Heaven in a Bath Tub: WIN a Year’s Worth of Blissful Bathing with The Bathory!

May 7, 2014


Full disclaimer: I am writing this article in a towel. I just had the most amazing bath of my life, and I didn’t want to ruin that post-soak-glow by stopping to get dressed before telling you all about it!

I am a big fan of a bath. I really started having them because the shower in our house is completely rubbish, but now I really look forward to my daily splash. Working from home, it’s way too easy to go for days without properly getting clean (gross but true). In fact I usually start working in the morning without so much as brushing my teeth (again, gross but true) so come around 3 or 4pm I am in desperate need of cleansing!

It took me approximately 2.5 seconds to place an order with The Bathory when I discovered them online. Why? Because you get to create your very own customised bath soak! That is the kind of thing I love


The idea is simple, yet completely genius. First you select what kind of bath you’d like from one of three bases – bask, soothe or detox. Then you add your own blend of up to three essential oils. You can choose them so they evoke a certain feeling (relaxed, revived, happy, sexy, confident, focused, inspired) or just go wild and pick your favourites. The scents aren’t too overpowering on their own either so there’s no need to worry about choosing a weird combination and it not working.

I chose the detox base which is made from pure Espom salts and Rhassoul clay and is designed to draw out toxins. I decided I wanted something reviving for my mid-afternoon pick me up so I selected eucalyptus, grapefruit and rosemary as my oils.

And ooh la la, it was glorious. So glorious in fact that as soon as I’m finished writing this I’m off to order another. I think I might go for the way to delicious sounding soothe (with hydrating oatmeal, honey and buttermilk!) base next.

The Bathory claim to deliver the best bath of your life, and you know what, I actually think they just might.

WIN 12 Bathory Bath Soaks!

Have I got you desperately wanting to indulge in a little bath time action? Well I spoke to Laura, the genius behind all this amazingness, and she’s offered the fantastic prize of TWELVE bath soaks which one of you beauties will win. Each soak retails at $30/£18 (this is not budget bathing by any means!) so this is a really awesome – and generous – prize!

You could order them all at once (cheeky!) or eke them out with one a month for the next year. Now how damn wonderful does that sound?

To enter, simply comment below by Sunday 11th May telling us what your favourite way to relax is. This contest is open to ALL readers of Rock n Roll Bride, wherever you are on the planet!

This contest is now closed

Now excuse me, I’m off to fall into a post-Bathory coma. Over and out.


Ts & Cs

♥ One winner will receive a promo code entitling them to 12 free bath soaks at thebathory.com. The promo code will be valid for 12 months, commencing the date their prize is issued.
♥ Contest is open to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of where you live on the planet. Depending on your home country, you may be liable to pay customs charges to receive your prize.
♥ You have until 11.59pm Sunday 11th May 2014 GMT, to enter. Winner will be after that date via email and will have one week to email me their address to claim their prize.
♥ The prize may not be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Kat Williams’ decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. Natalie

    What an amazing thing to win! We’re getting married on the 12th of September in Alresford, Hampshire. We’re having a festival themed wedding so we’ve hired a field and a marquee. We are having a hand fasting under a tree which will be followed by music, a bonfire, bbq, fire poi, and lots of drinking. Our friends call us the moles, long story, but i’d love a cake with us as 2 little moles in our blue camper van driving down a mole hill 🙂

  2. Sarah Palmer

    What an opportunity! My partner and I are getting married on Saturday 31st October 2015, Halloween, in Chelmsford, Essex. The last two BIG things to organise is my dress and our cake! Paul and I met and dated for about 18 months back in 1998-99 then split up, then after over 10 years later, met up again and are now in-separable! We both vowed never to marry again but, 3 years on and a life changing event at my work, have decided to GO FOR IT! Paul proposed while we were on holiday in Tenerife, on the entertainment stage, in front of 250 strangers! I thought we’d planned a long, long term engagement, until Christmas Day 2013 when I opened my card to the words, ‘Shall we marry, next time Halloween falls on a Saturday?’ Much to his surprise, this was only 2015! The date was set!! I have always loved Halloween since I was a little girl and we’ve recently had 2 very big parties at home, the last one had a half page article in the Essex Chronicle, with full colour photos of our 70 guests in their amazing costumes! So, our save the date cards have been handmade, by myself and my mum and were posted out for Halloween this year! The next step is to start work on our invites and menu cards, ready to send out in April, just before my Hen weekend to Brighton in May (it’s fate!!) I’ll start work on my bouquet in the New Year, handmade paper flowers, crocheted flowers made by our family and friends and finished off with dangling crocheted sugar skulls! We will marry in Chelmsford Registry Office at mid day, followed by an afternoon meal in our ‘top secret’ town location (which I’d be happy to disclose to you via email!) joined by a close up magician and body paint expert! Our table displays are to be filled lanterns, of Halloween and Day of the Dead scenes, still to be assembled, by me! We hope to then fly off to Mexico to view the colourful Day of the Dead celebrations for a week, followed by a week in Dallas, Texas! I have seen so many wedding cakes that I really like but none have really ticked all the boxes! The idea of bringing my mood board to your shop and sitting with you to design our wedding cake is just mind blowing! Although we marry on Halloween, that doesn’t mean we’d like a typical Halloween themed cake! Paul’s pride and joy is his Ford F150 Raptor truck, one of only a handful in the UK, so to have that incorporated in the cake would be perfect, or maybe, to have it as the base of the cake, with a cake in the back of it! To think that one of your cakes could capture all aspects of our lives together, with skulls, tattoos, trucks, bikes, hobby craft, friends and family and our love for each other, would just be the icing on the cake! Good luck everyone, fingers and toes are crossed!!!

