Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Is Coming To A Store Near You!


Last week I announced that I am going to stop producing new issues of the Rock n Roll Bride print magazine so that I can work on other exciting opportunities. Since then I’ve been flooded with messages from readers telling me how sad they are to read that news. Well, I’ve got a small, teensy confession to make… I haven’t been entirely honest with you.

The truth is I’ve been having exciting, scary, and every-emotion-in-between meetings with the amazing team at Giraffe Media, the publishing company behind Wedding Ideas Magazine. I am more than a little bit delighted to tell the world that Rock n Roll Bride Magazine will be hitting UK newstands in January!


When I got engaged, I rushed out and bought a stack of wedding magazines, but instead of filling me with inspiration, I was left feeling disappointed. While their features are beautiful, there’s still a distinct lack of inspiration for anyone who wants to something a little bit different. Where are the same sex weddings? The coloured wedding dresses? The affordable DIY ideas?

I started Rock n Roll Bride in 2007 as the antithesis to the mainstream wedding media, and I quickly discovered that I wasn’t alone in my thinking. The UK wedding industry needed one hell of a shake up and I was ready to do it! It’s amazing how everything has come full circle.

FINALLY, there will be a nationally available monthly magazine for brides like you. There will be glorious real weddings, amazing DIY ideas, wedding planning tips and advice articles a-plenty.

I’ve never been more terrified in all my life, but I’ve also never been so excited. So, are you looking forward to strolling into your local supermarket and picking up a copy!?


  1. Brilliant! News stands will be all the better for this development. Congrats on making waves big enough to splash over into the publishing industry. The adventure starts now!

  2. Bev

    Hell to the yeah I’l be buying! Get in my face exciting real weddings with loads of DIY ideas and affordable wedding paradises!

  3. Chloe

    That’s awesome news Kat!!! I will definitely be purchasing! I can’t thank you enough for all your blog posts, unlike any other forum, magazine or blog, you are actually helpful and post realistic suggestions and tips! good luck on your new venture…not that you will need it! 🙂

  4. A monthly! Oh my god! I’m very excited! That is great news, but sounds like an awful lot of hardwork. I hope it goes really well. Can’t wait to buy a copy! X

  5. Angela Tickle

    Fantastic news, which newsagents will you be selling through? I will most definately be buying every time its out. I am a wedding florist and I love love love everything that you do xx

  6. Rachel

    I hope this means you’ll still sell it online for us in the USA! Id love to bring this into my salon!

  7. Nikki

    That’s so exciting! Congratulations! Would love LOVE to have copies in the states. We could definitely use this in our salon. And I could use it in my own life too 🙂

  8. Kat, finally a bridal magazine that we can all look forward to reading and get REAL inspiration from. Congratulations. So happy for you. Go Kat! One day you will write a book too I’m sure of it 🙂 You are such an inspiration! X

  9. Heather

    Hi Kat! Will the magazine only be in the UK for now? I live in Canada and found you on facebook and am addicted to your blog! You are the coolest thing since sliced bread! I would love to be able to buy your magazine here!

  10. I’ve not commented before but this is fab news and wanted to get involved after following your link via IG.
    Your comment… where are the same sex couples; COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! When my girl and I got engaged, I rushed out and got magazines; but haven’t bothered since as nothing really comes out apart from boy meets girl, get married… this is fab news!
    Congrats and have fun, I’m going to guess it’s no small feat to produce a mag monthly! xx

  11. Absolutely fabulous news!!! This is soooooo the kind of magazine needed in the shops! Well done for all your hard work! xxxx

  12. mirrybee

    I am so excited for this. I read the blog religiously with my boyfriend and it fills us with so much excitement of the future to come. Keep it up, it truly is an inspiration! 🙂

  13. And one day you just might rule the world! 🙂 Congratulations Kat! YES! You know my views on this topic and where are the brides (and grooms) of gorgeous colour in the mainstream too. Great Great news! Xxx :))

  14. Amazing news congratulations!! I’ve just opened a wedding shop that helps couples with individual and quirky weddings/ dresses. I would love to have a monthly subscription for them to peruse in the shop. Is this something u will b offering? Sign me up! Xxx

  15. How exciting! I wondered why you were stopping the print run, now I know! I’d definitely want to advertise in the mag-seeing as I am actually an Rock n roll bride!


    Totally agree the space needs filling on the magazine stands to help inspire people looking for a quirky wedding!

    Wishing you even more success xx

  17. Laura

    I’m just gutted this is happening after I got married!!! But yay for all the other future brides out there who will benefit from a magazine with a different perspective on weddings


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