Hipster & Urban Wedding in Berlin


Rishad and Andreas were married in Berlin. The Bangladeshi bride and her German groom had a laid back wedding that really felt like them. “Although there was a lot of planning, we did not have a theme”, explained the bride, Rishad. ” Things just fell into place in the organic semi-chaos that is our life. Some of our guests described it as ‘hipster’ but we’d say it just felt like us. It was small and homely, a celebration of all the different relationships that have individually shaped us.”


“We didn’t particularly think our wedding was ‘alternative’ but there were some crucial elements that  made that day slightly different from the textbook wedding. I wore white but it was not a traditional wedding dress. I did not have a flower bouquet but rather, had some in my hair! We had no flower girls, no best men and bridesmaids – just one friend from each side, who would together conduct the ceremony. There were no grand plans for the reception either. We just wanted to give people time to mingle, touch base and DANCE!”


The day was held at Fabrik 23, a loft space. “We did not have seating arrangements and had an open mic style segment where anyone who wanted to say anything, could”, she continued. “This was one of my favourite moments of the day. Each of the speeches were so heartfelt, organic and beautiful.”


“In terms of decor we wrote something about each of our guests and hung it up on the flowers”, Andreas explained. “We both sat down and wrote a small anecdote or story about each person. The idea was to introduce the different people present, in a unique way that would start a conversation between people who might not know each other. It worked a treat and it looked beautiful and felt so right to acknowledge every single one of our loved ones in the unique significance they have for us.”


“The best thing about planning the wedding was getting to really understand what and who is important. It was a very difficult process at times but even in those tricky moments we really got to work together and shared a lot of time in a state where we were very aware of our love and story.”



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