Instagram, Facebook & Blogging: The Future of Rock n Roll Bride

It feels like actual forever since I’ve sat down and had a proper chat with you guys on my blog. Of course I keep up to date with you all on Instagram and Facebook (particularly in our ever-growing private Facebook group, we now have nearly 13,000 members!) but this space has been a little neglected on the old personal content side.

I’ve read a few articles from some of my favourite bloggers recently on this same topic: Blogging vs social media, and their feelings towards how things are shifting. They all say that they really want to commit to blogging more, that they love their blogs so much, but that it’s now a much harder medium to keep on top of and get engagement on. I remember when I used to write a personal blog post and it would receive hundreds of comments. Now things are pretty good if they get like 5! Whereas on Instagram my posts still get a lot of traction because its quick and easy for people to hit “like” or leave a short comment.

I’ve always said that, in business, putting all your eggs in one social media basket is really risky. Yes, Instagram is where it’s at right now, but what if they screw with the algorithm so much that no-one sees your posts unless you pay (they are owned by Facebook now after all)? I still think it’s really important to have your own platform, like a website or blog, that you completely own, in case things all go tits up over on the IG.

I’m not gonna lie, it can be a bit disheartening that it’s so damn difficult to get people to actually click over and read a blog post you’ve spent a long time on. People are all about staying on Facebook or liking things on Instagram, but ask them to click a link to read a longer article away from their favourite platform and it’s like tumbleweed. What is that about? Are we just getting so damn lazy online that unless the content is right there in our face we can’t be arsed to make the effort to click a link to read it? The answer is yes by the way, yes we are.

This morning I did a poll on my Instagram Stories to ask how many of my followers actually ever visited the blog, and I was genuinely chuffed to see that 65% of them did regularly click though (I’ve seen results from other bloggers that were much more depressingly low!) However, unsurprisingly only 24% of them said they regularly visited the blog off their own backs. They needed prompting (with a social media post) and they’d click through if the content sounded interesting to them. I remember a few years ago I literally used to bookmark my favourite blogs and visit them every single day to see their updates. Those days are long gone my friends!

I also asked people to DM me with their general thoughts on blogs, specifically if they ever read them or just prefer social media content and the results were actually really encouraging and interesting too.

A lot of people said that although they prefer social media (in this case Instagram) on a daily basis, if they are looking for specific advice, information or recommendations, they will turn to a blog. Others said they they don’t have the time or ability to keep up to date with blogs regularly (RIP Google Reader) but that when they see something that sounds interesting on social media they will click through.

Of course there were also lots of people saying they don’t ever read my blog, or that they prefer just seeing a few highlights on Instagram (these people are missing out IMHO!) and a few said they just follow me for my personal style (or cats!) because they’re not getting married at all! That is the really great thing about Instagram though, it can open you up to a while new audience who would never have found you otherwise. These kinds of people would literally never have been searching for wedding content online, because they’re not engaged, but if they ever do plan to get married, where are they gonna turn? Well, to their favourite blue haired cat-obsessive Instagrammer I suppose (haha!) This is one of the main reasons why I keep my Instagram a mix of personal photos and updates AND blog post links/ wedding images. I know not everyone is interested in both, but the personal content is appealing to a larger proportion of people, and it encourages people to (hopefully!) stick around after they get married too.

There’s no denying that blogging has changed A LOT in the past few years. I’m still clinging on to all hope that things will turn around again soon because I LOVE MY BLOG. I love being able to use this space to not only share lots of glorious real weddings in full (not just ten highlight photos on Instagram) but to connect with you guys in a way I can’t really do anywhere else. The Instagram and Facebook format doesn’t really lend itself to super long captions (although this may change in time) although whenever I do share snippets of more personal stuff it gets a lot of interaction.

The truth is, it is more convenient for people to see and engage with micro-content on Instagram or Facebook these days, and most of them simply can’t be bothered to click through to another website see more. Its also way more work for a creator to sit down and write a long form blog post (this one has taken me about three hours to write and edit) whereas posting a photo and a snappy caption on Instagram takes all of five minutes.

