WIN A ‘You Are Beautiful’ Prize Pack from Olivine Atelier


One of my favourite treats in our San Francisco Blogcademy goodie bags was an adorable little perfume sample set from Olivine Atelier. With it’s sublime packaging and branding (done by none other than Ms Shauna Haider!) I instantly gravitated towards it… but that was only the beginning!

I tested each and every one of the seven perfumes we were treated to and when I came across Amongst The Waves I knew I’d found my new signature scent.

Imagine walking down a sandy beach, with your toes in the ocean. Imagine a cooling breeze with a sea salt lingering in the air. Imagine staring up at the sky at sunset, coconut-based cocktail in hand!


“With a top note of ocean salt and black coconut, Amongst the Waves melts into a full bodied, floral heart composed of lush stargazer lily, waterlily and tiger lily”, they say. “These flowers rest on a warm base of clean musk mingling with tonka bean and Arabian sandalwood.”

And yes, it really is as glorious as it sounds!


But it gets even better when paired with the luxurious ‘You are Beautiful’ lotion. There is something so extra-indulgent about layering up your scents don’t you think? The consistency of this treat is silky and soft, and the bouquet is subtle yet gorgeous. Packaged in an 8 oz glass bottle, with that gorgeous reminder that you are beautiful printed directly on it, this is one piece of packaging you won’t want to throw out once the lotion is used up!

WIN an Amongst The Waves Perfume Oil & Lotion Set!

For your chance to win this delicious set, simply comment below by Sunday 8th June 2014, telling me your dream beach holiday destination. This contest is open to ALL readers of Rock n Roll Bride, wherever you are on the planet, and whether you’re engaged, married, or otherwise!


This contest is now closed

Ts & Cs

♥ One winner will win a 5ml perfume oil and 8oz lotion in Amongst The Waves.
♥ Contest is open to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of where you live on the planet. Depending on your home country, you may be liable to pay customs charges to receive your prize.
♥ You have until 11.59pm Sunday 8th June 2014 GMT, to enter. Winner will be after that date via email and will have one week to email me their address to claim their prize.
♥ The prize may not be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Kat Williams’ decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. Mathilde

    My dream beach holiday destination is Bali! And I’m going there after my wedding in september!
    Thank you
    Kisses from France 🙂

  2. claire stockley

    Hello! My dream holiday destination would be to go back to where i got married, Lindos in Rhodes. We spent our time planning the wedding and enjoying time with the friends and family that flew out to come to the wedding and only had 3 days to our selves (a mini-moon we called it) after the big day. We’d love to go back, us two and our new little person, and really enjoy the food, sunshine and culture – and can’t wait to see Samuel take it all in for the first time. Perfect!

  3. Lily

    My dream beach vacation would definitely have to be Bali! White beaches, clear water and surfing!? How perfect would that be?

  4. Any beach, as long as it involves friends, a picnic and some sort of alcohol swigged by the bottle…. Yep, classy through and through!

  5. Frankie Rogalski

    My dream beach holiday destination would be returning to the beach on the Isle of Mull in Scotland where my family had our last holiday together with my Dad when he was alive, when I was 10. We stayed in a cottage on a farm that basically had a private beach, perfect sand, rock pools, beach games, endless sun – (we were lucky enough to go during a heat wave!) highland cows wandering free, rocks to climb! (Perfect for a young and adventurous young me!) I would absolutely LOVE to return there one day with my husband and my little son, I would love to show them my little moment of childhood happiness 🙂

  6. Ooh, how exciting! I’ve had my eye on this ever since Gala said “it smells like a mermaid”! My dream beach holiday destination is Bermuda: two words- pink. sand!!

  7. Hannah Redford

    My dream holiday would be New York!! I’m a city girl and the place just screams adventure. All the best programmes and fimns star there, sex and the city,friends,friends with benefits. And let’s not forget that Godzilla and all other monsters regularly show up!!what a holiday that would be!!

  8. Sami

    My dream beach holiday is local!
    Limantour beach is one of my favorites. I am always in awe driving through the redwoods to get to the beach! It’s a gem just minutes from San Francisco!

  9. Melanie

    My dream beach holiday location is Glover’s Atoll in Belize.

    Myself and my boyfriend (now fiance) spent a week there for Valentines Day when we were travelling.

    No electricity, no WiFi, just us, the beach and the sea.

    We would spend our days laying in the sun and snorkling with tropical fish, nurse sharks, rays and turtles.

    Watch the sun set and sun rise each day, happy in each others company.

  10. Katie

    For myself, my dream beach destination is the north of Zanzibar – white sand, crystal clear sea and dolphins! But with my family there’s nothing better than a bucket and spade, an ice cream and fish and chips with my niece and nephew in Broadstairs in Kent.