  3. Laura

    Me and Gary are getting married on Monday 2nd March 2015 (not long! Eeeek!) at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent. We got engaged in Disney World Florida and would LOVE our cake to look like the castle! But with the twist that only you guys could do… Different interpretations of everyone’s favourite characters, mermaids in the mote, princesses hanging out the windows, horse and carriage?! I could go on…

  4. Stephen Fowler

    I’m having a pagan style outdoor wedding to two bi sexual women at midnight on the summer solstice which is obviously outside the law – so my divorces will be a lot cheaper than a lawful marriage would be 🙂 And I’d like a Stonehenge cake with a naked mmf threesome taking place in the middle with torn wedding clothes and Champaign glasses strewn about and drunken wedding guests spectating the consummation of the marriage.

  5. Teague Hampson

    how amazing are those cakes. I’ve always dreamed of a choccywoocydoodah cake but never been able to afford one. I’m getting married in July 2015 they look beautiful!!!!

  6. Nichola

    This is a dream come true possibility!! Me and my hubby are getting married at the military chapel in st James ( he is a grenadier corporal based at st James) my idea for the wedding cake would be a guard, in red tunic and bearskin, standing on a bed of skulls carrying a bride (in my dress) over his shoulder.

    We are getting married on the 7th march 2015, actually confirmed it this morning 🙂

    Kindest regards
    Excited Nichola xx

  7. Bethany Girling

    Wedding date 31.01.15
    Venue: hintlesham golf club Suffolk.

    Yes I STILL have no cake

  8. Bethany Girling

    Wedding date 31.01.15
    Venue: hintlesham golf club Suffolk.

    Yes I STILL have no cake

  9. Sukhpreet

    What an AMAZING competition!
    My fiancé and I are due to get married on 11th July 2015 in a hotel at Heathrow T5. This sounds like a dream come true if I were to be the fortunate winner of a beautiful bespoke made wedding cake!!
    I would love a cake that is elegant and vintage looking with lots and lots of pastel roses draping off the sides to almost look like an overflowing cake with roses. I would have it on a white chocolate tiered cake base. And the sponge would be devilishly chocolatey and fudgy!! Basically I would want my guests to be surprised at the colour contast and to think the inside chocolate heaven is not obvious from the elegant outside!! (Naughty) I would like the decorations on the outside to look classy and the use of pearly effects and leaves to compliment the beautiful rose designs. As its a summer wedding I would keep in theme with the summers day and the main thing is to have a rich chocolate taste which will leave the guests wanting more!! The way you guys do cake takes it to a whole new meaning of indulgence and I want this to be the showstopper at our wedding!! Thank you!!

  10. Rachael and Jamie

    Jamie and I are getting married on 15/05/15 at the beautiful Normanton Church Museum on Rutland Water. Our wedding is simple, meet at the pub, pop on a bus to the church and back home for a BBQ in the garden with good friends, good food, good tea and good wine! We have no theme, it’s just us, doing what we do – chilling with friends, guitars and any other instruments the boys can find!

    So, crazy cake ideas are hard… but put our favourite two things together CATS and MUSIC? Think comical but cool jazz cats and kittens scrambling to catch bubble like music notes? Texture, colour and chocolate! Oh… and as Jamies Gig/stage shirts are nearly always Paisley or Polka-Dot, i guess one or the other should feature in this somewhere! Xx

  11. A few months after I started dating my future husband (holy carp I’m getting married!!) we decided to quit our jobs and attempt to cycle from our home town Henley on Thames to Auckland (New Zealand). We carried everything we needed and rolled out our tent each night by the side of the road to sleep. It took 20 months to complete, and we cycled over 17,000 miles. We fell spectacularly in love, and will marry in Henley on 21 March 2015.

