How I Rescued My Bleach Ravaged Hair

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I’ve been bleaching my hair on and off since I was 16. I started doing it myself at home, and then progressed to getting it done at a salon every six to eight weeks. Not really knowing any better, I was going to a well known chain (one that rhymes with ‘phoney and pie’… ahem) for around three years, and unwittingly allowing them to ravage my fuchsia tresses more and more with each visit!

I’m not really sure if it was just inexperience with unnatural colouring or what, but when I became friends with Elbie and decided to go to her for my hair preening instead, she informed me that my hair was… to put it bluntly… completely fucked.

Obviously we can’t know for sure, but she suggested that it looked like the bleach had been applied really carelessly. My hair is naturally very dark so perhaps it was just left on for too long, under too much heat. She said it also looked like the bleached areas had overlapped each time, again, most likely in an attempt to get it as light as possible.

When I started to see Elbie, my hair resembled chewing gum when it was wet (stretchy and thin!) and was like crunchy straw when it was dry. It was also THIN AS HELL. What a cacophony of delights!

You can see how awful it used to be in these photos. Look at the ends especially – frazzled! My hair also wouldn’t grow any longer than this, it would just snap off. Sad times…


Still don’t believe how bad it was? How about an extreeeeeme close-up?!

bleach damaged hair

I’m not gonna lie, when I first had this realisation I cried. A lot. I was actually very near just chopping the whole lot off and starting again, or at least going back to my natural colour. Luckily my fairy hairmother pulled me back from the brink and promised that we could fix it. That was probably about two years ago, and now my hair has never looked better!

Here’s how we did it:

Lop off the straggly bits

The first thing we had to do was cut off the damaged bits. As you can see my hair was already pretty damn short so I managed to convince Elbie to just do a few millimetres at a time. If we’d taken all of the damaged bits off, I’d have been practically scalped!

When your hair is as destroyed as mine was, the ends are probably not salvageable. Rip that metaphorical plaster off and chop off as much off as you can bear!

Restore the protein

Hair is made of protein and chemical damage is essentially the degradation of those proteins that make up the outer cuticle layer. The cuticle is made up of keratin (protein) cells that fit together a bit like scales and create a waterproof and airtight barrier around the cortex. When you use bleach, the chemicals in it cause those cuticle scales to lift and separate, therefore exposing the cortex.

So the first thing you need to do is repair this outer layer by getting as much protein back into your mop as possible. When you use products with it in, you are effectively replacing the missing and damaged keratin from your hair. This will help to patch up the frayed cortex and smooth out the scales.

I started by using Redken Extreme shampoo, conditioner, treatments and their anti-snap heat protector lotion. Be sure you only use this stuff as long as you need it though (while your hair is still at that stringy when wet stage) because it has a LOT of protein in it. If you use them for too long it will cause a build up in your hair which can make it break even easier. Hair that breaks with very little effort is a sign of an over-abundance of protein, and a deficiency of moisture.

You can also use homemade hair masks about once or twice a week if you’d like too. Make them from anything high in protein – eggs, mayo, olive oil, banana, avocado, coconut or almond oil!

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Slather your head in moisture

As well as being protein deficient, your bleach mangled hair is most likely very, very thirsty. Healthy hair has the perfect balance of both protein and moisture in it, so you make sure you restore both. A lack of moisture is what makes your hair that awful straw-like consistently or causes it to snap off when it gets to a certain length. 

However, you need protein for the moisture to latch on to, which is why it’s important to crack on with your high protein hair diet first. 

For a moisture injection I am a massive fan of Moroccan Oil products. I use the Treatment Oil after every wash, before blow drying (it’s also great as a serum on dry hair, but only use a teeny tiny bit!) and their Intense Hydrating and Restorative Hair Masks are glorious. I rotate between the two every few weeks.

Also look out for anything containing Argan Oil. There are lots of conditioners, oils and treatments around with it in these days and it works wonders. It’s gained massive popularity in recent years due to it’s natural antioxidants and the fact that it’s packed with vitamins. I currently have this Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment in my bathroom and it’s delicious. I use it between my shampoo and conditioner and leave it in for around 10 minutes while I soak in the tub.

Take Fish oil tablets

I was recommended Xtendlife Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil tablets by a friend and they literally transformed my hair in about six months. I’m not really one of those people that believes in or ever takes supplements but I truly think these things are pure magic!

The purity of the oil in these babies is a lot higher than a lot of other omega 3 products on the market and there’s no nasties like mercury in the water that these fishes are bred in. Honestly, if you buy just one thing after reading this article, make it these tablets!

