Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes!

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (6)

Do you fall asleep dreaming of your perfect wedding shoes; individual, one-of-a-kind and perfectly matched to every detail of your wedding? Do you want what you wear on your feet to be more than just eye candy? Do you wish you could find a keepsake that will always remind you of your special day?

Enter Middo Shoes, who aim to make all your wedding shoe dreams come true! Founded by designer and artist Alex Dubis, Middo Shoes design and hand paint original shoes for brides just like you!

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (3)

“I love helping my customers get their perfect pair of shoes that brings together their personality and style”, Alex told me. “They may include anything and everything they love in the designs. In the past I have done shoes with names, places, dates, their favourite colours or even their whole love story on them! I’ve drawn sugar skulls, flowers, butterflies, even portraits of the bride and groom themselves –  the only limit is my customers imaginations!”

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (14)

Each design is individual and completely bespoke, making them the perfect wedding shoe idea for brides that want something really unique and different. “My customers usually provide the plain shoes (to make sure they’re comfortable and fit properly) and then I paint them!”, she explains. “However I can provide the base shoes if people prefer.”

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (8)

These incredible creations start from £199 but today Middo Shoes are giving Rock n Roll Bride readers the chance to win a pair of completely bespoke wedding shoes based on their own ideas! This prize is worth up to whopping £525 because Alex can do pretty anything you like, even going to far as to completely encrust the heels with Swarovski crystals. All you need to do is supply the base shoes and the ideas!

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (13)

To enter, simply comment on this post by midnight on July 29th letting us know your ideas for your wedding shoes. Alex’s favourite one will win! The contest is open to all engaged readers who are getting married after September 9th 2015.

If you’re not lucky enough to win, don’t worry, Alex would also like to offer the first ten readers that get in touch 25% off a pair of bespoke shoes as well! Well, what are you waiting for?

Good luck everyone!

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (10)


Ts & Cs

♥ One Rock n Roll Bride reader will win a pair custom designed, hand painted shoes from Middo Shoes.
♥ Winner must provide the plain shoes and post them to Middo Shoes at their own expense (or cover the cost if you’d like them to source them).
♥ Closing date for entries is 29/07/2015. The winner will be chosen by Alex and will be notified by email within a week of the closing date. Rock n Roll Bride/ Middo Shoes will not amend contact information provided.
♥ Contest open to all Rock n Roll Bride readers over the age of 18 who are getting married after September 9th 2015. Customs charges may be incurred for international deliveries which must be covered by the winner.
♥ Only 1 entry per IP address.
♥ If for any reason the advertised prizes are unavailable, Middo Shoes reserves the right at their absolute discretion to substitute a similar prize of equivalent or greater value. None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ By entering the draw, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Middo Shoes’ decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.

Win a Pair of Custom Designed, Hand Painted Wedding Shoes from Middo Shoes (11)


  1. I would really-really-really-really-absolutely LOVE to walk down the aisle (twice, I am getting married next year two times) with a pair of these gorgeous hand-painted works of art on heels.

  2. I love this! I’m getting married sept 5 and have no shoes,no venue,no anything..except the dress. My dress is a tea length 50s inspired lace dress. Casual. I’d love to have a pair of shoes with classic tattoo theme s. Rockabilly inspired.

  3. Grace Boultwood

    Floral romance with added attitude! Our wedding colours are emerald green and gold with splashes of pale pink so those colours, done in a way which commemorates our marriage, our relationship and us. Our journey has consisted of one BSc, one MPhys and one PhD, all in physics (we met at Uni) so physics needs to be represented as well as our other loves such as; videogames, zombies, Back To The Future (as we met at a re-run), horses and our beloved pusscat Binky who can’t come along on the day.

  4. Christine Beck

    What I was thinking was a musical script design based on the song I’m walking down the isle too. I would like some symbols that represent us. The blue and green lantern corps ( we’re getting tattoos), a picture of our old rat dibble, a ska checkered heal and maybe a few rockabilly things… If there’s room lol

  5. Dawn Hicks

    Firstly, the shoes pictured here are stunning! Such an original beautiful idea for any bride who likes the personal and unique touch.
    Secondly, I’d love to win a pair! 🙂 If i was to let my imagination run wild my ideal pair of wedding shoes would be army boot based, maybe a tiny heel (i will find them somewhere! haha!) and decorated in black, purple and silver with maybe some brass and copper hints. My fiance and i have recently come to the decision of a theme of time travel. He will be arriving in the delorean from Back to the Future and my dress will be steam punk and burlesque based. So there would be galaxies in the design with hearts and maybe a tardis. A feww cogs and some writing to do with love being strong enough to last through all of time and space.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win some incredible shoes!

