Detoxing: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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If you’d asked me three years ago to do any kind of detox programme, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would have screamed back “Oh hell no!” But since turning 30 and spending a large proportion of my time in America (where there is a juice bar on nearly every corner!) the way my body feels on a daily basis has been on the forefront of my mind.

However, let’s keep it real: alongside all those deliciously healthy juices, The Land Of The Free has streets lined with cheese, sugar and enough refined carbs to make even the most iron-stomached person winch in pain. Staying on-track and remaining healthy when you travel so much is bloody tough.

A little disclaimer before we begin: I know this is a sensitive subject for a lot of you. I’m right there with you. I am also massively opposed to any of the excess pressure and almost bullying tactics that so many wedding media outlets put on brides-to-be. I detest the idea of a company praying on the insecurities we have about or bodies (of which, let’s be honest, there are many!) to make money. Period.

There’s a fine balance between succumbing to the pre-wedding weightloss bullshit, and just really wanting to look your very best on your big day. If you want to lose a few pounds then awesome, a milestone like a wedding can be a great motivator to get you back on track to good health. What it shouldn’t provide though, is excess pressure surrounding how you’re supposed to look, act or feel. Pushing yourself to reach unattainable and unrealistic ideals is NOT what Rock n Roll Bride is about.

Kaeng Raeng2

However, giving your body a clean out and a kick start towards a healthier lifestyle is something to be encouraged. And although I would never, ever promote anything that pressurised brides (or any woman for that matter) to change their body for anyone else but themselves, if you do want to feel in tip top physical shape, then giving yourself a helping hand with short term detox programme before embarking on a more healthy way of life is a great place to begin.

Although I eat reasonably well on a day to day basis, when I’m travelling it’s really difficult to make healthy choices. I also know I drink too much – wine is my Achilles heel! I can give or take pretty much any sweet treat you might put in front of me, but offer me an ice cold glass of Pinot and it’s nearly impossible for me to resist.

Anyway, after a few weeks of gorging myself on pizza, bread and convenience foods in Canada last month, I was feeling awful. My energy was low, I was feelings sluggish and heavy and my skin was hating me! When I got home I felt like I really needed a health injection and so I signed up for Kaeng Raeng’s three-day natural detox cleanse immediately. Detox programmes seem to be the thing to do at the moment (green juice anyone?) so I thought I might as well give one a bash.

Kaeng Raeng3

It’s a super simple meal replacement system. The pouches come in three flavours and each contains a full serving of fruit and 15g non-gmo protein. They are also high in fibre and naturally occurring vitamins.

While the easiest way to consume the powder is by shaking it up in the reusable bottle (which comes with the pack) with 24 oz water, it can get a bit boring on it’s own. They actually taste pretty good but to make it a bit more exciting and varied they suggest adding juice, non-dairy milk, or by blending it with fruit, ice, and water in a blender. My favourite combo was the strawberry, raspberry and pineapple packet added to coconut milk, ice and extra strawberries, raspberries and some pineapple! Yum!

The best thing about this cleanse is that you don’t have to starve yourself. To keep those stomach rumbles at bay, you can snack on as many raw fruit and veggies as you like. I had a large salad mid-afternoon and some variety of vegetables with a little Sriracha sauce around dinner time (that might have technically been cheating but oh well!) I also became obsessed with perfecting my guacamole recipe and I bought more fruit in one shopping trip than I probably buy all year! Summer is the perfect time to do this programme, by the way, because the supermarkets are stocked full of fresh summer fruits and berries!

I know what you really want to know though – was it difficult and what were the results like?

It actually wasn’t that bad. Yes, I was a little cranky on day one but by the second day I’d got over it. I did miss my morning cup of tea and my evening glass half bottle of wine, but apart from that it was surprising easy to keep up. When blended with fruit and ice the smoothies were actually pretty filling too. The hunger wasn’t even that bad, and I struggled to finish all three smoothies every day!

I haven’t weighed myself for about eight years so I couldn’t tell you if I lost any weight, but really, that’s not the goal. My stomach is definitely a little flatter and I do feel overall a lot lighter on my feet. My plan now, as recommended by the programme, is to slowly start reintroducing protein (oh how I missed cheese!) and non starchy carbs.

While a short term detox is unlikely to completely change your body shape or your overhaul your health significantly on it’s own, if you want to give your body a kick start in a healthier direction then a programme such as this one is a great place to start.

Kaeng Raeng1

Win a Kaeng Raeng’s natural detox cleanse!