    We are having a simple wedding in or local pub. Our dream showstopping addition to the day would be a cake that depicts our journey to the other side of the world incorporating the landscapes, people, food and colours from our most memorable bits. My partner is an excellent photographer and we can share his best images to work from . I imagine a road spiralling through the display with our touring bike’s tent recognisable to all our friends and family that cheered us on from home:-)

  12. Melanie Rebecca

    A choccywoccydoodah cake would be the last perfect piece to our Hallowedding. We are having tall orange maple leaf centrepieces with apples in the vases and a Halloween candy cart with a orange chocolate fountain too. Your cake will compliment our set up incredibly. I’m imagining bright orange pumpkins with glowing eyes…sweet spiders the kids can pick off the cake….blooming black roses and autumn branches with crunchy leaves and rosey red apples hanging off all swirling round the cake up towards the bride and groom on top. If you could use something to create a misty/foggy effect around the bottom of the cake this will just add to the atmosphere 😀 All this takes place October 30th 2015 in Swansea…hope your cake will be there!!!!

  13. S darbyshire

    My daughter is getting married at the beautiful Deer Park in Honiton Devon on Mon 31st Aug 15
    They would absolutely love a choccywoccydoodah cake that would portrait a picture about them and their loves. They are both passionate about their work. He is a painter and she is a beautician. My daughter loves glamour and sparkle and wants a beautiful big fairy tale wedding. They both adore our 2 dogs which would be amazing to include into a creation. They both also love Walt Disney and this is where he proposed to her so to have a Disney fairytale aspect also bought into the mix would be out of this world!

  14. Kirsty chapman

    Me and Tez get married on the 28th of October 2015 at shustoke barn in coleshill Birmingham. I’d love one of you amazing cakes being a complete choc aaddict. Because of the time of year and the barn we’d love an autumn feel with oranges and golds, leaves and beautiful flowers. Things we would want incorporated perhaps a tree with our I initials carved into it with all seasonal birds and animals around with a few song lyrics incorporated onto it too. 🙂 good luck everyone.

  15. kerry langan

    This would absolutely make our day
    .we watch chockywockydoodah every time it is on. We get married on the 29th of august 2015. We’re very traditional and our colour scheme is peaches and cream. So what better idea to add to the theme than throw in a bit of Roald Dahl? We would love a giant peach and inside a giant peach stone made of chocolate and a all the characters around the stone. And an old traditional just of cream being poured over the top to add to the occasion? It’s mine and my grooms favourite childhood story. We need this cake in our lives. You would complete our day

  16. Sarah

    So when I had an inkling that my (now) fiance was going to propose, it wasn’t my wedding dress which popped into my head and it wasn’t the venue, it wasn’t even which song we’d pick for our first dance, it was (and I say this with total sincerity) what I was going to ask Choccy Woccy to make for our wedding cake. I spent alot of time fantasising over glittered hearts dripping in blood, of tattooed ladies, of naughty black cats, of Rock and roll grooms with long hair and red roses in their lapels..of skulls and HALLOWEEN ROMANCE (We’re getting married on October 10th 2015 in a beautiful Baronial Hall at Pine Ridge Golf Club, Frimley/Camberley and Halloween will be in the air) I’ll be wearing a beautiful black wedding dress made by my friend and my groom will be playing with his heavy metal band to our guests, there’ll be pumpkins and candles and tarot cards everywhere and maybe even a curtain of fog hanging by our feet.. so to have my dream come true of a Choccy Woccy cake present..well I think I would cry (and that’s a big thing for a bride in thick black eyeliner!). Please pick me guys, we’ll have so much fun

  17. Claire

    OH MY GOD. This is the most amazing thing ever. Me and my boo are getting married November Friday 13th next year at Partick Burgh Hall so you can can kind of guess what the theme is. We want a creepy, kooky amazing lucky in love theme with everything good and bad luck themed (one of our good friends is an illustrator and designing invites and we can’t wait!)Black cats, ladders, pigs, lucky pennies, wishbones, lucky cats, rabbits and rainbows. Me and the boy met on November Friday 13 5 years ago (so it will be 6 years to the day on our wedding) so it means a lot to us to get to do our wedding on a day that’s been pretty damn lucky for us. Something big, weird and wonderful in all the colours – and with a little Lula Fortune (our black and white cat baby) hidden all among it! I have everything crossed!

  18. Scarlett Hampton

    Wow,this would be amazing!
    We are getting married 14/11/15 at norwood park, southwell.
    Me and my husband-to-be love Game of Thrones and has made its way into our wedding theme quite alot so our dream cake would be a giant iron throne with direwolves, dragons, swords, our family crests, quotes from the books and an abundance of red roses.
    After seeing your cakes years ago, I have dreamed of having one. Please pick us 🙂

  19. Emma Selwood

    We’re renewing our vows in November 2018 as our actual wedding was a non event due to being made homeless and jobless the same day.
    We’re having a rockabilly/tattoo theme. So all hearts, candy skulls, bright colors and Coca cola mini bottles as favors. Lollipops as my bouquet, so we’re looking for a cake that can incorporate that sense of fun and love.
    Would love to win this, it would truly be the part that tops it all off.

  20. Sarah Cullum

    I left out my surname and had a typo in my email address so above is the correct information

  21. Lowri Kew

    Wow, just wow, always swore I’d have a choccywoccydoodah cake if I ever got married again- but sadly circumstances mean we can’t afford one- this would truly make our day!