  6. Jessica Davis

    How beautiful! I think I’d go the whole hog and have our entire love story painted on, with all little bits and pieces like our motorbikes, because thats how we met and because my fiancé proposed the day I got my first bike. I’d have pictures of noodles too as we’re always in China town, some sour skittles because they’re our signature sweet! Maybe some scenes from some of the places we’ve been ranging from Brighton to Sweden and we’re going to Jerusalem soon for our first big holiday! I’d have to sneak a Hello Kitty in there too as I’m not a typical biker. Theres so many things I could think of, thats just the beginning!
    Thanks for your consideration and good luck to all the ladies entering!

  7. I don’t wear heels and I want to surprise my husband to be by wearing some on the day. I want something brightly colored and artsy, like a rendering of a famous art work i.e. Van Gogh or Monet.

  8. Beth James

    My fiancé & I are getting married in a theatre and celebrating on the beach nearby (in Deal,Kent) and I love the idea of incorporating the beach theme into the shoes. My fiancé has a wave themed engagement tattoo and is getting a bespoke wedding ring which will also incorporate waves. It would be really cool to tie in the waves/beach theme on my shoes too, and perhaps with also some japanese style coy carp which my fiance has tattoos of and the shoe design could be inspired by his ink (we are also hoping to go to Japan for our honeymoon so it would also tie in with that too!) 🙂

  9. Ilona

    Me and my groom love Lego so are adding details based around this to the day- I would love bright primary colour shoes with a Lego bride and groom on them. I have been looking but can’t find shoes low enough(which I need due to a past ankle injury) so providing my own shoes is the perfect solution

  10. I would have pumpkins, keys, Ferris wheel and minions on mine.

    We have traditions in our relationship, we always crave pumpkins, we bought our house together last year (2014) we vacation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine USA, and our first date was to see the movie Dispecible Me. We have been together for 5 years, all of which I have had cancer treatment.

    We are getting married in the fall of 2016, and we are on a shoestring budget due to my health, and U.S. Buying a house.

  11. Britnee Hicks

    Hi! I absolutely love your work!! I am getting married on october 10th to the man of my dreams…now i just need to shoes of my dreams!!! I am having a day of the dead wedding! I love color and anything wild!!! I am also into skeleton keys, im not sure why i just love them!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

  12. Lindsay Snider

    If I had the chance to design my own wedding shoes, I would definitely center them on something my fiance and I can always agree on: food. Ever since we met, we’ve been exploring new foods, restaurants, and recipes, and our palates are nothing like they used to be. He’s helped me appreciate guacamole, Chipotle, and burgers, while I’ve got him hooked on sushi, garlic, and my homemade BBQ sauce. It might be silly to have shoes covered in food, but I see food as one of the ways we’ve helped us understand one another, and try new things.

  13. Louise Mann

    Oh my god! Such beautiful shoes!!

    For my shoes they’d have to be blue as it’s mine and my fiances favourite colour and also feature old school tattoos, anything marine life themed (I’m a marine biologist), a smattering of Dr Who (our wedding rings are engraved with Dr Who quotes), a portrait of our dog Russell as he is our fur baby and plenty of glitter! My friends always say that I spend most of my life with a faint sparkle due to excessive glitter usage! 😀

  14. Emma

    These are gorgeous. We are keeping rather traditional with out plans but if we had the money to spend I know out day would have been fully themed with all out favourite TV shows and films – such as true blood, the walking dead, bones, Dr who, Harry potter jurassic park just to name a few. If I won I’d love to have aspects of these shoes as a long lasting memory of our big day and all the times we spent laughing and crying and cuddling up together. And also as a tribute to something that was just our of reach – but our day will be epic anyway – I’m marrying the love of my life!!!!!!

  15. Bryoney Cook

    Haven’t set the date yet but our wedding is autumn 2016…

    My fiancé and I have geeky likes
    . Something personal to us would be amazing, whether I win, or consider this as my shoe purchase myself! I’d love to incorporate us both in any potential design. He’s a huge horror fan and I’m more of a sci-fi gal. We both love books (I studied English at Uni and he works in a library). We both love movies. I’m also a huge vintage fan. 1940’s or 1950’s pin ups especially. Lastly I love colour and something bright would be amazing. We don’t want a rigid colour scheme at our wedding, and want it to be as colourful as possible. Ahh and now I’m COMPLETELY carried away!!! 😀

  16. Karen

    Well, me and my fiance got together 20 years after one date (I was 14, he was 18), were now 36 and 40, so I think I would put something on there like First Love Never Dies 🙂 but wait i didn’t love him after one date but I kind of knew in the back of my mind that he was always the one. So how about this “Once kissed, never forgotten and now I am Mrs Morgan”. We love steampunk and pirates so lots of hearts and anchors all over them and perhaps First Love Never Dies on the soles of the shoes. Ok yeah – Im happy with that 🙂 Hope I win x