If you fancy giving a detox cleanse a go but are nervous, then don’t be. Look, if I can do it, you CERTAINLY can! If you still need a little incentive though, those lovely creatures at Kaeng Raeng would like to offer one Rock n Roll bride reader a free 3-day programme for them to try for themselves. The shakes are also vegan, gluten free, soy free, caffeine free, nut free, non-gmo, all natural, and only locally sourced ingredients!

To enter, simply like Kaeng Raeng on Facebook and then comment below letting me know why you’d like to try it. Contest is open to all readers of Rock n Roll Bride, wherever you are on the planet! You have until Sunday 6th July to comment and the winner will be randomly selected after that date.

Kaeng Raeng are also offering every single one of you 15% off the three-day programme. Just enter the code “ROCKNROLL” at the checkout. Discount is valid until July 6th 2014.

This contest is now closed

Ts and Cs

♥ One winner will receive a three-day Kaeng Raeng cleanse.
♥ Closing date for entries is 6th July 2014. Winner will be selected at random and emailed after that date.
♥ Contest open to all Rock n Roll Bride readers over the age of 18, regardless of where you are in the world. Depending on your home country, you may be liable to pay customs charges to receive your prize.
♥ Only 1 entry per IP address.
♥ If for any reason the advertised prize is unavailable, Kaeng Raeng reserves the right to substitute a similar prize of equivalent or greater value. None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ By entering the draw, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Kaeng Raeng’s decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ The winners will be contacted via their email address within a week of the the competition draw date. Rock n Roll Bride/ Kaeng Raeng will not amend contact information provided.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. I would love to have a go at detoxing! I also travel lots and as you say it’s really hard to eat healthy on the go. At least these sachets I could carry around in my camera bag with me, what a great idea!

  2. I’m getting married in August and would love to try this. I’ve been working out in the run up to my wedding and weightless has been nice but the thing I love most is how strong I feel and so much healthier and I think that is what will make me feel better on my wedding day!

  3. Emma Green

    Much like you, I don’t go into the whole ‘body hype’ per wedding- which is a good job as I get married in 5 days! BUT… I also turned 30… And with that came a subscription to the local gym (which hasn’t gone great- I’ll admit) I wouldn’t mind having a go at this detox as it’ll hopefully give me the kick start I’ll need 🙂

  4. Post author

    Tigzy, yeah its great that you can just shake and go! I liked to blend it with other stuff to make it more filling too.

  5. I have tried to detox before but don’t really stick to it .. it would be great to try something that works and gives you the kick start you need, specially as I work long unsociable hours and the temptation to snack is always there! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I’ve been running round hectic recently and haven’t had time to look after myself. Now my stomach is starting to fight against me, being in pain after eating anything particularly bad and my skin is starting a rebellion too!

    This sounds like just the thing to get me back to square one and start again. x

  7. Jo

    After 6 months of being prodded, poked & a colonoscopy to be told ‘we have no idea what is wrong’ I’ve now been given the green light to start eliminating foods and detoxing to see if anything helps so I would love to give this a go! Thank you 🙂

  8. Vikki Ryan

    Since meeting my partner Mel last year we have managed to put on 5.5 stone between us. We have nested to the extreme! I would like to win the competition to kick start a bit of weightloss & healthy eating and get back on track!

  9. Hayley

    I am currently trying to eat better as I find myself always reaching for the convenience foods due to work. This product sounds great and I would love to try it.

  10. Joanne mccarthy

    I love a bit of juicing and this sounds awesome and easy! Love the feeling after a good detox

  11. Julie Jack

    I was on my way to a healthier fitter me when I went on holiday! Obviously every healthy thing got kicked out the window and now, I’ve not been to the gym
    Or eaten healthy in almost a month! This would give me that extra motivation!

  12. Emma Louise Bryant

    After having my first child I’m having massive trouble trying to shift my mummy tummy.
    I have also been grabbing as much convenience food as possible whilst trying to keep up with the little monster! Now I can’t stop eating it!
    Maybe having a motivation like this would kick the bad habit in the bud!?

  13. ida

    I would like to try the programme because as you I have been feeling sluggish lately and summer is here!!! I want to be able to enjoy “the great outdoors” now that we have long days…but I am asleep at 7 pm half the time!!! plus i’m going on Holiday in 4 weeks…eeeekkk!!!

  14. Kay

    I just had a baby about a month ago. While I ate as healthy as I could pizza was something I couldn’t say no to. I packed on waaaay more then I intended to and now that my little one is born I want to drop the baby weight and hopefully more just to feel better. I feel like I’m wearing a tire at all times and quit frankly it’s sucks. So yea I’d like to try the 3 day detox at least it would be a step in the right direction. Thank you. And wanted to as I looooove rocknroll bride.. lots of great idea for my someday (hopefully) wedding. Anyways rock on!!