    We are having a quirky relaxed and extremely personal wedding in the beautiful Ocean Kave on April 9th overlooking the sea in Devon which was vital to us. Over a third of our guests are kids ( 6 are ours) and we are having a temporary tattoo booth and vintage carnival games including the essential welly wanging. Having lost myself in a previous relationship and ended up with a wardrobe that was all brown/ neutral colour is vital, so I’d want lots of red, bright pink and purple on it. Describing the cake is so hard as I wouldn’t want to stifle any of the artistry! The cake I envisage has lots of tattoo art ( ideally cherry blossom because of the meaning and hearts because I’m a Valentine’s baby). Circling round the cake a red dragon ( our Welsh heritage) with some falling red maple leaves (I’m part Canadian) as you go up the cake from the fire of the dragon it transitions into the water/ sea with sea horses/ unicorns to celebrate where we met live and love! It also must have purple butterflies the symbol of lupus as my 16 year old bridesmaid was diagnosed just after they met me and was critically ill with it- her fight with a smile always on her face has been the most inspirational thing I’ve ever witnessed. We would like 6 of something on the cake to represent our kids,
    Add in a caduceus or something else eluding to medicine, with a hint of lego and Star Wars and you’d have my perfect cake for our perfect day!

    Please, please, please pick us I can’t put into words how much I want this!

  22. Lee Harris

    This would top of our perfect day. We are getting married in April 9th at Ocean Kave in beautiful North Devon, it’s the second time for both of us. I have finally found my happy ever after girl and amazingly enough she says the same about me. Our wedding will be all the things we love in one day. The people that will share our day are all there because of the part that they have played, play or will continue to play in our story. Some know exactly why and what they have done. Some are totally ignorant to their importance to us. My fiancé (I Love saying that) has planned so much for all the guests in her usual selfless way that this for me is a chance for her to have one thing that is all about her/us. I cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to have a cake made by yourselves for her. I picture a cake that has lots of red as colour is so important to her after years of grey. We both love the tattoo style and are having a temporary tattoo parlour on our day so elements of cherry blossoms, hearts, banners would be wonderful, Wales is a huge part of us and our family so any elements that would bring her a sense of home that you could bonjour up would be perfect, we have six children so a nod to each would be important to us and purple butterflies are a must as they are a symbol of a disease that we have sadly become all to familiar with. But mainly this is a chance for me to ask you to create a cake full of love and happiness that would make memories forever and for you to become part of our story. Our happy ending. I cannot express how grateful I would be for you to consider us. X

  23. Marcus

    My girlfriend and I are getting married the 14th March 2015 in Brighton, where we are residents. My girlfriends style is Rock’n’Roll pin up, with bright red lipstick and nail varnish and we are looking for a cake to reflect the “Sailor Jerry” look with tattoo style images . We also want the cake to incorporate the red and blue awareness ribbons of HIV/AIDS and ME/CFS, as we each live with one of these illnesses, the ribbons should be entwined together and through the cake to symbolize us being linked together and as a sign to others that these illnesses are not the end but can also be seen as a bond between two people. As we are both unwell and therefore on a very tight budget, it would be fantastic to have something as decadent as a Choccy cake as the centre piece of our reception.

  24. Caris Jackson

    Such a totally fabulous competition!! Steve (a former Brighton resident) and myself are getting married on June 20th 2015 and holding our reception in a 42ft yurt in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. We have no cake arranged as yet but we have been lucky enough to sample Choccywoccydoodah cakes at friends birthdays in the past, so we know they most definitely taste as good as they look. We met at art college in Liverpool in 1992 and share a love of kitsch 1950’s B movie posters- we are making lots of hand painted signs, including a carnival cut-out board based upon the Creature from the Black Lagoon for our wedding guests photo opportunities. We think a cake inspired by B-movie titles and posters would be amazing, and would absolutely love you to exercise your creative freedom with titles such as ‘It came from beneath the sea’, ‘Invasion of the Saucer Men’, ‘Monster from the Ocean Floor’, ‘Attack of the 50 foot Woman’etc. and create a 3D Choccyscope spectacular of a cake.

  25. Jane

    Growing up in Haywards Heath, I spent many a weekend in Brighton as a teenager. An essential part of every trip was a visit to your Choccywoccydoodah shop to admire the amazing cakes. It has always been a dream of mine to have one for my wedding.

    My fiancée Dave and I are getting married at Loch Lomond Waterfront, Scotland on 10th October 2015. Our wedding is autumn themed, so we would love a cake that complements this. I am a marine biologist, and love wildlife and nature, and Dave is a civil engineer, with a passion for cars. To incorporate both our professions, and interests into the cake would be perfect.