  17. Sarah Tonks

    Firstly WOW! Amazing shoes! I love unique heels and yours are amazing. I would love to be considered. Something so personal and so artistic. I would not just wear these for the wedding I’d wear them all the time ☺

  18. Julie

    These are so awesome! I would really let you have artistic license over these but here’s some background on us to give you some ideas…my fiance and I met while he was stationed in South Korea with the Army and I was over there for work. We fell in love there and soon after we returned back to the states, got engaged. We both love animals (he is a vet tech in the army and we got to know each other at his vet clinic playing with and taking care of the stray animals). We both had rough times over the years with some exes and when we met, we kept saying it was our new beginning. That is kind of our motto: new beginnings. I’ve even thought about getting a tattoo to reflect that, maybe in Korean? Along with the national flower of Korea, the Rose of Sharon. Whether I win or not, keep up the great work – what a treasure/keepsake for someone to have these as part of their big day!

  19. Julie Odeshoo

    Your talent is amazing! Our wedding colors are going to be black, green, blue and purple and my fiancé and I are huge geeks so I have a ton of geeky ideas to go on! I’m also a huge fantasy fan so maybe a fairy/enchanted forest themed shoe!

  20. Verity

    If I had some made I think they would have to be some pink Sailor Moon shoes. With her Crystal brooch and the moon symbol. Would be amazing!!!!

  21. Louise Smyth

    Myself and my fiance are having a travel themed wedding that has incorporated the film “Up” into it. I want my wedding shoes to represent my personality (someone who lives in their own little bubble and is easily excited by the small things in life). I’d love to have wedding shoes that would represent this i.e. full of colour and have the balloon house from “Up” incorporated into them as well (maybe even our house as well). This will not only represent my bubbly personality but like Carl and Ellie from Up, the shoes will be adding to “Our adventure book” as I take the journey down the aisle toward my next travels in life. “Adventure is out there!”

  22. Kerr Flucker

    Oh man I would absolutely ADORE to win this!! I would have blue Tardis shoes with “fall in mutual weirdness” written up the side one shoe and “together or not at all” written up the side of the other. I would like Hello written on base of one shoe and Sweetie written on the base of the other and then on the back of them I would like a bow tie and a fez with the date of the wedding underneath the fez and the date of your first date underneath the bow tie. They would be my dream shoes for my wedding and I would utterly adore them forever. So hope I win!! Xx

  23. Rachel


    I’d really love a pair with peacock feathers or a peacock feather design all over them. I randomly said “peacocks” when people kept asking about our theme for the wedding. It stuck 🙂


  24. Katherine Bailey

    I would love shoes with an Amsterdam theme on one as that is where we first said “I love you”. We also love cycling together (I taught him how to ride a bike) so that would fit in really well too. On the other shoe I would like a London theme as that’s where we first met and where we now live together. We’ve had so many happy memories together in both of these places I would love it it these could be commemorated in a fun way on our big day.

  25. Magaly

    These shoes are gorgeous ! I would love to win a pair with intricate and delicate japanese sashiko patterns. Some eye-catching details, but not too colorful. We won’t have a japanese themed wedding, because it’ll be simple, full of love, with just a few guests. I would be utterly happy to imagine my own “kimono” shoes… that’s such an important part of our love story !

  26. p4tsy

    We’re having our party among the dino skeletons at a natural history museum. Our colors are teal, gold & neon. I’m wearing a long-sleeve teal sequin dress that goes to just above my knees. But I haven’t got any shoes to go with… some teal and gold kicks w/ some sick jurassic scenes would go amazingly…!!!

  27. Lesley

    My theme for my wedding is great gatsby style meets Scotland! I’d love to have the chance of having a pair of these unique shoes for my wedding! I’d probably start with a pair of kitten heels, the design being fireworks, gold glitter, tartan, the date, with a little replica of my engagement ring on the toe part of the shoe, also maybe champagne glasses? God i would love them and take care of them and hug yhem every night haha!!

  28. Mackayla

    Your designs are beyond amazing! My ideal pair would be based around our purple colour theme and have skulls, owls, music notation, guitars and possibly some song lyrics/quotes on them. I also love the ‘I do’ on the heels! We are hoping to go to the US for our honeymoon and want to drive along route 66 so something to represent that would be cool too.

  29. Gillian Duncan

    Omg! This would be a dream come true! Think vintage shabby chic meets deadpool meets my little pony. Lol. I would love 2 incorporate deadpool on them for my future husband and my little pony for our daughter. Our wedding is vintage theme so old school swallows, cherrys, roses and of course leopard print!

  30. Wiebke

    We’re having a Pop! wedding and I would love to have flats, that are striped in red and light blue and have a J and an A (Yes in German) in bubbles painted on the front. Also it would be great if the soles could have a polka dot pattern and a picture of a Roy Liechtenstein Kiss on them. I would also like our wedding date on the heels of the shoes.