  15. Jess

    I’ve been wanting to do a detox for a while. Have been feeling sluggish and definatly not my optimal self. The trouble is finding a programme that I can trust to be healthy and delicious. Thanks for the recomendation, will be looking into Kaeng Raeng! X

  16. Clarissa Cox

    Definitely not planning a wedding! But we’re coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary in November and I’d love a chance to try something to help kick start a little weight loss/better health. I have 4 small children so it tends to be impossible to not eat whatever they are eating…hello goldfish crackers! Hello nutella sandwiches! Hello cereal for dinner! Yikes…. 🙂

  17. Post author

    That’s definitely not the case Halle. I thought long and hard before deciding to publish this and it’s also the reason why I wanted to actually try it myself before I wrote about it. Weightless is not the goal of detoxing, it’s more about flushing your system of nasties and giving yourself a shove in a more healthy direction. That is certainly something I feel happy sharing with my readers.

  18. Sarah

    Halle, not having a go but did you read the post? Kat actually didnt mention doing it before your wedding as a fad diet or anything. its more about being healthy generally. ive done short term detoxes like this system and always feel so much better after. its not about lossing weight. any system that claims you can lose weight in just 3 days is lying!

  19. Katie

    I would love to win this! My wedding is just four months away now and I really want to kick start some healthy lifestyle changes. I just want to feel healthy and energised on our big day, and the amount of stress eating I’ve done from planning a wedding and buying our first house at the same time is not good!

  20. Bran

    I need all the help I can get please! Nothing a quick cleanse and then a live-in chef wouldn’t sort I’m sure! x

  21. Nicole

    My final wedding-countdown begins and i want to look great an my special day in 6 weeks. The detox program could give me the right motivation to live a little bit more healthy for the final weeks.

  22. Stephanie

    I’ve never detoxed & must admit I have been intrigued but I do believe that they’re a waste of money. Our body’s are naturally designed to cleanse of any toxins that build up. Our liver & kidneys do an amazing job! I’m sure if we all cut out excess carbs & junk food, then increase our water, fruit & veg intake we’d all feel better for it. I sound negative but I do think there are better ways to cleanse your body without spending a fortune on a manufactured products.

  23. Gillian Harrison

    I’d love to give this a try. I’m regularly run down and use this as an excuse to eat lazily and not exercise and my body really needs a good kick up the backside to get it healthier. A detox sounds like a good place to start, and this one sounds very painless!

  24. Post author

    Stephanie, its true, you could totally do it without the product, but using one makes it sooo much easier because it’s all organised for you in one convenient packet! ha.

  25. Jessica

    Halle – did you actually read the post? She clearly stated that encouraging brides to diet before their wedding for anyone else other than themselves is absolutely not what RNRB is about. Heck, you’re spending the most money you’re probably ever going to spend on photographs of yourself – I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want to feel their best for that, and for a large percentage of people that boils down to how they look. She’s not promoting some bullshit ‘wedding shedding’ bootcamp, she’s reviewed a product that can kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

  26. Caroline

    I would love to win because I have just bought my first flat with my fiancé, and with the wedding coming up in October, we can’t afford pots and pans

  27. Katy Fillery

    I’d like to win this detox as I have never tried one and have been wanting to for a while now. I ran the London Marathon in 2013 despite picking up a nasty injury in training which should have ruled me out. This Saturday I will be having my fourth operation on my right leg, hopefully my last, but basically I have found it really hard to see my body change as I have been unable to run, in fact walking is painful these days, and I am hoping something like this might help get my mind back on track, then hopefully my body will follow!! PS. I got engaged in March and married in May, and despite being the heaviest I’ve ever been, I loved everything about it and wouldn’t change anything, least of all myself – my husband loves me for me!

  28. Amy McCaskill

    This sounds so yum!! I’m getting married in 3 weeks and although I’m happy with my weight/size I want that ‘glow’ too! Happy wife, happy life! 🙂 xx

  29. Laura smith

    I would love to give this a go! I have seen so many of these, juice plus, exante and Forever living just to name a few.
    I’m confused by all of this if I’m honest and I suffer with IBS and have to cut out bread (which is so difficult!) but I love bread! And it is difficult finding the time to do anything for me when I run around after my little girl. I was kind of hoping these would help get me feeling a little lighter too

  30. Kelly

    I would love to win because I am desperate for a health boost! I’ve gained a bit of weight lately and would love to get it back off again and start looking and feeling better and this sounds like the perfect thing! 🙂

  31. leanne hill

    Hi I’m from England would love to win the detox to help me kickstart healthy eating here in the UK the weather is so wet and rainy comfort food gets you thru the day ☺☺☺:)

  32. I’d love to have a go – since becoming self employed I’ve been a bit naughty and I’d like to think something like this would give me the kick I need to start making healthier choices.