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Give your hair a break

I don’t mean you have to get rid of your beloved rainbow hair completely (I didn’t!) but just tread a little more gently. One of the things we did was to make my roots darker than the rest of my hair with either a darker pink (with the bottom of it staying pale so it was a nice ombre effect), or more recently with purple. If the roots of your hair are darker than the rest, you won’t need to bleach the regrowth as intensely, giving your new hair a fighting chance at staying healthy.

Wear clip in extensions

You can find some good natural hair extensions online and dye them to match your hair colour. I do have a few clipped in in the photos used to illustrate this article, but no-one can ever tell!

When we first started on my hair repair journey I would have to wear a full head of them, which is a right pain. However these days I just wear two single strips on either side, at the front, to add a bit more volume. It’s my little secret!

Don’t over-wash your hair!

I only wash my hair once or twice a week (ahh, the joys of working from home!) because the more you wash it, the more you will dry it out (hello, irony!) However if, unlike me, you can’t go a whole week with dirty hair, make sure you are using PLENTY of conditioner each time and, if at all possible, leaving it to dry naturally.

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Throw away your straighteners!

Damaged hair and heat are not friends. These days I very rarely get the straighteners out favouring the more gentle (and volumising!) technique of my Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Brush.

I love this contraption! It smooths the hair and adds volume to the roots without tugging, pulling or emitting the same intense and damaging heat that you get from straighteners. I love, love, love it! You can see Ruth from A Model Recommends’ demo of it here. I actually bought it after watching her video!

The thing that you need most of all when repairing chemically damaged hair is patience. None of these products or techniques are going to work overnight, especially if your hair is in as bad a shape as mine was. It may take a little while before you start to notice a difference, but I promise all is not lost.

Look, if I can get my hair back from this then I know you can certainly fix yours too! Good luck!

Update and further reading: Solve these three common bleached hair problems FAST!



  1. Michaelene

    Reading this blog and the comments, Im glad Im not alone. I could really use some advice. I will try not to make this a novel.I really need to know if I should be using moisture or protein. Right now I’ve been using a deep moisturizing treatment once a week and a protein with moisture treatment once per week.(only washing my hair twice a week with sulfate free shampoo) my hair feels very soft when it’s dry (tangled mess when wet with some elasticity then snapping when pulled) I have tons of little broken hairs all midshaft and they love to frizz out. Depressing! My hair is long- mid boob.
    Almost 4 months ago I tried out a new salon since my stylist was on maternity leave. Long story short, they turned my lovely light golden blonde hair white, a week later,toned it, turned it really ashy, put another toner with color on top of that and turned it a horrendous mucky color. I went back the next day and they didn’t malibu c treatment to remove most of the ugly color leaving me with an Ashy blonde.
    fast forward four weeks later, had my roots colored and they turned bright orange. waited 2 weeks, tried to fix it myself by coloring over it with an extra light ashblonde. Did not work.I wore hats for 6 weeks and then decided to have the top of my head colored darker and had my blonde lightened with the mildest bleach (ombre) basically a color correction. I told my hairdresser that my hair was in bad shape and she insisted on adding highlights over the dark brown applied to the top of my head. Since then my hair is breaking off like crazy. 🙁
    I am definitely not going to color my hair for at least a year. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on hair products. I have deep conditioners that only have moisture and then I have conditioning treatments with protein in them. As well as leave in protein and leave- in conditioner. Since my hair has been breaking for a good four weeks I’m now worried that maybe I’m using too much protein. Can anyone help?

  2. Michaelene

    JMarie- I just read your comment and it broke my heart. I can relate. Us ladies put so much pressure on ourselves to look good and when the hairs go terribly wrong, it can be devastating.

  3. Corina

    After reading your article I have faith that my hair will grow!Am just concern because am taking orther medications due to my high blood pressure,thyroid ,cholesterol and pre diabetes. Do ypu suggest I should ask my doctor if it’s save for me to take the
    Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil?

  4. Mugdha

    Hi Kat,
    I have some concerns about my hair. I have coloured my hair twice in my life. I am currently 27 and I coloured it once when I was 15 and once recently. I have not bleached my hair. I went to a salon known as AVEDA (since I heard they have natural plant based products) and got it coloured there. After colouring it, I started using REDKEN products (Shampoo and condition) for coloured hair. I also use the Lee Stafford Argan oil mask. Twice a month I also make homemade masks with avocado, eggs and olive oil and let it stay in my hair for about an hour before I wash it out. I too do not wash my hair more than 2-3 times a week and I rarely style it. For moisture, I use macademia oil products and I usually take a drop or two and dab it into my wet hair.