I’m not gonna lie, in many ways this totally bums me out, but it also makes me so grateful that we also have the print magazine, which is packed full of content people can’t get online, and an engaged (as in interested not engaged to be married!) audience at all – even if a lot of them are just following what we do from the confines of Instagram or Facebook. It’s so funny because in 2010/2011 it was all about how bloggers were taking away from print magazines, but I do feel the tides are turning again and people are switching back to print to get away from all the online noise.

You can’t fight change. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do what I do. I love blogging, but more than that I love the fact that I have the ability to switch things up, make changes quickly, test things out and move the business in new directions if I want to. I can think of a project idea and literally start putting the wheels into motion that same day – that is incredible!

This is also why I’ve been putting so much effort into the magazine over the past few years. So, yes the more personal blog updates have suffered a bit (there are only so many hours in the day!) and I do feel a little guilty about that, but running your own business is all about making smart choices and focusing on what’s working and things that have the potential to be more future-proof.

This is all good news because I’m at a place in my business where I am SO READY to take things offline too. That’s not to say that the blog is going anywhere (it will always be my first love and the cornerstone to Rock n Roll Bride) but just to add more offline offerings… physical products… maybe even in-person events. WHO KNOWS? It’s scary but also pretty darn exciting.

I guess I just wanted to drop by today to say a proper hi to you guys. It has been a long time but I’m still here! The business is evolving, growing and changing and it’s scary but also really, really cool.

We have BIG plans for 2018. The website is getting a complete overhaul soon and I am SO ready to get started with that. The current site was designed in 2012 can you believe, and while it’s served us well and I don’t think it’s dated at all in terms of the design, it has some limitations with how people are now using the internet in 2018. Our mobile site for example needs a lot of TLC and I can not WAIT to see what genius solutions Shauna and Gareth come up with.

I’m also currently collaborating on some really fun projects! I can’t tell you much more about them yet but throughout the next twelve months we will be launching lots of amazing things that you can hold in your in your hands (and wear!) Doing the veils with Crown and Glory and the pins and wedding planner book with Veronica Dearly have been such great projects and I’m so ready to do more of that! I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me because it’s going to be really fun.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you still visit blogs regularly? Do you buy wedding magazines? Or do you prefer to just consume everything on Instagram or Facebook? Would you buy more Rock n Roll Bride branded products?




  1. Great post, lots to think about. As a blogger I hope people still keep up wth reading what we write, as the whole post can give so much mre than just a few pics on social media. Time will tell I guess, but as you say it’s our job to keep eveloving and keep on top of it all. xx

  2. Heather

    Thanks for writing this and for bringing the way that the consumption of information is evolving to my attention! I personally like to take the time for myself to read some blog articles, but I’m also seeing how blog use has shifted the past few years. If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I never would have found your publication. Now that I have found it, I follow on FB – which is what gets me back to this blog. I guess maybe some of us need the little “micro” reminders to get us to dive into the deeper content. All I can say is that I think you’re doing really great, inspiring, helpful work, and I’m thankful for that – especially as a newly engaged person who is completely nontraditional!

  3. Jody

    I stumbled across your blog randomly one day, and absolutely loved it! I am not into blogs at all, yours is the only one I really read. The reason being that, for me at least, it is totally different! I love seeing the photos of normal (but also beautiful) people being happy and doing exactly what makes them happy on their special day. I’m especially a fan of sequin wedding dresses, im not sure that I ever plan to get married, but I can dream about my 50s italian style wedding, right? I do also follow you on instagram and I like the mix of personal, decorating, things you buy, even the cats! My boyfriend knows fine well that rock n roll bride is my guilty pleasure! I think you are doing a smashing job with content. I know this isn’t exactly the feedback you are asking for, but hey, its never bad to get some compliments! If we ever decide to get married, or more likely if we can ever afford to (!) the first thing I will do is order your magazine, for sure! X

  4. Post author

    Jody, not at all, thats amazing feedback and makes me feel really happy and encouraged that we’re doing something that people love (whether they’re getting married or not!) Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. Totally interesting post Kat.