  11. Bryonie


    I’d love to go back to Belize to stay out ‘Amongst the Waves’ on a coral caye. It is a wonderful, untouched paradise with non-stop sunshine, white coral beaches, lots of character, good coconut rum, lots of fresh fish to eat and snorkling and diving on the vibrant barrier reef which is packed full of wild life. I can’t wait to go back!


  12. Kiddo

    My dream beach holiday would be going back to Bermuda where we had our honeymoon. Hubby is away at the moment with the military but we are both dreaming and hoping we get back there some day. Pink sand, clear water, and of course a nice glass of Dark n Stormy – heaven 🙂

  13. Liz

    I live in Perth, Australia and the beaches here are astonishing… but honestly, a big part of me misses standing in the freezing wind on the Scottish beaches where I grew up. I didn’t care about pretty or warm. I cared about the freedom and fun. That’s what stuck.

  14. Hayley Coleman

    My dream holiday would be Bermuda! I’m finally over my fear of The Bermuda Triangle after flying over it on our way to Cuba. Thanks 90’s kids tv, namely Eerie Indiana and a few others for my irrational Bermuda fear. 🙂

  15. Nicole

    It would be reliving a holiday in Maui Jan 05 with 12 of my friends. Every day we had a big breakfast, went to the beach, came back and napped, watched the sun set, had a amazing dinner somewhere then sat on the beach listening to the waves while another friend played his ukulele and drank red wine.

    I actually cried when it was time to come home.

  16. My dream beach holiday is, of course, on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I grew up there, spending many days, afternoons and evenings on the beaches with friends and family. I met the love of my life there– a whirlwind Cape Cod summer romance with a handsome Irishman. We had our first kiss on the beach, we were married on the same beach 8 years later. Now, as often as we can, we go back to visit from our home in England to bring our 3-year-old son to enjoy the same sandy beaches where we fell in love. Cape Cod has a special place in my heart.

  17. Lindsey Sweeney

    My dream beach destination would be any of the Thai Islands – my fiancé (soon to be husband!) is half Thai and he has wanted for us to visit Thailand for years now, so that he can show me where his mum grew up.

    We get married in September and were planning on taking our honeymoon there, however, he is a student and will be in his final year studying for his degree so we can’t really find a good time to go there where it would be lovely weather and wouldn’t clash with projects and exams for him 🙁

    We have said that we will go once he graduates next year, so for now it will continue to be my dream beach destination and it will hopefully next year become a reality!!

  18. Sophie

    My dream beach holiday destination is Zanzibar – perfect for relaxing after a couple of weeks of hard work trekking up Kilimanjaro!

  19. Louisa

    I haven’t had a beach holiday in years, so anywhere would be incredible for me. Bali sounds and looks like absolute paradise. I’d just like to be somewhere quiet with stunning scenery & beautiful warm clear water so that my fiancé and I could just relax and enjoy each others company with a bit of a beach picnic in the sun away from all of the normal chaos 🙂

  20. My dream beach holiday destination? The one at the back of the hotel that I’ve visited a couple of times in Altura, Portugal. It’s not tropical, the sand isn’t the softest, there’s no palm trees and bars serving cocktails – but it’s still perfect.

    It’s quiet, unspoiled and so relaxing. The people are lovely, the beer is cold and they make a lovely steak sandwich. 🙂

  21. Lucy

    Oh wow, this sounds amazing. I’ve been searching for a very special scent for my wedding in July and this sounds like it could be it! My dream beach holiday would be Mexico. I’m lucky enough to be going for my honeymoon and I just can’t wait. This year has been one of the most stressful of my life, what with wedding planning and my mother falling ill. So I simply can’t wait to disappear off straight after the wedding. We’re not staying in a mega resort but in a small fishing village, where we can interact with the local community and eat lots of yummy food. And it’d be lovely to have a perfume that will remind me of wedding and honeymoon long after they both are over.

  22. Rachel

    Dream beach holiday is on St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly. It’s the most beautiful location with rugged scenery, clear blue waters and a lighthouse to keep you company. Been back 5 years in a row with my partner and will go back again.

  23. Amy

    Ohh Lake Garda in Italy. When I was younger my grandparents took me and my sister there while my mum went on honeymoon, and I visited again with my fiancée a couple of years ago. There are so many different little towns to visit around the lake and beach the whole way round, its near to Verona and Venice, and Garda Land, an amazing theme park! I love it there.

  24. Basically… Tortuga.

    I’ve been watching all the Pirates of at Carribean and the bf playing pirate games on the PS. And with the perfume set I could be a sweet smelling rum drinking pirate. Woooo!