    I still feel like I am losing more hair after dying it than before. I usually have medium – thick hair and its very long. Is there something I am missing/ anything more you recommend? I am not planning on colouring my hair again. Just waiting for it to grow out and then I am going to cut it off. Right now I cannot afford to because I am getting married next year and I wanted my long hair for the wedding pictures.

    Please let me know what you think.


  5. Im 15 and ive bleached my hair from roots to tips over the summer (first time) and im lossing so much hair ive dyed my hair in total of 8 times perhabs (no exhageration included) also ive done it myself . No salon imcluded .. couldnt afford it .

  6. charli

    Thankyou thankyou for writing this post! I have also been bleaching my hair since I was 16, mostly at home but with the occasional extortionate salon visit when it reallly needed some tlc… it has seen both better and worse days (at one point it could only be described as cotton wool which would break off in a gentle breeze!). I’ve now started using coconut oil on a regular basis and want desperately to grow it long (it’s currently very similar to your first photos). Your post has given me hope that it can be done and some great advice! So again, thank you 🙂 p.s. I love your colour!

  7. I’ve been bleaching my hair platinum for the past 10 years. I goop loads of extra virgin, organic coconut oil from root to tip of my hair 2x per week to condition it. I also do not wash my hair more than twice a week. If it seems kind of oily, I will wet it in the shower and goop on conditioner. I’ve found that the L’Oreal drugstore moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are the best products to use for shower maintenance. (Even better than Kerastase). When I go to get my hair bleached at the salon, I cover it in coconut oil and let my stylist put bleach on top of that. It’s been the best beauty product ever.

  8. Amy Rose B

    Hi I was looking for some advice. I have just had my hair bleached, and have tried to dye it but the dye won’t take! According to the Internet, this is because my hair is porous, but I can’t find any advice on how to heal it so it’s ready to be dyed. You have said the protein treatments are just for when the hair’s at a “stringy when wet phase”, but do you know what treatments are available for hair that’s too porous to be dyed? In urgent need of help as my hair looks awful, Amy.

  9. Jade

    I need some advice please I have natural medium brown hair and this year for the first time I decided to change .. So I dip dyed my hair but they used bleach to make it lighter … I don’t like it I’m thinking of dying my whole head brown so wen it grows out u won’t be able to notice roots much ….I don’t like my hair the way it is I want to go back to brown coz I don’t like wearing my hair up all the time 🙁 … But everytime I brush my hair it falls out … Quite allot of it 🙁 and when I wash my hair it feels soo dry and feels like straw plus it’s stiff it’s horrible 🙁 I don’t no what do do please can you help :,( plus I love ur hair colour btw

  10. Kim

    Hi basically I’ve been highlighting my hair since age 16 (am 51 now) but at about age 40 I began adding long braids of cheap fake hair and always replacing them so in about 4 years they were never out longer than 1month…and being blonde I was bleaching my whole head to match (sometimes even doing the roots with the braids still was actually clearer where the roots were! Not a good idea I know!!! A couple of times the odd whole braid would come off on my hands including my piece off hair it was attached too! ) when I eventually took them out for good I carried on bleaching the roots and only really had it trimmed a couple of times … Over the years that followed it got thinner and thinner breaking and never growing past a certain length! So I stupidly started using hair extensions DIY style again as money is tight for me. First I was gluing in the odd strands here and there more for volume! But them about 9 months ago I tried the wefts and glued them in all over and they were about 14″ in length. It looked lovely so I did it a few more times (still bleaching my roots…but never with the fake hair in this time) in the last 3 months I noticed it was getting even thinner and breaking off much more!! Now it’s so bad that I’m so ashamed of it that in a vicious circle where I can’t go without the extensions because it’s awful it’s thin and unevenly broken more on one side! And it’s so short At the top where it’s broken that it sticks up!!! I’m trying not to do the roots now but weakening because of the state of the roots adding to a horrible appearance! I know the glue is pulling it out too as no matter how careful or what glue remover I use I always see loads of my hAir still stuck to the wefts when I take out the extensions! I really can’t get it cut off as it would mean a crop and my face is quite fat! and obviously being 51 it’s not young looking anymore! The bleach I use is 40% vol and I have to leave it on for hour and half so as not to get ginger ( I have lots of red in my naturally mousy brown hair) also I have a very grey front which doesn’t notice too bad when bleaching but notices terribly against my dark roots which look very dark brown unlike my natural colour! My hair is so thin now that my head freezes on top and I’ve never had that before! I was wondering if I invested in a good wig and wore it will my own hair still be repairable underneath? I know also that at my age it’s probably going to thin out but do u think it will be possible to salvage?? I’m feeling like giving up! It’s the worst hair in the world and self inflicted I know! I’m at my wits end! I think the extensions are damaging it more thN the bleach even because it’s only since putting them in that it’s gotten this short and thin really. Although I’ve known it was in terrible condition due to bleach for a long time but never like this which has been about theast 9 months but in theast 3 months it’s got do terrible s of a sudden! Help please any advice will be so appreciated! Many thanks