    Plus I’m off to Berlin this week and there’s no way I’m not pigging out on falafel and wheat beer so this would be the perfect tonic on my return.

  33. caroline

    This would be great to give me some natural energy before my kick boxing sessions. i have been trying to east healthily but with my busy lifestyle I find myself skipping meals or walking and eating some awful convenience food. I have already lost a stone and a half however with diet and exercise I want to loose a bit more. I have never been happy with my weight, I am slim everywhere else but my stomach. Several people have asked if i’m pregnant. I would love to get rid of the belly once and for all after all it is one of the most dangerous areas to carry extra weight.

  34. Katelin kryskow

    I’ve always wanted to try a detox and this one seems very healthy, non threatening and simple.

  35. Mary

    As a full time teacher and also caregiver for a partner who suffered a spinal cord injury in a freak accident, and is now a quadriplegic- this has been a very long and tough year.I find there is very little “me” time . I think this detox could help sort the “me” out a bit , by helping me to start to focus on my own health . . . Because after all, how can I take care if someone else if I don’t take care of myself ?

  36. Danielle

    After spending the last year working and doing a Masters degree I would love to do the detox to refresh and reboot! Studying and working long hours sure plays havoc on your diet and body. Great post – nice to see an honest take on detox programmes and feeling your best.

  37. Olga Reimgen

    Me too! Me too, me too!! I would really love to try it 🙂 It’s about time to give my body an energy and healthy buzz!

  38. Josie

    I did a detox back in 2011 and after the week of detoxing I felt so energized and it really was a big help to kick start healthier eating. I lost 2 stone in the 3 months following and then I went down hill after that. I was studying for uni at the time and was snacking all day instead of eating proper meals. When I did have time for a meal it was all convenience food. Needless to say, 3 years on and I have put back on that 2 stone plus nearly 2 more :/ My body and skin feels awful. I graduated last week (YAY!) so this is the perfect time to get my life back on track.

  39. Amy

    People hear “detox” or “juicing” or “fasting” and think it’s the same as “starvation”. It isn’t if you’re putting the right things inside of you while you detox/juice/fast. It does wonders for your insides if you spend a week meat/bread/dairy free (seeing as our bodies were designed to only live on fruit and veg anyway… and I’m not even a vegetarian, I just know this is true!) You can get all your protein, carbs, nutrition from juicing fruit & veg and your body will thank you for it. At the moment we exist on 60% processed food, 40% meat, 5% wheat based food and just 5% fruit & veg. That is AWFUL. No wonder we’re an obese world surviving on medication. We’re not meant to live like this! I am all for a detox, I’m starting mine next week 😀 not to lose weight, but to be healthy. If I lost a little of my extra weight, then great, but that is NOT the reason I’m doing this. Well done for promoting a great way for brides to FEEL great on their wedding days, because we all know if you FEEL great, you LOOK great, no matter your size 🙂

  40. Michelle Lavender

    I’ve been wanting to try a detox for a while so this one sounds like a good place to start 🙂

  41. Layla Best

    Bride-to-be and mother to two very tiny and beautiful girls with a full time office job, i don’t get much time to myself and overlook the whole ‘looking after yourself thing’ so I’d love to give this a go and maybe make it a regular thing (in a healthy way!)

  42. Cara-Jade

    I’d love to win it! I’ve tried detoxing before but it was always very tasteless and I was always very hungry!! This range looks super tasty though!

  43. I haven’t weighed myself for a long time either. I go with how I feel in my jeans- if they feel too tight I might skip a few beers or cut down my pizza intake (to er two a week). And I know if I seem to be gaining weight but still feel good in my body I can always buy bigger jeans.

    Weight is a silly way to measure yourself as fat doesn’t weigh as much as muscle, you might have heavier bones, you might carry more or less water weight than the girl who’s the exact same dress size as you. I can see why it might be useful to weigh yourself if you were clinically obese, as a way to motivate yourself to get to a healthy range (by making good choices- I would never advocate crash dieting), but I think for most women it’s just a way to make yourself feel bad. I’ve known girls who were tiny sizes, 8 and 6, and who continued to use meal replacement things like Slimfast and Juice Plus, and who worried if they went up .2 of a pound over a weekend. That doesn’t seem healthy to me.


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