Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Is Coming To A Store Near You!


Last week I announced that I am going to stop producing new issues of the Rock n Roll Bride print magazine so that I can work on other exciting opportunities. Since then I’ve been flooded with messages from readers telling me how sad they are to read that news. Well, I’ve got a small, teensy confession to make… I haven’t been entirely honest with you.

The truth is I’ve been having exciting, scary, and every-emotion-in-between meetings with the amazing team at Giraffe Media, the publishing company behind Wedding Ideas Magazine. I am more than a little bit delighted to tell the world that Rock n Roll Bride Magazine will be hitting UK newstands in January!


When I got engaged, I rushed out and bought a stack of wedding magazines, but instead of filling me with inspiration, I was left feeling disappointed. While their features are beautiful, there’s still a distinct lack of inspiration for anyone who wants to something a little bit different. Where are the same sex weddings? The coloured wedding dresses? The affordable DIY ideas?

I started Rock n Roll Bride in 2007 as the antithesis to the mainstream wedding media, and I quickly discovered that I wasn’t alone in my thinking. The UK wedding industry needed one hell of a shake up and I was ready to do it! It’s amazing how everything has come full circle.

FINALLY, there will be a nationally available monthly magazine for brides like you. There will be glorious real weddings, amazing DIY ideas, wedding planning tips and advice articles a-plenty.

I’ve never been more terrified in all my life, but I’ve also never been so excited. So, are you looking forward to strolling into your local supermarket and picking up a copy!?


  1. Nettie

    Woah! Congratulations Kat!
    This is so exciting and as long time follower I feel so proud of you (which may be strange but there it is.) Can’t wait to buy the first copy!

  2. kerry

    Wow wow wow! That’s great news! There’s a real gap for a publication like this I can’t wait to read it 🙂 x

  3. YES!!! I WAS RIGHT!! Huge congratulations Kat, the magazine market definitely needs this, and I am so excited for you!!! Who will we need to contact to make real wedding submissions?!

  4. Excellent news, very exciting, nice to have someone covering those wedding ideas that are just that little bit different.

  5. The wedding world is changing, I can see it every day talking to women talking about planning their weddings and having more and more courage to do it their way. And you’re a major force behind that change, congratulations Kat!

  6. Kat this is totally awesome news! As with everything you do it will be totally epic I have no doubt!! Wexhave been crying out for an alt wedding mag! Thanks for being brave and doing it xxx cannot wait xxxx

  7. Angela Irwin

    Congratulations!!! I have another year to go to the big day and I’ve got so much from you already. Can’t wait to see you in print

  8. Bran

    What amazing news Kat! I’m so immensely proud of you (without that sounding really patronising). You continue to push yourself above and beyond your comfort zone and it is really paying off. Huge Congratulations!!!! Love Bran x

  9. Rachael

    Regular wedding magazines have left me feeling uninspired, poor(as I couldn’t afford most of the things they suggest despite my relatively generous budget!) and bad about myself, my shape, the sort of wedding I wanted. So pleased I will now be able to buy an inspiring wedding mag and this bride to be will be rushing out to buy it this autumn!!

  10. This is really great news, good luck with it! I’m really looking forward to seeing a little slice of alternative ideas in the supermarket 🙂

  11. This is so freaking exciting! I will for sure be buying this when it hits the shops and I’m not even engaged! Well done for making such a massive step, it’s gonna be wonderful! xx

  12. Post author

    Overseas distribution is something we still need to discuss but we hope it will be available internationally too! There will also be an iPad version!

  13. Congratulations, 2 new publications to look forward to now shaking up from different directions! The majority of brides I work with still are huge magazine consumers rather than blog readers (which always surprises me as from inside the industry the blogs would appear to dominate). Great to see you committing to your Brides and brand!

  14. What you’re not pregnant?
    Srsly though I’m so pleased for you hun, such fantastic news. You are probably one of the hard working people I have ever met and continue to be a massive source of inspiration. Cannot wait to see the magazine in the shops 🙂

  15. Susan

    Yay! Congratulations Kat – wonderful news. I get married in two weeks so technically shouldn’t need any more wedding mags, but I’m sure that it will end up in the shopping basket anyway – I’m too nosey not to buy a copy!

  16. I’m not engaged nor do we have any intentions to be, even after 8 years together but I absolutely love Rock n Roll bride weddings, especially the magazines! Issues 2 & 3 sit proudly in the fancy ‘coffee table worthy’ pile of books. I have a major magazine hoarding situation and I definitely can’t wait to add monthly Rock n Roll Bride mags to my ever increasing piles of books!! Excellent news Kat!!

  17. What great news for couples that want to have weddings that reflect their personalities and don’t want to conform

  18. This is SO exciting! Not just because having a regular print version of your blog is just what I need (I got engaged four days ago!) but because seeing other entrepreneurs and start-ups achieve their dreams makes me seriously happy and inspired 🙂 Well done!!!


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