  11. Lucy

    My hair is the exact same,I used to bleach it from home the peroxide bleach and my hair actually so bad, I have bald patches and really short patches it’s really embarrassing to go out and I have yo wear a full head of extensions to make it actually look ok, so where would I purchase them treatments from please?

  12. Cathy

    Hi, I owned a beauty supply store and wig shop for ten years and I might could answer some questions . A wig can wear away the sides of your hair really bad , you can wear a wig cap to cut down on some of that . If the sides of your hair arn’t too thin you could wear a clip in ponytail , which are really cute and if you get the right one it can cover half of your head. We as women do start losing hair in our 50’s , but if your losing it in clumps and not losing it even all over it is probably from hair abuse and it will more than likely grow back. If your hair is falling out please don’t use glue in your hair . They do have clip in hair extensions and will be heavy on breaking hair , but they arn’t as bad as the glue in type,

  13. hi,eveyone i to have been bleaching my light brown haif since i was 15 it has been in some horrendus conditions from cotton wool to broken wet elastic however somehow it suvived (don,t ask me

  14. nicole

    There are quite a few things on here I should definitely try. I never looked at damaged hair as fixable when it came to bleaching. I am naturally medium blond and have been slowly been stripping dark brown out of my hair for roughly 10 months, got got it to become light enough (almost white) to dye a silver color with wella 050. Now when the dye is washing out after a while im starting to look like an ash blond. My hair is pretty long right now and I’m considering chopping another few inches off if I do have to bleach again. All hair salons tell me my hair is pretty much done and beauty supply places keep telling me to buy more bleach. In dire need of some help before I give up on this color and keeping the length of my hair.

  15. nicole

    @lisa, have you tried the toning shampoo and conditioner to pull the yellow/ orange out instead of more bleaching?

  16. lucy

    hi everyone! i bleached my hair 3 years ago 7 times over 2 weeks with packet dies from asda and have suffered majorly ever since. however i have spent an enormous chunk of my wages on buying conditioning treatments and out of all the things i have tried the one that really helped my hair grow and look and feel better was ‘nioxin intensive treatment’ it is LITERALLY a miracle. i have tried all the obvious brands and have access to trade stores that supply hairdressers so i have tried all the good stuff. this really helped my hair and i buy it off ebay in the big 500ml bottles so definately try this! bit pricey but oh my goodness is it worth it. hope i have helped, lucy

  17. jasmine


    i bleached my hair back in november and soon after landed a modeling career that told me i would need to keep my blonde for a few years until directed otherwise n my hair grows unnaturally fast so i have been having to bleach my roots every two weeks and it was all going well until tonight the night before a photo shoot i left the bleach in too long on accident and well a lot of hair is falling out HELP!!! what do i do to save my hair and keep this from happening again as not bleaching my hair would lose me my job but continuing seems to be losing my hair

  18. Jessica

    Hi I’m 21 and my hair is ruined, my hair was long and thickish and black, I fancied a change do I thought I would dye it red, so I put Jerome Russel on my hair and it’s all melted half of my hair on one side has snapped so short and I’ve got all bits all over the place, I’ve lost all my hair I just want to cry I don’t know what to do :'(

  19. NicoleR

    I know this isnt too relevant to what you were discussing in this article but i bleached my hair recently, ive gotten highlights in the past and this time i bleached my entire and more hair has been falling off whenever i shower. im going to grow out my natural hair again. will my hair continue to fall off like it is now once i grow out my natural hair? 🙁

  20. Holly

    I am in a similar boat to you.

    I stripped out 20 years of dying my hair as atomically red as possible and learning DIY bleaching, and yes I did get to Mother of Dragons blonde!

    My hair is dried and fried. Like you recount, is a scary tear-inducing moment when you realize what your hair once was and now the broken frizz condition it is in after damaging bleach.

    My scary moment was when I noticed breakage. I have one unintentional bang piece cause my hair just snapped. And a piece in the back also broke similarly.

    I came to similar realizations as you have in terms of care and feeding of fragile hair. And my hair also isn’t holding color as it once did.

    I have to blow dry anytime it is wet or else it is frizz city, but using oil products helps with this process.