    My idea is to have two trees, side by side, joined by a bridge (the hint of engineering), on which we would be standing, with wedding outfits, but in welly boots. To follow the autumn theme, leaves would be falling, collecting both on the bridge and on the ground surrounding the trees. In the branches birds, running up the tree trunk squirrels, in the leaf litter a little family of hedgehogs, and perhaps even a bird enjoying a feast of worms on the ground. To incorporate my love of water, and what some people would describe as an obsession with marine mammals, I would like to add a cheeky twist, and have a body of water in which dolphins would be swimming, and seals would be basking on rocks. Last, but not least we need to add a car – perhaps a remote control one, or a scalextric track running round the outside. A total wildlife haven that brings out the beautiful colours of the season, and our wedding – the sky is the limit!

  26. Jamie Jones

    My partner and I are obsessed with watching t.v. show and cake baking is a big thing in my family so this was such ann exciting competition to entire. Neil and I have been together for over 11 years and engaged for 4 years. We are finally getting married next year on October 7th 2015 in Las Vegas. We are getting married at night in a helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip. Decided on this wedding as it will be a fab experience and because it seemed like such a ridiculous idea it was us. The wedding is the height of elegance yet we want a cake which reflects the bright, fun , and slightly tacky side of Vegas for our wedding party when we arrive back on the 24th October 2015 ( we are marrying without family so throwing an almighty wedding party with all traditions for friends and family in the u.k.) It has become a joke that the cake has to have an Elvis on it wearing blue suede shoes otherwise it wouldn’t be deed as a Vegas cake.I am covered in brightly coloured tattoos which will be on show with my wedding dress so the use of colour along with the groom’s choice of outfit with his patterned shirt and Bart Simpson converse footwear and the homemade party decorations have inspired us to want a fun and colourful cake. As big lovers of cartoon characters we have been thinking about the possibility of somehow incorporating superheros into the cake design. As a creative person myself and Neil never growing up we want something which is fun and reflects this side of us.

  27. Wendy Arnold

    This isn’t for me it’s for my cousin who gets married on 18th April 2015 – reception at Barons. Court. Hotel Walsall
    The day has been chosen as it’s her mum’s (my aunt’s) birthday who we sadly lost this year. My cousin Sarah donated her kidney to her mum two years ago and after losing her she wanted to incorporate the memory of her somewhere hence the date
    My idea is fairly traditional choccywoccydoodah – Sil (her soon to be husband) loves Rock – the heavier the better and so a skull or two – rocked up of course – would be a great addition to a tower cake. With a Purple Heart (theme colour of the wedding) and silver or purple stars (another theme) and roses as it’s a wedding and two butterflies one purple one silver
    If the kidney donor badge symbol could be entwined subtly somewhere that would tie things together and make an emotional day perfect

  28. Sarah

    I am getting married on 1st August (I still giggle to myself when people talk about it!) at Finchcocks Musical museum in Goudhurst, Kent.
    Jack and I met over 20yrs ago at Pony Club (bit like a cheesy novel) and we both owned the same pony! Since then horses have been a massive part of our lives as well as all the other pets we have….between our families we have 7 horses, 11 dogs, 2 cats, 3 sheep and 7 chickens and I am a trainee vet….I would love a cake that somehow brings together the millions of animals we have that make our lives so fabulous!! Thanks!

  29. Jenn

    We are getting married on the 8th August 2015 in East Grinstead, West Sussex. I wouldn’t say we have a theme but our stationery and colours etc are all based around pieces of modern art. Infact our Save the Dates are a modified version of Mondrian’s Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow. My better half proposed in New York just after we had been to MoMa and I had spent a small fortune on prints in the MoMa shop!
    So an amazing cake idea would incorporate the styles of the artists we love such as Rothko, Mondrian, Picasso etc, lots of bold colours based around a blocky tower. I also imagine incorporating some of the places we went to in New York, such as a mini Empire State Building, Magnolia cupcakes, Shake Shack burgers, Chelsea Hotel, the arch from Washington Square Park with mini street performers (this is where he proposed!).

    I was one of those kids in Brighton who would stare in the window looking at whatever creation Choccywoccydoodah had on show, almost too scared to go in incase I knocked something over! This would be a fabulous prize for the both of us!


    So here goes choccywocododah and rock ‘n’ roll brides ………. To begin my name is Ria and everyone calls me Ri and I’m originally from South Wales. My gorgeous fiancés name is Tim and everyone calls him Mu and hes originally from New Zealand (FYI Mu is his childhood kiwi nickname). When traveling in New Zealand to first meet Mus family I discovered a beautiful native NZ tree called a RiMu tree…… hence Ri and Mu, slow growing and stronger with age. So to begin the journey of our dream wedding cake we would like the core and focus to be this hugeeee show-stopping RiMu sculpture, with a strong textured trunk and weeping evergreen branches. Then towards the base of the tree we would love a pair of beautiful flightless Kiwi birds, as they are the symbol of Mus family and friends who are all “flying” over for the wedding next year and its also a bonded symbol of 2 people and monogamy (as the Kiwi birds are one of few monogamous couples in animal land who stay faithful to each other until death). Also if one of the kiwis could have a crown that would be even more amazing, as this would be a momentum of an extra special kiwi man who would extremely missed on the day and his name in latin means King.