    Yes things have moved on but personally I still make time to read blogs (clicked through via FB today). I get more of a feel of what you do via your blog than just a few images on Instagram or Facebook. We have to totally rely on their algorithms that are beyond our control and that in the long term is dangerous if you don’t have a back up site.

    Your personal content on your blog is always so readable, so I” more than happy to drop on by!

    Keep them coming!

  6. Hi Kat! Well what an exciting time ahead 🙂 I really look forward to what Rock N Roll Bride grows into. I still read blogs, however I also enjoying scrolling down Insta and getting bit size portions. Sometimes I come across a insta post that tickles me and that leads me to someone’s website or blog.

  7. Tara Jade Stewart

    Hey! I follow your FB and Instagram because of all the fun, creative and colourful wedding articles and pictures and I love seeing what other people are doing.. but I’m not married or engaged or anywhere close lol! Just love alternative weddings! I like to pick out bits from each one and say yeah I’d do that! I have read a few blogs and that’s usually because of the content highlighted.. one that grabs my eye on social media will definitely make me click on and read! I’ve never been that into reading blogs or watching vlogs on YouTube until recently.. I guess I’ve been too busy (two kids on my own and self employed in performance arts) but with a slow Xmas period work wise I’ve got into watching vlogs while I do housework or reading blogs when the kids are in bed! But I would say that having a big social media presence is essential to me clicking on a blog rather than seeking it out.. I’m more of a out of sight out of mind sort of person.. too much in my head as it is to remember haha! And I would definitely buy rock and roll merch if I ever get the pleasure of being asked to be a bride! I’ve even got one of your magazines that I got purely because I love the photography and the creative look of your magazines (my friends were all “only you would get a wedding magazine when your not even engaged” lol) keep up the good work!! FYI loved all the latest veils they are beautiful!
    Tara xx

  8. Joanna

    I definitely still read blogs but tend to dip in and out of them depending on where I am in life. I came across your blog when I got engaged. Although my wedding wasn’t particularly “rock n roll” I loved the blog. Since then I’ve continued to follow you on social media and click into the blog when something of interest pops up. I now tend to read more lifestyle and parenting blogs on a regular basis but might search for travel blogs if I’m planning a trip, or food blog if I’m meant to be cooking for friends etc. I bought a “women’s magazine” the other day for the first time in years and it was blooming awful. Made me realise why I tend to stick to blogs so much. Much nicer to pick your own content and create your own personalised online mag…for free!

  9. Kate

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m one of those slightly odd people who is not engaged but is at the point in life where everytime I look at my partner I’m thinking ‘hurry up and ask already’so I like all of the content for inspiration. Also watching your house renovations has become part of my general life goals.

    I always feel that blogs are a lot more personal and it feels as if you are getting to know someone rather than just seeing the ‘good bits’ we all tend to post to social media.

    For a creative POV Pinterest has become an arena where I spend a lot of time, much more so than Facebook or Instagram however it can not replace blogs.

    As you say it’s a societal shift were we don’t have the patience to read blog because it doesn’t provide the imediate gratification people have become almost addicted to on other social media platforms.

    That said we can’t stop change. But I will continue to read blogs and if that made me out of the ordinary i think that’s agood thing!

    So keep doing what you’re doing because it is awesome!