    I use co-washes/Wen often, everyday I go to town with oil sprays and serums whenever I touch my hair in any form, wet or dry… (Some things in my roster now are: L’Oreal restorative dry oil, Freida oil serum, Semi Di Lino Diamond Extraordinary All in One Fluid, Clairol Professional Pro 4Plex Leave-in Balm). I use the fabulous Garnier damage eraser reconstructing butter as a regular conditioner, and Garnier split-end bandage when it gets that chewing gum feel and I need to comb it.

    So, thanks for sharing your story because it gives me hope and also commiseration!

    Took a little break from the bleaching and am letting roots come in and maintaining the bob cut. I haven’t given up on “creative” colors, but I have learned from my experiments.

    Going to check out the Big Hair Spinning brush and the Redken products (which I have seen mentioned in multiple places)!

  21. Mariah

    I’ve pinned and repinned this article so many times. Everytime I feel like I’ve ruined my hair it always calms me down. Thank you<3

  22. sabi

    i think my hair is worsee than your.its yellow its snaped of thin short damged extremely damage.i dont recommeednd 40 volume to burned my hair.i will buy extensions

  23. mia

    this article helped a lot!
    i want to platinum-leach my black dyed hair. i dyed it black about 3 months ago and the colour is starting to fade. i have very thick hair (i’m all italian) so i was wondering: since the colour is fading, is it safe to bleach my hair? once again it’s super thick and long, i don’t want it to fall out!

  24. Laura

    I have an issue with the back of my hair. It looks like it’s thinning out around the part that naturally swirls. However I can still see hair their so I don’t think I’m losing any hair and I don’t notice many hairs that come out when I comb my hair. I did bleach my own hair back in november sometime and it did get on my scalp. I rinsed it out once I felt a slight burning sensation but I’m wondering if that did damage to my hair. Plus my whole scalp looks shiny. I’m going to invest in Biotin and the omega 3 fish oil. I’m just hoping I’m not actually going bald there and it’s just an issue that the bleach made my hair thinner and it’ll take time for it to grow normal again. If anyone has any tips I would appreciate the help. It’s making me very self-conscious. I have a pixie cut so I’m trying to style it where you can’t see that area for now.

  25. Hi

    I am a salon owner, having 20 years hairdressing experience.
    My advice to you all is that you should never bleach your own hair at home! Unless you have the knowledge, what ingredients are in these products and what they actually do to your hair you shouldn’t be using them.
    From a hairdressers point of view, I have clients that have a full head bleach but once that hair starts to show signs of damage its gone!
    Hair that is bleached does not have to feel like chewing gum, if your having your hair bleached professionally (this way it is not overlapped), trimmed regularly & using good products like Redken it needn’t feel like this.
    If your hair is dark and you are trying to bleach it out, good luck to you i would say you won’t have much hair left by the time you get there if you get there. There is so much to think of when trying to strip out artificial hair colour.
    Also when your hair is bleached and you want to colour over it, you need to use a temporary colour instead of a permanent as these have bigger molecules which sit in the damaged cuticle better.
    yellow/ orange hair cannot be toned using a toner or silver shampoo! Toners and silver shampoos only work when the hair is to the lightest level. If your at a bright yellow you’ve still got at least 2 shades to go (that’s a lot).
    If your hair is felling like chewing gum, my advice is to have it cut. When your hair starts to break it will keep breaking up the hair shaft. If you really won’t have it cut then whilst using your treatments (this is a must), wrap your hair with treatment on in a warm towel or plastic cap for 15 minutes, the heat will allow the conditioners to penetrate deeper into the cuticle.

    Hope this helps

  26. dinora

    Hi bleach my hair and now it really thin and i can see. My scalp in scared i want to know if i can do something about it

  27. Mine was exactly the same lol I looked like a scarecrow and cried every time I had to wash it because I knew even more would break away.
    I finally decided enough was enough so I put a dark colour on and it went from bad to worse my hair was totally ruined and green…. So my mum chopped it all off I was and still am gutted. But thankfully I found an amazing product called juice plus which helps hair grow!! It’s never looked or felt better (condition) lol

  28. Mariana B.

    Oh man. So there’s hope for my sad, fried, teal mess? I went to a stylist on a friend’s recommendation. I expected that she would recommend bleaching over the course of several sessions.

    But no. She went ahead and did the whole thing in 5 hours. I’ve never colored my hair before, so I assumed it was normal when the damn foils started melting and dripping on the smock. She didn’t seem panicked or anything. Just washed my hair out and went on her merry way.