    Next we would love a big dramatic welsh dragon which would be crawling and wrapping itself around the RiMu (we would have to make it a bit sexier than tradition though) as this represents me, Ri and my fab welsh family. I have a vision of my native dragon as this very dramatic and fairytale inspired creature, just like my favorite childhood Disney film ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Then I would also like the dragon to have flames exploding from its mouth, as in greek philosophy, fire is associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion which is exactly what we would want our marriage to always have. Finally engraved on the the tree I would like ‘Ri Mu 4 Ever” in a BIG BIG heart……. Choccywocododah thats the inspired dream cake can you please make it come true 🙂 !!

    Our wedding date is October 2015 in the Gower South Wales right next to the Welsh coastline

  31. veronica Fudge

    This would be a dream! My partner and I are on a very tight budget, and thanks to our original venue messing us around we’ve had to massively downgrade our wedding cake plans to afford a different venue. Terry and I always said we wanted a three tiered taxidermy inspired cake. And seeing as I plan to wear real deer antlers in my hair on the big day it would be rather fitting. Terry makes and sells taxidermy on the side, and we’re both passionate about it. Our vision is bones holding up each tier, lots of animal skulls, antlers and black and red roses. Our wedding will be on the 17th of October 2015 at The Grand Hotel in Torquay. 🙂

  32. Danielle Roper

    I’m so excited about this! We are getting married on 20th June 2015 in Old Warden, Bedfordshire. After traveling to Morocco we fell in love with the country and so are having a Moroccan themed wedding. I would love it if my cake could reflect this with deep reds and purples and burnt orange and gold colours with ornate detail inspired by hanging lanterns, satin cushions and draped material.

  33. Rachel

    Awesome comp 🙂
    My boyfriend Mark and I are getting married in Wolverton, Bucks in April 2015, and I’ve said for a long time now that I really want a cake made out of other cakes! Like Pimp My Mr Kipling style. There’d be a giant slice of Battenburg, a huge French Fancy (lemon as it’s his favourite colour and my favourite flavour), maybe some not-so-Mini Rolls, Christmas cake in Spring (because I love fruit cake) and a family sized Cherry Bakewell on top 🙂

  34. wendy Richardson

    Hi..my daughter Hannah and her partner Garry are getting married on 30th may 2015 at The Boat house’ Eastwell Park Nr Ashford Kent. They have very obscure and differing interest that would make the most bizarre and amazing cake. Garry is a bit of a fitness freak Triathlons/iron man comps and marathons etc..Hannah is a self confessed geek..loves science/dinosaurs/physics/space ..and one of the things that brings them together..is the total love of a scruffy (not too bright) dog called Chewbacca..who i think would be a perfect cake topper. So heres my idea..a huge layered cake..1st layer Swimmers and water (1st stage of a triathlon) ..2nd layer Dinosaurs….3rd layer bikes and riders (2nd stage of Triathlon)…4th layer science/physics theme test tubes/dna symbols etc…5th layer Runners ( 3rd stage of Triathlon)..6th layer..Space planets /moons/comets/rockets with floating stars etc…and on the top ‘Chewbacca’…in a space helmet..going walkies in space!! well you wanted bizarre!…but who could make just a thing?? so help us Choccywoccydoodah’s you’re our only hope!
    many thanks 😀

  35. Francesca Bandino

    Myself and my fiancé are having a rock n roll themed wedding on 30th July 2015 at riverbank in Nottingham. We would like to combine our different passions, mine for Elvis and Priscilla Presley and his for motorbikes. I would love a cake which included Elvis and priscilla on a triumph bonneville motorbike (he works at Triumph). We are honeymooning in Memphis, Bahamas and Florida so would love them to be riding across one of those scenerys or all 3 of them!! We spent most of our budget on the honeymoon so would love to be able to have a lovely cake to showcase from the best cake designers ever!!

  36. Rachael

    Ok, if I could have any wedding cake I wanted…in the whole world…in the whole universe… Got it! A universe cake!

    My fiance is a bit of a space enthusiast and I think a space themed cake would be amazing. I’m thinking… a chocolate based solar system or universe of some kind, complete with Sun, planets, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, stars, comets, asteroid belt, a black hole, the Apollo missions, Neil Armstrong on the moon, the ISS, the aurora… OK this might be a bit much but the only limit is our imagination, right?

    What would elevate this cake to the super awesome would be if all the planets and moons could actually orbit each other somehow, in a replica of the actual movement of the planets… it must be possible!

    We are getting married on 21st August 2015 in East Sussex. A chocolatey fusion of the universe and cake would be a wonderful cherry on top of the proverbial wedding day cake!

  37. Ross Black

    I like your competition. Lucy and I are getting married on the 3rd of October 2015, in Dornoch Scotland.

    My idea is based on her being a vegetarian and me being a carnivore. We both grew up loving to play with play mobile, I think those hours spent dreaming our little imaginations away have shaped us into the weirdos that we are today.