  10. Hey Kat & Gareth, just a hello from an all round fan… I’ve followed your social media and blog Kat since the very early days (and spent a little time with you both at Blogcademy London way back when) just because I loved your style and loved taking inspiration for my own blog events (you always inspired those in some way and even though I wasn’t planning a wedding, I’d always use a wedding table or similar as inspiration for my themed tea parties) – but now? I’m engaged (wahoo!) and I love your blogs which I am enjoying reading the back catalogue of slowly, but surely in my free time, as well as bookmarking your Instagram/Facebook Pages when you post about a new blog that I might fancy reading later. I think the combo works well, but I do use you blog as a bible. I have purchased an entire back catalogue of your mags too and subscribed to new ones, but in all honesty, many of them are still sat on my shelves ready to be read…. your blogs are handy for me. What would be FAB to see is more Gareth…. more of his thoughts on the wedding stuff (or other guys POV) and more informal/”use the two” of us kind of weddings. As well as the issue with the bridal world pushing weight loss on girls (and guys) lately, I’d also say not all of us have a team of bridesmaids and groomsmen…. everywhere I read about weddings, you have to seemingly rely on the hoards of people in your life…. but what if we don’t have many people we can’t rely on? My biggest bugbear is reading about your “bridal team” – yick! It’s almost as grim as the weightless issues when you try your hardest to keep hold of old friends, but the ones you do have are most definitely not around/in your life the way it “should be” / portrayed everywhere online – anyway, waffle over. Love this post, love your blog, love the mag, love following your social (and travel stuff) – love to you both. Miss Sue Flay ♡

  11. Love your blog! I got married 5 years ago so I’m not on the blog as much anymore but I do click through every now and then…I mean who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding? 😉 I’m hardly ever on FB any more IG is where I hangout and your stories and posts are some of the ones I look most forward too. I love seeing what you get up to in your daily life and seeing how things are going with your new home. We bought a 1920s home which is ancient by California standards so I feel like I can relate. Loved this post!…and yes I clicked through from IG to read it lol.

  12. I have to admit, I don’t visit blogs as much as I used too. However I do LOVE reading blog posts when I get the chance. Rock n Roll Bride being one of my favourites. Instagram and facebook are great for seeing 1 or 2 quick images, but I love how many inspirational photos you can “squeeze” into a blog.

  13. Hazel Bourke

    I visit your blog off my own back everyday to read anything new! I am even going through all the early posts that i haven’t read yet 🙂

  14. Hi Kat,

    Really interesting discussion and I’m sure something that every wedding (and non-wedding) blogger has been thinking about recently.

    IMHO there’s room for all these networks. I think add them all together and you have something to cater for everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles.

    I think you’ve done an amazing job branching out into different platforms and not just sticking to one thing which could have been dangerous. As you said, being agile and starting new projects and experimenting quickly to see what works is very important…especially in such a fast moving world.

    Probably the most cruicial thing you’ve done is focused so much on building your brand into the awesome behemoth it is today. With a great brand, you can more easily move between platforms and hopefully the community will follow.

    You mentioned you feel bad not putting so much time into the blog…would you not consider hiring someone to take care of some of the other parts of RnRB (e.g. social updates) and focus more on doing what you love (writing the blog)?

    Also, I’d be really interested to hear what your thoughts are on how long you see yourself doing this? Can you imagine doing what you do in 5, 10, 20 years time?

    Keep up the awesome work!


  15. I found you while planning my wedding but have stuck around for the blog. I have you added to my blog feed on Feedly and I typically click through all of the posts. I am now married and still look at the wedding posts but live for the house updates and general life updates.

  16. Thit Birk

    As I wrote on your IG – I have found it very difficult to read blogs and articles the last few years. Some of it is due to the fact that I got my degree and a full time job = less time to keep up with all the blogs I really wanted to and when they all came on IG it was easier to follow them there. I miss the blogs tho – I like the deep insight into a subject or person.

    I found your blog years ago when a friend of mine was getting married and now that I’m getting married I find myself going back – because I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere else! I love to see all the different people and read their stories – to be inspired. And this is where blogs are good! IG can tempt me with visual images of pretty dresses, but a blog can tell me where to get something similar!

