thrifty wedding but also as fun and unique as possible – so the budget checklist sounds perfect! I’m also not the most organised, so being the proud owner of this wedding planner would feel like a trusty friend giving me a hand!

    Thanks so much x

  29. Jessica Turton

    I would love to win this as it’s so beautiful and omg stickers!!! I’m most struggling with getting the balance of numbers of guests right (between who we think we should have etc) and keeping the cost of decorations down! Thanks for the giveaway xxx

  30. Bethany

    Would love this planner! Need to get organised in what I’ve done and what’s still to do and payment dates! Need help in when to get things by I no idea and my dress and somewhere to write bridal shops in 😊 xx

  31. Emily Imber

    This is amazing. Deffo need something like this in my life to give me a kick up the arse to actually organise things for our big day

  32. Amanda Howie

    I’m definitely in need of this – who knew planning a wedding was complicated haha!

  33. Becka smith

    This planner is perfect! I love that it breaks things down by month and helps you time manage your wedding! Something I definitely need help with!!🖤🖤🖤

  34. Kat Archibald

    Only just started planning and its already getting out of hand. I’m crazy about this organiser and I think it would keep all the schmeetails in check and help remind me that planning a wedding is supposed to be fun!

  35. Kelly Caudell

    I’ve been OGGLING this planner since y’all announced it! I need it in my life 😍💖

  36. Katie

    I just got engaged and got right on ordering some of your back issues! A planner is an absolute must and this one is an absolute beauty!

  37. Christiana Boss

    We’ve had to push our wedding back a year, so re-mapping everything in an organised yet quirky and fabulous manner would be brilliant! Also pins. And stickers. This is just a win all around, isn’t it!

  38. Andrea

    I forget everything! I couldn’t even be any more indecisive about everything. I can’t balance being classy and unique at the same time! Send help


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