    Soooo for a cake I would like a T-Rex on strings, falling in love with a diplodocus on strings. It would be great if we could have a couple of play mobile characters as puppeteers. The T-Rex would be made of meat, and the diplodocus of veg. Naturally. The rest could be sugary goodness. Oh and if possible I want the T-Rex puppeteer to be a cowboy. Thanks, our fingers are crossed.

  38. What we love about Choocywoccydoodah is that they are utterly unapologetic for who they are and what they believe in. A few years back, my fiancée Liz and I got to taste the fruits of their loins whilst staying in Brighton and ever since have lusted over their chocolate fantasies. It was a bitter sweet experience at the time if I am being honest- not knowing what to expect when it came to the indulgence levels involved -we really over ordered from the menu and didn’t realise that we would be swimming in cake and chocolate and bananas and sprinkles and cream and and and… We loved it- we just couldn’t finish it!

    So it has become a bit of a Brighton ritual every time we are in town. The order has stayed the same, but now we skip breakfast and lunch to make sure that we can finish it all! If ever a place sums up ‘Let them eat cake!’ it’s Choccywoccydoodahs! We love the show and have watched all the episodes on catch up from miniature Trevor-inspired Schnauzers to ‘the teddy nemesis cake’. Each cake is unique and truly shows how art&design and cakey goodness are a match made in heaven (or hell depending on the cake! ;))

    Fast forward to August 2013, It’s been announced that same-sex marriages are going through parliament in the coming year and Liz decides after 6 years together to propose to me in Lyme Regis at the end of ‘The Cobb’- very French Lieutenant’s Wife- although it wasn’t raining in the novel and there weren’t two pet English Bulldogs (our kids) misbehaving!

    I said yes and we set the date: 4th April 2015. We are returning to the scene of the engagement crime and getting hitched in Lyme Regis. We are both bonkers for the 1950s and theatre, so no surprises that we are having a 1950s style shindig with the reception being held in ‘The Little Theatre by the Sea’- Marine Theatre.

    We don’t have a ‘finished’ concept for our cake and have changed our minds several times as to what the ‘hero’ of the cake would be. So, it’s probably easier to tell you a few key things about us and what our day represents and then perhaps throw a few words at you and hope that you choose us in a Cilla Black Blind Date style! We are crazy about our bullies and their dribbly chops; penguins (especially calling them pengwings in the style of Benedict Cumberbatch); Shakespeare – Liz used to dress up and work in Shakespeare’s Birthplace; theatre in all its forms; music – both playing and listening (we’ve got some beautiful hollowbody Gretsch guitars that don’t come out for a jam often enough); and arcades. We spent most of our lives together in Southend…whiling away the hours on the penny arcades and at the fairground so we’re incorporating plenty of hook-a-duck and tin can alley action at the wedding. We would love to have had the money to hire a carousel or a helter skelter so perhaps we could have a cake to finish the fair vibe. Perhaps a carousel or helter cake with some of these things riding it! The only musts on the cake are : a bulldog (or two should I say!), flamingos, perhaps a milkshake or two and some cherries and tattoos and any of the above weird and wonderfuls that you can incorporate.

    We would absolutely love to have a Choccy cake on our day…Like the guys at Choccy we are unapologetic about standing out from the crowd and can’t think of a better centrepiece for a day!

    Thanks a bunch,


  39. My wife to be and I are getting hitched on May 15th at Abbeywood Gardens, near Delamere Forest, Cheshire. We’re two girls, getting proper married, and it makes me so happy to live and love in such an accepting, equal and fair time and in a fair country!!
    We’d love a cake mirroring us, in our wedding get up, sitting and kissing atop the glass house where we’re getting married at Abbeywood. It’s a giant conservatory, set in a rose garden, and totally beautiful!
    We’re also big on date symmetry and would love that hugely scribed into our cake, (in the way choccywoccy only can!) 15.05.15 is our date, it’s good huh?!,
    Also a potential scribed phrase of “meet the crockers”, I’ll be a Crocker on signing the marriage certificate!!
    What do you think?? Cake, scribed phrases, and a two girl wedding?!

  40. Ross Black

    Sorry, just realised I spelt playmobil wrong! Hope that doesn’t lose me marks… Oh and I also failed to mention there will be lots of dinosaur loving children at the wedding too

  41. Liz C

    We’re getting married on Halloween 2015, and as lovers of Brighton and Choccywoccydoodah, this would be perfect.

    We’re having a vintage 50s, Gothic Halloween wedding, and one of their ’til Death Us Do Part’ cakes would be a great starting point, with black calla lillies, red, orange and purple roses, and maybe an anatomical heart.