  31. Allee Lauersdorf

    I absolutely love the shoes!!! I’m still looking for amazing for my wedding in July 2017

  32. These shoes are totally wonderful. Myself and my fiancée are getting married 3rd June 2017. I love rock music, skulls, vintage and all things Goth! Our wedding colours are aubergine purple and white with candelabras, white roses and gypsophila strewn everywhere. Can’t beat a bit of classic vintage beauty.

  33. Jessica Hawkins

    Hi Kat and Alex!
    What marvellous shoes!
    Here’s a challenge for you…I’m marrying an Australian. How good would it be to have shoes that merges our two cultures!
    I’m thinking native flowers, traditional cakes (bakewell tarts v.s lamington), countryside scenes, different beers, the flags of course, southern cross and the plough.
    It could be anything! xx

  34. Catherine Brewster

    These shoes are gorgeous 🙂
    If I was to choose id have mine with Welsh dragon flags , as we met in Wales and my fiancée is welsh,
    .I’m English so roses and possibly some red and white polka dots!! :))

  35. Zia

    Hi, I saw this competition advertised on your FB account.

    I think they are stunningly beautifully crafted, and would like to enter.

    UK resident, Getting married Next August 2016.
    My partner proposed in NYC on NYE, we have a Black/White & Red NYC Themed wedding, and would be amazing to have the same color theme with NY twang to the shoes (hearts/NY Sky line/etc)

    Many thanks. x

  36. Katie O'Dowd

    We’re getting married on 31 October 2015 and I am currently trying to source my dream shoes!! We’re having a real colour block wedding and as my nickname at uni was Orange – that is is the colour I will be owning on the day! I would love an orange theme across the shoes – almost like flames or feathers and maybe a little nod to the fact that it’s Halloween somewhere on the sole!

  37. Louisa

    Oh wow these are amazing!! I’d love a pair of these for our wedding day, we’re having a comic book theme so I guess my design would need to include my Superman saving the bride 😀

  38. Jozanda Parkinson

    I would absolutely love to win these as I’m obsessed with shoes and getting married on 29th may 2016. I am getting married to a girl and am very proud that I can now legally do this, so I would like this incorporated into the design and our names are Jozanda and Jo so something with our initials of j&j would be amazing. And then the theme is peacocks with teal and purple as the colours, so a peacock design with beautiful teal and purple plumage would look stunning.

  39. nell taylor

    I would really love to win these wedding shoes, I really love the red and white ones, my colours are red and white, my son died in 2012 this would be a really nice way to have him with me, could have his pic on them or something like that, please please please xxxxxxxx

  40. Tracy Murphy

    If I was lucky enough to win the prize I would like to incorporate a Vegas theme with Ace of Hearts being central to match my bag and the King and Queen present too. Maybe an Elvis style King of Hearts. As ours is a 10 year vow renewal I would like to have both dates added and Happily Ever After featured too.
    It would be amazing to rock such a special pair of shoes!!

  41. Tyra Wilcox

    How cool! I’m having a Fall rustic wedding next October with the traditional fall colors and incorporating as much of my fiancé into it as possible 🙂 LOTS of car decorations, candy apples (his favorite) and 50s gas station/corner store blended with leaves, smores and lace <3 I'm also planning on getting married in my cowgirl boots so it would be cool to see them painted up special for our day! 🙂

  42. Kaz

    This would be a fantastic prize. I’m an artist myself and i am planning on making everything that i can for my wedding day. Everything will have our personalities stamped all over it. I would love that to be reflected in my shoes also. I have been looking for shoes with cats on as we have 2 adorable little kitties. It would be amazing to have them each painted on one shoe surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Id also like hints towards how our lives had been entwined years before we had met, we shared friends in other parts of the country without coming face to face, his best friend taught me in college, we had even been at the same house and never met fully..and then 3 yrs later we met..4 yrs after that we are getting married!

  43. Deanna McLauchlan

    We are getting married on a cruise next year so my shoes would have a rockabilly, nautical theme, with a touch of Tim Burton styling. I’ll be making my own 50’s style dress so the shoes will be an extra special feature.
    I adore your work and would treasure them forever!

  44. Frankie Jones

    Our ‘theme’ is Geek Chic. I would want to combine mine and my fiances’ favourite fandoms on the shoes including Harry Potter, Dr Who and Lord of the Rings with a romantic Shakespeare twist! I’d love to be able to ask my guests to try to catch sight of the snitch, spot the sonic screwdriver or find the one ring!

  45. Shelley osborne

    Oh wow what a fantastic prize would love to win this. After 13 years together we are finally tying the knot September 19 this year. Hubby to be loves tattoos and pirates so would love to incorporate that style into the shoe, it would be a fantastic surprise for him to show that the wedding is about him too x


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