    I also want to hold your magazine in my hands as I’m very much an analog girl 😉

  17. Post author

    Hey Christian thanks for your comments! We’ve actually got someone helping us with writing the real wedding content on the blog now, which has been a HUGE help, its also freed me up to focus more on bigger projects and the stuff that makes us actual money (ie dealing with advertisers and brand collaborations) In theory I should be able to find more time for writing the longer form content on the blog. BUT the issue isn’t just time, its also people’s attention. I don’t want to spend 3 hours writing a long blog post every week for for no-one to bother reading it, Its such a double edged sword!

  18. Tina Marie Salcido

    I found you recently while doing some research for my wedding. I am not a normal Blog reader but I really like the things you do and had to see what you had to say! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to ordering my subscription of the magazine and seeing what new items will be launching. Keep up all the hard work!!!

  19. Post author

    Miss Sue Flay – thanks for the comment, all the hugs back at ya and congrats on your engagement YAY!

  20. Monica Satriano

    Very interesting post. You have given me some food for thought. I guess that the key to survive to speed of technology change is to be able preempting it.
    Congratulations on your excellent job.

  21. Kat T

    Hi Kat, I found out about RnRb through the blog posts on Google.. So I’m so glad it was around! I tend to stick to social media purely because when you’re looking at a computer screen all day for work reading etc, the ease of social media is appealing. That said, when I see a blog title that’s interesting I’ll definitely take a look. I’m lucky as a bride to be and having our first house, I feel like there’s lots to pick up from you!! Thanks Kat x

  22. Jessica

    I dont remember how i stumbed apon you in the first place but i assume it was on IG! Social media is a great platform as it brought me to this lovely little blog that i like to read whilst im sat at my desk at work in the morning. Im not engaged (6 years and waiting… LIAM!!! 😂😂) but i already have a flick through your posts/blogs and find inspiration for when that day comes! Cant wait to finally buy a copy of the mag so i can make a wedding mood board (YAY)
    Social media sucks but is helpful in its own ways… Plus, how else would i get total OOTH inspo’ from and pictures of fluffy cats!?

  23. I’m not engaged but I did start following your blog for the weddings!! I love reading the full wedding posts and getting to see the whole gallery and I have a few copies of the magazine so I know that I’ll have no bother planning a wedding eventually 😂 I also follow you on Instagram because I just love your personality and style 😊

  24. This is so interesting and also timely for me. I’ve been wondering whether to continue putting effort into my own small blog or just focus on social media. To me, it feels as though we need something in between – more long form than an Insta caption but more immediate than a blog. Who knows what the future will bring! I buy the magazine and read the blog and I think both will survive changing trends because they offer something so unique and useful to such a well defined audience. Best of luck for all of your new ventures, I look forward to seeing where you take things next.

  25. Charlotte

    Hi, I always read your blog when you post a link in the instagram comments and whether it is your renovations, new products or recommendations it is always worth a read. My New Years resolution was to have a digital detox, therefore, I have chosen instagram as my only social media outlet as I personally felt Facebook (for me) had become redundant and would be checked more so out of habit than for pleasure. It’s great that you have such an active viral and physical platform that people can interact with and it is a credit to your business savvy ways. This is the first time I have commented – and I am sure there are lots like me – that enjoy the content you create and then do not think to interact with it in that social way but instead learn from it, get inspired by it and then go and spend money because of it 🙂 hahaha. Keep writing Kat – it honestly is a real pleasure to read.

  26. Tash

    This was really lovely to read and I could feel myself nodding at every point you made about Facebook and Instagram being so accessible and sadly, not a huge amount of readers looking at the blogs more frequently. Although having said that, 65% that’s bloomin’ good!

    I’ll admit, I am quite lazy and both Facebook and Instagram serve the purpose well with just a simple click, you can ‘like’ a post without diverging into the contents properly, and it’s come to a point now where it’s become scarily automatic, and funnily enough today I liked a post on the Rock n’ Roll Facebook group, merely admiring a lovely bouquet someone had made and thought “hang on, have I actually looked at HOW she’s made that, or am I liking for the sake of liking?” (It was really pretty, but that’s beside the point).