  42. Jade Frost

    Wow would so love to win this. I am getting married on the 3rd October 2015 in Cheshire.
    We are having an undercurrent theme of beauty and the beast. So we would love a cake that incorporates that without being to gimicky and would also love to incorporate my partners motorcycle as we both love them… maybe the bike could be the beast. I also come from a family of florists so flowers are a big part of my life, I show this in my half sleeve tattoo. We are on a budget after having our son so this would make our day even more special. X

  43. Stephanie

    What a prize!
    We are getting married in May, and after getting engaged at Disneyland have decided that a Disney theme for the day is in order! However, as my other half Greg is an avid ice hockey fan and player, we’re also having some hockey themed elements to our Disney day (think Mickey Mouse meets The Mighty Ducks!) Two of our good friends are also tattoo artists and they are decorating our centre pieces for us.
    A Disney/hockey/tattoo themed cake would be amazing for us! Maybe Mickey and Minnie, amongst other characters, in Mighty Ducks jerseys with hockey sticks on a cake covered in traditional roses with a banner saying “Ducks fly together” (the Mighty Ducks catchphrase, and also what we both have tattooed) across it! Another one of our friends blends her own tea and has created one especially for our wedding favours so it’d be amazing to have the flavours blended into the cake.

  44. Stephanie

    What a prize!
    We are getting married in May, and after getting engaged at Disneyland have decided that a Disney theme for the day is in order! However, as my other half Greg is an avid ice hockey fan and player, we’re also having some hockey themed elements to our Disney day (think Mickey Mouse meets The Mighty Ducks!) Two of our good friends are also tattoo artists and they are decorating our centre pieces for us.
    A Disney/hockey/tattoo themed cake would be amazing for us! Maybe Mickey and Minnie, amongst other characters, in Mighty Ducks jerseys with hockey sticks on a cake covered in traditional roses with a banner saying “Ducks fly together” (the Mighty Ducks catchphrase, and also what we both have tattooed) across it! Another one of our friends blends her own tea and has created one especially for our wedding favours so it’d be amazing to have the flavours blended into the cake.
    I also played guitar on stage recently with Bruce Springsteen (yes really!) so I’d love to have things from his songs on there (a Pink Cadillac, his famous Strat guitar, a tunnel of love etc)

  45. Louise

    We are getting married on September 12th 2015 at the House Meadow in Kent. We’re planning a game of thrones themed wedding with tipis, bumper cars and our beloved pugs, Arya and Ari will of course be there!

    We’d like our cake to be game of thronesy and a “centrepiece” for our dessert table. None of the gore or nasty stuff excluded. We were thinking along the lines of a winterfell castle as the main body of the cake, with cake pop heads on spikes along the walls maybe and various other GoT elements to decorate the rest of it. Better still, a Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister cake would be perfect- he’s incredible.

  46. Lauren

    Anup and I are getting married next August, we are merging two cultures and luckily get to enjoy two wedding days! The Choccywoccydoodah style would be perfect for our Indian wedding which will be very colourful, I can’t wait for my family to see the amazing spectacle that is an Indian wedding and also would love to show Anups family something really special! so, how about a huge cake based on the Hindu temple in Neasden (Shri swaminarayan Mandir) beautiful white sparkling cake, also some elephants (Anup loves animals) some elephants and colour arriving to the temple would be wonderful 🙂

  47. Laura Hunter

    My partner and I are not the most organised and tend to go about things in a bit of a backwards fashion. We had 3 children before we had ever officially gone on a date and we have yet to plan or set a date but I’m already thinking of cakes though to be honest I’m often thinking of cake.
    When I was younger I studied fashion and instantly fell in love with Japanese Harajuku street fashion particularly decora, lilith and fairy kei. My partner and I are also totally into graphic novels, all pictures minimal words. With that in mind and the fact that I’m allowed to have thing my own way our/my ideal wedding cake would be decoden style! Think swirls of beautiful white cream ruined with fantastic gaudy unicorns, flowers, sweeties, kitties, toys and all manner of cutesy niknaks not to mention jewels and oodles of glitter all in pastel shades with perhaps 4 tiers, the top being a cute little over the top gingerbread house again all glitter and sweeties.
    It would be hideously cute.
    It sounds like a vague idea but being a bit of an artist I have a picture in my head that I can’t quite draw with words. My partner being a chef has simple criteria, that being that it has to be yummy, which of course I know it would be 🙂

  48. Faye Pearcey

    WOW! What a competition! Ok, where to begin? Joe and I are getting married August 7th 2015. We met at work and become good friends. I was already married with a beautiful daughter but was very unhappy and unfortunately had been for years. I did what I had to do, thought about the way things were going and how it would affect my little girl and made the decision to start again. I was suffering with depression and couldn’t see any sort of future. Joe and I then found ourselves becoming closer and he helped me find ‘ME’. I really do owe him my life. He makes me laugh everyday, without fail! We share a passion for music so this is what our wedding is based around. All live bands, no disco. And we can’t wait to spend THE best and most important day of our lives with those closest to us. We also share a strange skull obsession and have a colour theme of black, grey, silver and red, but wouldn’t call ourselves goths. If you feel we are worthy of winning we would be ridiculously grateful. I mean, a cake form you guys?! Seriously? The only concern I have is that whatever you create will upstage me, the bride! 😀


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