    Now my hair is oddly elastic when it’s wet and super frizzy and fluffy when it’s dry. And I want to cry. I don’t know that I have the patience to try to nurse it back to health, so I may just bite the bullet and get an undercut-pixie.

  29. Shelly

    Hi! Your article was very helpful! My daughter is 15 and bleaches her hair, and it has gotten all dry and coarse – I’ve had my hair all kinds of colors, but avoided bleach because my hair is so dark I always over-did it. My daughters hair used to be pink and she wants to bleach it platinum/white, but because her hair is so damaged (and if she bleaches it again and it all falls out, I’d feel responsible) I have resisted letting her. Any tips/product suggestions for bleaching at home? Thanks!

  30. Jessica

    I am really picky about what I use on my hair since many products are full of chemicals that always seem to dry out my hair. However, when I used Nutress Hair protein pack treatment for colored hair, my hair was transformed and noticeably healthier than before. My hair is fine but super wavy and thick. After blow styling, it was insanely soft and shiny. The product itself is light and did not weigh down my hair. I also use their instant conditioner about once a week and my hair would feel so silky and soft. I color my hair about every 5 weeks and used this as a deep conditioner. I am very pleased with Nutress Hair products. I definitely recommend them if you’ve experienced damage from a color treatment.

  31. Irene

    Hi there, my name is Irene and i write from Sweden. This morning I was surfing the net searching for a solution to my poor poor hair. Yes. 1 year ago i started dying it to have it orange. i mean seriously orange. No one else in town has this hair and it became my trademark.
    So 1 month ago, after my usual procedure “bleach and color” i rinsed the hair and i got half scalp emptyed. Just like that. All of a sudden.
    I always had thick and very tight hair… but not anymore. I don’t wash it too often cuz all red/orange colors are a bitch. They lose intensity after 1 shampoo.
    Now, seen that my tops are crispy and fried like your ines in the first pictures I decided to cut it short (i have now a pretty basic pulp fictiob Mia Wallace haircut, shoulder length) I want a Twiggy hair.
    Then i decided to use a less agressive peroxide to develope my color (i use to use 9% both to blen with blue bleaching powder and my color) so i will bleach at 9% and color at 3%. So i will try to give it a break like that. I am no fan of darker roots. I like the “tecnicolor” plastic effects.
    Then i will definately start using coconut oil (easy to find in food stores here, and ways cheaper than any Argan or Moroccan oil hairproduct).
    Your guide has been helpful and cheered me up. I was desperated when searching for a solution and flt so stupid, like “yeah, u wanted to have cool hair and now u pay the price for it”… but u made me feel less lonely.
    oh and also, nice tatoos! I am also a big fan of tatoos and i have my arms “printed”. Ur tatoos suits u very nicely.
    Thank you so much for cheering me up! Both you writing the article and the other girls for commenting and making me notice that yes, we are many and we put A LOT of effort in ourselves.

  32. Maria Khan

    Hey !every one i did’nt tryed it but heard from my grand ma ,n mother to treat bleached hairs with natural oilx the best one is coconut oil,olive oil lavendr oil and before bleach massage hairs with coconut oil from root to ends to lessen the hair damage i think this will b help full and after such a loss ,trim dammage ends ,deep contitioning ,and apply coconut oil , and i suggust not to bleach your hairs cox natural hairs are better than the fried ones ……

  33. Virginia

    Kat and Corina, I have thyroids problems and high cholesterol and my Doc prescribed Fish Oil to lower cholesterol. Yes! You can take it! It’s also effective for heart health, it lowered my levels in 3 months… Great stuff

  34. emma

    my hair is at the worst of the worst levels of damage I cant comb it I cant brush it it snaps off in handfuls when water runs through it how soon did your tips start working its hard to hide how badly it snapped as some of it snapped an inch from my roots I used to have nearly perfect long long hair and I dont know why I bleached it and thot id be ok… im lucky if it even reaches my chin now…. hair upset and pregnancy hormones are a bad combo please help me before I hulk out

  35. Keont'tae

    Damaged goods 🙁 for the past year I’ve been bleaching my hair with volume 40. I’ve really lucky it hasn’t fallen. Just recently it started to break off. My hair is down my back& being bi racial I take pride my hair. The other day i did a hot oil treatment using coconut oil mixed with camellia tea. Hair is still brittle, i know this wont go away over night. After reading your article I’m willing to try it all. It took awhile to grow my hair after cancer. I loved my bald head, i feel blessed to be here. I was embracing my woman hood decided to go super blonde lol. Just wanted to feel sexy. Right now i feel it’s like a nappy frizzy hay ride gone wild. If anybody has any suggestions I’m open to it. Thank you.