    I’ve made a pact with myself to start reading blogs more. There’s so many that I used to read frequently (including yours) and shamefully, I’ve somewhat let myself become too engrossed in Facebook and Instagram to pay attention to the time and effort that people put into writing a blog and the fun and enjoyment in reading one. It’s personal, and it feels lovely to take the time to read someone’s work, thoughts and feelings.

    Thank you for giving me the ‘kick up the bum’ I needed to take the time to read blogs more Kat, you rock!

    P.S. I would absolutely love to see a Rock n’ Roll Bride tee, if you were thinking about bringing more stuff into the shop.

  27. Keep up the great work Kat! I love your blog.
    I totally get the frustration with blogs – no one reads mine! Ha! But then it is there for Customers. I find exactly the same, massive responses on Instagram – an easy like or few word/emoji comment, nearly 0 responses on FB. I guess with FB it just clogs up timelines so people unfollow. People would rather share football memes or cute animals than help out their friends with small businesses with a bit of exposure.
    I guess everything is changing online.

  28. Toni

    Yours is the only blog i read and i really enjoy it! But i do need prompting…Im awful forgetfull but also lazy in the fact that i dont look for it myself. The facebook group is amazing! Most definitly the least, if at all, judgemental bridal group im in and very supportive…& i get to benefit from your input on a request basis, without the need for your blog.
    Though im super pleased about blog thread you have started!

    I love the magazine! I just prefer to read off paper and dont really like to read off the screen…lets face it we only ever skim over things on facebook.

    Super excited to see what you have planned for 2018 xx

  29. Naomi

    Hi kat!

    I am one of these people that bookmark my favorite blogs to read in the morning at work. I love reading your blog!

  30. I have been following your blog for a loooong time, and you personally, we came to a blogging talk you gave with Cosmo but I had been following your blog before then. I have been blogging for 7 ish years and seen it change so much. I have to be honest although I still blog I don’t find I have time to read lots of blogs anymore. I, like you, used to check in with my fave blogs daily. ABM used to be my home page! I think over time, like with any medium, things start to get tired, I used to devour blog posts because they were the only way to see in to the lives of people who I admired. They were a new world of images that I had never seen and a stream of consciousness that was so much more real than what was in magazines at the time. Your site has always drawn me in because of the images, details that you share, and your personality. I got married long before I found your blog but I was a wedding photographer for a while and made bridal accessories so they have always appealed. As for the other blogs I used to spend my time on, these days I feel that a lot of them are filled with sponsored content (which is totally understandable) or have just lost their appeal to me as I am in a different place in my life.
    It’s a hard one because as a blogger I want people to read my blog, but as a reader I also understand that unless you are really committed to that blog/blogger it is more likely that a pretty pic on social will get a like over a blog post getting a read.
    So often I scroll through and realise I haven’t even read half the captions on the posts I have liked! Which is just crazy.
    I agree that I love my blog and won’t stop blogging anytime soon but I have been trying to think of our blog as more of an information hub than a blog lately and for me that has taken the pressure off slightly and made me feel happier about the work I do on it. Sorry about the mamouth comment btw, apparently I have a lot to say about this too! Lol 😂

  31. Rita M.

    Kat thank you so much for all the work you do! I feel like you’re a friend across the pond even though I’m all the way in Seattle. I check your site every day and I love the personal content you blend in (though you’re right it has been mainly on instagram). I’m not currently engaged (though hopefully soon!) and I feel welcome by you and your community to be here as it isn’t pure weddings.

    To answer the other questions: I only visit your blog and reddit daily. I don’t buy wedding magazines (I feel too much like I’m looking at judgmental imagery and other toxic aspects of the WIC). I don’t have Facebook so I don’t participate in that part of social media but I am constantly checking instagram. I would definitely be interested in buying some more rock and roll items! I LOVED your wedding planner. I’m super into paper products and love how gender neutral the planner is. Can’t wait to see what your amazing energy translates into 2018! Good luck and I know you are gonna ROCK it.