  25. Nicole

    My dream beach destination would be Cairns in Australia. I’ve been told it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. One friend even says it’s his happy place to imagine when things get tough. It’s so far from home (the UK) that to visit is likely to remain a dream, but one I’m holding on to. One day….one day we’ll get there

  26. Leigh

    I’d love to go to Hawaii, it’s my dream honeymoon destination. Give me a beautiful beach & a cocktail in hand and I’m set.

  27. My dream holiday destination is Luskentyte on the Isle of Harris, western isles, Scotland. Regularly voted one of thr world’s most beautiful beaches it holds fabulous memories of us marrying there in 2007 with the atlantic waves crashing away beautifully in front of us

  28. Laura V

    Mine would have to be Thailand. Ive always dreamt of going there and whenever I see photographs of people there..I always just think perfect…one day I will go there with my partner and have an amazing time. I would love a scent that reminds me of this dream until I can go 🙂

  29. Rachel Guy

    I’m trying to persuade my fella to have our honeymoon in Hawaii 🙂
    Sun, beaches, cocktails and tiki bars …. what could be better? !

  30. Jean

    My dream beach vacation…Hawaii. There’s just something about the mountains and the crystal blue waters and the lush greenery that really speaks to me and draws me in.

  31. zoe

    I’d love to go back to a beach on phu quoq, a little island off the south coast of Vietnam. My fiance proposed there so spontaneously & casually that the next day I had to ask if he had actually asked me to marry him!

    Whenever I am stressed out, I think back to eating fresh seafood on the beach, drinking mango juice & speeding about on the moped holding onto my boy’s waist!

  32. The description alone makes these products sound amazing… then you add the packaging and WOW! My dream beach holiday would be a peaceful island in the Maldives just me and my husband with nothing to do but enjoy each others company away from the hussle bussle of live <3 Bliss!

  33. Carla


    My dream beach destination will come tru in a year!! We will go to Bali for honeymoon and will stay sone days in a charming bungalow we found by the sea (very cheap by the way!). But we will also visit Sumatra, flower island, the komodo island and other beautiful places in Indonesia. I am so excited for this trip I can’t stop watching documentaries and looking for photos of the place!!!

  34. I’d love to go back to the Greek island of Koufonsia; it has the most amazing cove beach on one side of the island. I went there with a friend (who I’m Maid of Honour for this autumn) when we were island hopping after we graduated. We had no transport, and there was no bus so we had to get up early to walk the 3km across the island. It was just such perfect day from a magical trip.

  35. My dream beach holiday location would be the Maldives but if I can’t get there I would be equally happy watching the sun set along the beautiful 8 mile beach at Broome in my home state of West Oz.

  36. Christina

    I would love to see the Northern Lights in Finland or Norway. Would be a dream come true.

  37. Kara

    I am getting married in just a few short weeks and my dream honeymoon destination would be to take him to the beaches on Elba, an island just off the west coast of Italy. I visited when I was in college and wished he could’ve seen it with me.

  38. The sandy beaches in St.Ives. There’s probably oly one week in the year when the UK has hood weather, but when that’s the case, I love St.Ives. It means I can take Ralph, Millie and Oscar with me to! And that’s two Lhasa Apso’s and a Chihuahua. I love lying on the beach whilst my dogs harass people and I pretend not to know who they belong to. After all that fun is over, then a cheeky real Cornish ice cream and a walk back to the rented apartment. Bliss.

  39. Megan Leftwich

    Dream destination is Margaret river, Western Australia. Beautiful white sandy beaches, blue water, seclusion despite the popularity. And best of all it’s near a fabulous wine region!!!!

  40. Ellen

    I would love to go to the Azores. I am a big fan of Portugal but I’ve never visited the islands. I could really use the peace and quiet and of course the sun and the amazing views.

  41. Stacey Jones

    My dream destination is the Philippines, u travelled there with my now husband before we were married. It is an incredible and beautiful country and we hope to return some day on our honeymoon, as we couldn’t afford to have one at the time.

  42. I long for a beach getaway with my new husband. We married and went on a whirlwind NYC adventure and came back exhausted, thrilled. It was an incredible experience… But I’ll be honest, I have been to the beach on vacation in years (other than a thirty minute dip in frothy cold October waters after a wedding) and I can’t imagine the kind of peace and relaxation that a coconut cocktail seaside would entail. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  43. kim neville

    Would love to go to Mauritius and also see some of my family out there

  44. Brittany Atkinson

    My dream beach getaway is on the coastline of Oregon, especially Cannon Beach! We spent a day there this summer while in Portland and I’d love to go back and relax by the gorgeous shore.


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