  36. destiny

    I just bleached my hair blonde and I absolutely hate it.its all stringy at the bottom. I want to go back to my dark hair but I’m afraid it’ll fall out 🙁 how soon can I fix this…

  37. katie

    my hair is a complete falling out mess after bleaching it 3 times in 2 days to get the blue out 🙁 im grateful its so short so will get better quicker i hope but i really should have been more patient :((

  38. Thank you so much for all this advice! I’ve recently bleached my hair and hope to get it back to a healthy state. And your right about the Omega 3! I remember when I took those religiously for a year and my hair was amazing, not sure why I stopped but I’ll be sure to pick up more now. 🙂

  39. Bobbi McCurdy

    Just like the rest of you brittle broken babes I wasn’t ready to sport a chemical cut. So I hide it with halo hair exstentions. These are so amazing. They put almost no tension on the scalp or hair. It’s kind of difficult to explain how they work but just look them up on youtube. It’s one piece and takes about 2 minutes to put in. I have tried all kinds of exstentions from clips to weaves.. Yikes. So difficult to put in and so uncomfortable. I made my own halo hair. I just bought a few wefts and some fishing line, just look it up on the tube! Hope this helps!

  40. Jazmin Spence

    hey i had bleached hair untill last week i put a light brown over top an it went green it still looks like shit an thinking now the only thing to do is cut it off i just dont know what to do

  41. Katherine

    So I just over bleached my hair to try and get the redness out of it. It’s now a very pale orange and the roots are very, very blonde. As I was washing my hair I noticed larger then normal chunks were coming out. I am now sitting with coconut oil and olive oil in my hair, terrified that my hair is now falling out. My hair feels glossy when wet and when I ran my fingers threw my hair the pieces coming out looked like tiny elastics (if that makes sense) I won’t blow dry it or style it as I am scared to do so.
    I recently cut my hair past my shoulders in February and its now down to my shoulders but I am terrified that my hair is falling out and I am panicking and wanting to cry…
    I really hope I can save my hair!!! I just wanted to color it back to my natural color (dirty blonde from the dark brown I had in it) so I wouldnt have to color IT anymore. Are their home remedies I can do to fix my ever so screwed up hair without shaving my head and cutting it all off?!?!?!!!!

  42. mars

    Google “olaplex”… I’m a hairdresser for 30 years. ..i didn’t want to spend the money cuz it is 65$ i bought it to save my bleached hair from falling out. …it’s fantastic! had helped my hair .plus you can add it to bleach to keep from damaging it. ..add it to color. ..or use it as a strengthening treatment. …… only use sulfate free shampoo and get a shower filter water purifier..they are 20$at home depot. ..keeps chlorine and mineral deposits from drying out your hair. ..don’t bleach your hair yourself EVER!if your tight on money then go to a beauty school. .they are supervised!but always use olaplex in your bleach and take it with you to force your hairdresser to use it. Use it forever and you can be a healthy blonde. my hair dresser lied to me and said she used it and after i was bleached she said she used something equal….now i have fried hair and i hate it and cry about it. ..but I’m starting over.

  43. Haylee

    How could I cut out hair that’s damaged in between hair that is not? My friend normally does my hair and she got a little bleach happy I suppose and it was left on too long. My hair feels absolutely fried but only in certain spots. I bleached only the front in my bangs and in some spots its not damaged but its different lengths because of the damage broke off some hairs and now its poofy and fried and thin all at the same time. I am using special shampoo and conditioner but it doesn’t seem to do enough when it comes to the thin and poofy and fried look. How would I cut out the short fried pieces? Thinning shears possibly?

  44. Christy

    Hey! This is fantastic. After I read your article, I went to Ulta to buy the Redken products.
    I do have to ask for your opinion on one matter:

    I bleached my hair twice last night. I didn’t kill it, but it’s definitely pretty damaged. I am losing some hair (not globs, like some others), but I have noticed it’s more than I’m used to. It’s definitely stretchy. I didn’t want to completely lose my hair, so I refrained from using the toner (I bought Wella Color Charm).
    After I washed the bleach out, I slathered it in Cholesterol Cream and left it for at least a half hour. After I washed it out, I slept in coconut oil. This morning, I wrapped my head in a scarf and off to work I went, still oily and feeling gross. It seems to have done it a little bit of good, but it’ll take time. I currently have it up in conditioner.

    I’ve been hitting my head with conditioner after conditioner. When do you think it’ll be good enough to use the toner? I have to go to a different job tomorrow which requires me to be rather professional looking (not yellow). I’m hoping to use it tomorrow morning, but I’m terrified of ruining my hair. Is two days of hardcore conditioning enough time to give my hair enough strength to withstand toner?