    <3 Rita

  32. Cristina

    Hi Kat,

    I have some blogs bookmarked so it’s easy for me to visit them regularly.

    I don’t do facebook, twitter or instagram although most of my friends do (I was born in the 70s and my friends range from 80s to 90s babies.)

    Years ago I discovered your blog, liked it enormously and visited it often. I was a bit wedding obsessed without even having a boyfriend so I stopped it for a while.

    However once I got engaged last year, I sought out your blog again and have been reading it daily as well as reading the archived articles.

    Although I’ve bought some wedding magazines the only one I’ve liked is yours, so your is the only one for me worth buying. I’ve got the last two copies from the newstand since I got engaged.

    Your content is great. Personal content is much appreciated too as it brings depth and realism to wedding and marriage matters.

    It does sound like a good business and media idea to update the website so it’s easier for you and readers to post/follow up on things, and it does sound like a good business, market/marketing, and future-oriented idea to look closely at social media and how people are using it (to meet people’s and your needs.)

    I do visit other wedding blogs as I am ecclectic and a mix of different lifestyles and fashions yet yours it the number one I visit!

    Personally I don’t care for social media; it’s a generational matter for me, I don’t feel I’m missing out, and also I’m quite private so it really is not for me.

  33. Megan Furdas

    I must admit I’ve only visited the blog a handful of times BUT I’m in the states and only discovered R&RB after my Feb 2017 elopement. I’ll probably never get over my late arrival to this party! My photos were in your July issue of the magazine and even though I was sad I didn’t get online exposure, I admit it’s smart for your current business model to keep the magazine content separate. Regardless of the fact that I don’t plan on ever getting married again, you’ve got a lifelong fan in me and I’ll promote your brand to anyone who’ll listen 😙

  34. Gina

    Still love your blog Kat even thought I have been married for 8 months now. Thanks for always being so honest in your sharing. It is so great that you put so much effort in. Much love from South Africa

  35. Lucy

    Omg. You never cease to amaze. I am one of those who is not getting married and follow you for other reasons… (not being stalkery) but I just love following you because of YOU! And absolutely, you bet your ass if I ever get married I will be turning straight to your magazine!
    I haven’t read your blog as I naturally thought you would mostly be chatting about wedding stuff, which whilst it’s fun to read about occasionally, it is a bitter-sweet pill when you’re not in that place. But you Have hit the nail on the head, keeping your options open and providing various platforms to suit people’s needs (as well as preparing for a potential demise of a particular social media site), is important and even more so when it gives you room to present more of your voice and individuality. Great stuff! 😊

  36. I loved reading this post. I came here after reading your preview on instagram and already commented there.
    I’m 21, I don’t usually think my age is an important thing to know but when it comes to the internet perception and use, it may be a useful information.
    I was never convinced by the blog format, I never found a tool that suited my reading habits (bloglovin my old friend) and always tend to read blogs when I remember their existence once in a month.
    Now, after six years spent scrolling away on instagram and twitter, those numerous interactions do not fulfill me anymore. And in a world which tends to run faster everyday it is exhausting to keep up with the flow, even more with these algorithms drama.
    I don’t know if it’s nostalgia for the first years of blogging or if is a real change that is comming. But I know for myself that I won’t keep the rythm and I’m willing to change my internet habits, read fewer but better. Spend real “quality time” on posts.

    I did not read your blog before, and it is true that I first followed you for your beautiful outfits and hair -thanks Helen!-.
    It would be so much easier if Instagram allowed direct links in pics description and not only bio. The swipe up stories are stil an improvement I guess.

    I can’t wait to see all the project you have in store!
    Emma xx

  37. Lauren

    I think I’m one of the few who still visits blogs (this one particularly) frequently. However, I am in my 30s and have loved reading blogs for years now, so its almost a part of my daily routine to check in on my favorite blogs every few days.

