Group Effort Steam Museum Wedding: Laura & Colin

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Wearing a second hand dress, black velvet Dr Marten boots and a homemade flower crown in her lilac hair, Laura married Colin at Lovekyn Chapel in Kingston Upon Thames. The reception was held at the London Museum of Water and Steam, which they decorated themselves with the help of their families. Nearly all the flowers were grown in Laura’s Mum’s front garden and were arranged the morning of the wedding.

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“Our inspiration was London, spring-time and marjarelle blue from gardens in Morocco, where Colin proposed”, began Laura. “We both love history and I work as a carpenter/welder so the industrial past of the museum and the still-working women’s forge in the grounds suited us perfectly. I like things juxtaposed so I used lots of spring flowers, candles and white linen to add femininity.”

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“Our wedding was unique because we, our friends and our family made it all ourselves. This was partly because of budget restrictions but mainly because we love things which are perfect by their imperfections and personal because they’re made by hand and by people that love you enough to put the time and effort in. It was a serious group-effort to pull the whole day together, and all the better for it. We are eternally grateful to everyone involved.”

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“The whole bloody thing was DIY!” she laughed. “I am in a workshop everyday which was very convenient, so we made the steel bar sign, the blackboards, the elephant card box, my flower crown, my bouquet, home-brewed blackberry wine, made the button holes, wrote all the invites, coned all the confetti and made various playlists!”

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“My favourite moment was walking down the aisle and seeing Colin so emotional after 18 months of playing it cool. Suddenly we swapped sides and I felt relaxed. Our biggest expense was our photographer. Not only for beautiful photos but also because we wanted someone who has a candid, documentary style of shooting and who captures the unplanned moments. Laura Babb was amazing and really put us at ease. The routemaster bus was expensive but when else can you justify renting one?!”

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“However the hog-roast was a bargain as I haggled pretty hard. We specifically chose a venue which let you use your own caterers, had its own tables and chairs already and didn’t charge corkage. We used coffee jars and milk bottles as vases. My dress was £170 from  Etsy as I don’t like modern wedding dresses, and I always prefer something to have been pre-owned. It was the only dress I tried on and it fit me perfectly! We mostly saved money by borrowing a lot of things for free, our friends doing us a lot of favours and simply by not having things we didn’t need.”

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  1. LV

    Absolutely beautiful! What a triumphant day. I love all the details, the Bride is gorgeous with her lilac hair and flowers. I have bookmarked Laura Babb’s page for my imaginary future wedding… once I find the man haha! What a wonderful thing, to share such a personal day with strangers. Thank you xx

  2. I love the vibrancy and energy of this wedding – and the Troll on the cheese! A fantastic couple, beautifully captured as always by Laura. Superb.


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