    Or can I use coconut oil under toner like you can bleach? (I was not aware of that fact until reading through these comments. I’m an idiot).

  45. Juci

    I consider my hair a zombie. Dead protein on the outside (the hair strands) but living on the inside (the roots or the hair bulbs). So what does zombies live on… living protein.

    I highly recommend getting protein fillers. Make that your best friend. Best part is Sally Beauty Store sells them in various colors; Platinum (for ash blondes,pale, pastel, silver, grey/gray, and white hair colors), Red (for warmer tones), Brown (for brownish/blackish tones), and Neutral (beige, tan, neutral colors, works well with neutral gray/grey colors too). All these when added as an additive to conditioners, provides a protein boost into the hair strands and they will refresh the hair color too, especially at the fragile ends. I also noticed, though my bf and everyone else don’t seem to care or notice, that my hair looks healthier. The growing is slow, but my hair is stronger, because I’m not running a hair growth marathon here. I slowly trim the ends, just 1/4 or less of an inch to strengthen the hair every four to five months.

    I totally agree with the fish oils, but I also would add Prenatal multivitamin and protein shakes, any foods high in protein, especially plant-based such as tofu and soy based products. Protein that is animal-based will mess up a womans’ body. You will have a sweaty, bad odor body and grow unwanted body hair. Believe me no gal wants that. Back to the topic of fish oils, make sure it says Omega-3 on the bottle. It will be great for the hair, skin, nails and heart. Your whole body will love you for it.

    Also use biotin. I take three to four tablets of the 10,000mcg of Biotin. I noticed a dramatic change in the hairs structure. My hair seems to take bleaching a lot better and the thin sparse hair strands are now thicker and fuller. The roots seem to lighten better than before. It would take forever to get that newly bleached yellow root towards a silver blonde, now it is just a two step program. My hair is behaving how I want it to. It’s now in the same condition as before I started to bleach my hair silver white.

    I think the other thing that helped me was doing a Two-Step Protein treatment once every 6 months or so, usually once a year is enough for me. I focus mainly at the ends since they need the most protein. The Two-Step Protein treatment can be found at Sally Beauty Store too.

    Oil treatments are a must!!! I used African pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula Maximum Strengthening Growth Oil… phew… a mouthful of a name I know, but that stuff is amazing and so cheap. It is the most inexpensive oil one can get at Sally Beauty Store. Before I had that gummy, sticky, stringy hair, but after 6 months of using this and patiently waiting on new growth this stuff was such a life saver. Without this you can be sure I would have just shaved my whole head and start all over. Indian women had it right, weekly oil treatments balances health into the hair.

    Two more things I recommend to restore severely damaged bleached out hair are from the brand of Protectiv Mega Growth line. These products are targeted towards black women, but they well for other ethnic groups too. My hair is wavy as my European heritage, but silky to the touch as my Chinese heritage. These products work well. I use the deep conditioner and the leave-in conditioner treatment. Both are inexpensive at Walmart, $5.49 each jar. These are huge jars. The leave-in conditioner is 18oz and lasted me for a whole year. A little is enough to make the hair strands feel silky and smooth again. It adds protein to the damage ends so they appear fuller again and assist with growing out the hair to trim out the damaged ends quicker. It prevents breakage and fall outs, so gives the impression the hair is growing faster. The deep conditioner also adds protein and with the protein filler it really plumps the hair strands. You will feel a difference on day one. I leave the deep conditioner on for an hour for the first treatment, and then just 20-30 minutes every three days.

    Even though no one notices it, my hair is in far better condition than it was before. I’m just so fortunate to have great mixture of excellent genes. The stuff I had done to my hair would normally make other women have bald spots that will never grow hair again or be completely bald.

    BTW, those who are vegetarians, It is possible to grow hair on such a diet. Increase your intake of dark leafy green vegetables, tofu, almonds, any other nuts and soy products. If allergic to nuts, than of course just focus on dark green veggies and tofu. Drinking tea is also awesome for hair health and bodily hair will decrease without effecting the growth of the hair on the head. Avoid refine and simple sugars and carbs, they steal from your hair vital nutrients. The same goes for high levels of animal-based protein… worse still this form of protein steals calcium from your bones in order for the body to digest the meat.

  46. aziza

    great ! I have a black hair I bleached it yesterday blonde …. with using the olaplex … and blinde me products ! maaaan I have melted hair and sooo damged hair im so worried ! my hair is thin and like a macaroni right now I hope this work , I’ll buy nashi products they sound very good . thank you


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