    I started following your blog in 2012-2013 (when things started getting serious with my then-boyfriend)and I’ve now been married for a couple of years, so my habits of reading the blog have changed a bit. For example, I used to look at every single post for inspiration and wedding ideas, whereas now I sometimes skip reading about weddings that aren’t typically my style and/or seem to skew to a U.K. company (since I live in the U.S.) since I am no longer planning a wedding. I do, however, stick around because not only do I still love to see everyone’s gorgeous wedding photos, but I do take a great interest in your personal posts/travel posts/style and lifestyle posts. Just your humor and writing style always keep me coming back for more, and I love that the blog is an extension to the gorgeous pictures and videos you post on your Instagram account. Keep on keepin on with the blog and I look forward to continuing following along!

  38. Ronda

    I clicked through to this blog from an email. Since I’ve been loving all the posts I’ve seen, I genuinely wanted to know what was in store for Rock N Roll Bride. There aren’t particular blogs that I make a habit of visiting but I do read a lot of blogs by clicking through when they catch my interest. Whether I hit the blog, insta, FB, or a print magazine kinda depends on my mood, to be honest, and occasionally the content. When I want to have a conversation, learn more, or do some real catching up I will go for blogs and print. If I’m feeling like something lighter or just idea hunting and skimming, I go for social media. But even though I found Rock N Roll Bride after my engagement I have the feeling I will be following you guys long after my August wedding! Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  39. Natalie

    I love your comment that the tide has changed and people are returning to print to get away from the online noise. I couldn’t agree more, I bought your magazine for the first time this weekend and read it within the day, cover to cover. I LOVE IT! the Internet has a habit of sharing the same content, the same imagery and trying to be inspired takes more than pinterest for ten minutes seeing the same imagery appear. I loved the quality of the writing and the paper as well as the images that I hadn’t seen online. I was so impressed with how much more content there was, as I did wonder if it would be a replica of the blog. I love the blog for imagery and searching terms. I’m engaged and planning a wedding so it is a resource for my inspiration and I do check it. I’ve now followed you on Instagram and I won a competition last year for some lovely NZ skincare goodies and I love a lot of the brands and people you endorse (bodyposipanda for example) and I may not have found them otherwise. So what I’m saying is please keep doing what your doing and I really respect your hussle! I woukd love to come to any event you’d run and I’ve already decided I’ll be buying your magazine every month!

  40. Post author

    Thank you Natalie thats so amazing to read and Im so glad you loved the magazine! I work very hard on it so thats so awesome to read.

  41. Kat, I LOVE this post! Times are changing but I agree with you that no matter what, it’s so important to have your home base on the internet. Remember when we used to stay that social media is like a quick coffee date but your blog is like inviting someone into your living room? HAHA!

  42. Andrea

    I would never typically comment on a blog post but I refresh the rock n roll bride blog almost everyday! I would be in utter despair if anything happened to it! haha 🙂

  43. Risa

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for sharing your feelings on all of this! I found your site before I met my husband and was heavily inspired by it during the planning of our wedding 3.5 years ago. I still visit several times a week or month to have a chance to feel immersed in something beautiful and upbeat – because – this sounds dramatic – but as an American dealing with all the awful news from the government on a daily/hourly basis, I just need an escape to a safe online world sometimes. This site is a true delight when it feels like every other one is bombarding you with something heavy and depressing.
    Instagram is fun and convenient, but it still feels really good to click on a long wedding post or personal ramble.
    Congrats on all the RockNRollBride growth and best of luck with all your new endeavors.

  44. Hey Kat,

    I followed your blog when I started planning my wedding a good few years ago now. I still follow (on Bloglovin’ – I’m old school like that!) but more for posts like this and your fabulous house posts these days rather than the real weddings. I used to love your Green Room/business posts too and would love to see those back again!


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