Obsession (& The Most Embarrassing Blog Post I’ve Ever Written)

September 18, 2012

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I was twelve when it started. We were in Dublin visiting family when my Mum spotted that Boyzone were playing at The Point Theatre. I’d never been particularly interested in music, and although I’d heard of the band and seen them perform on SMTV Live (with Ant & Dec – remember that!?), I wouldn’t say I was a fan. But for some reason my Mum asked if we wanted to go and so she went to see if she could get tickets for the show that night.

We were in the very back row. I remember being sat next to my excited younger sisters and someone else’s little brother (who looked rather unimpressed throughout the whole thing). I’d bought a tee-shirt from the concessions stand and I was ready to…erm… rock. And right then and there I fell in love.

I’m not sure what it was… it certainly wasn’t the quality of the show (we couldn’t see eff all from back there!) but something about being there, and seeing them in the flesh (well as tiny dots…) made me fall head over heels… and with lead singer Ronan Keating in particular.

And yes, I cried actual tears when he got married.

This all encompassing obsession continued throughout my teenage years. I collected every. single. piece of Boyzone memorabilia that my pocket money could buy. I had books, CDs, posters, scrapbooks, tee-shirts, dolls…  I went to eight concerts. EIGHT! I even once laid my collection out on my bedroom floor and took a photograph of it. God knows why. I think it was the ‘thing’ to do back then, to share your obsession with Smash Hits magazine or something. In fact so significant was my preoccupation that it even got a mention in my dad’s father of the bride speech, concluding with my parents handing over my box of shame to my new husband (yeah thanks for that).

Anyway this all went on for about 3 years, until I hit my mid teens and discovered rock music, snakebite & black and boys with tattoos. Thank goodness.

I’ve always had an obsessive personality and despite the fact that I’ve been clenching my butt cheeks with the utter cringeworthyness of this post the whole time I’ve been writing it, I do now celebrate it. It’s undoubtedly got me where I am today.

These days I’m obsessed with weddings… and blogging… and photography… and without that unapologetic passion I don’t think I’d be as good a blogger or business woman. I also have no doubt in my mind that being this way keeps me ahead of the competition.

I spend hours researching anything and everything about my chosen subject. I’m excited about every wedding I blog and article I post, and (I hope) that comes across to my readers. However it’s not just the way that I write, or the stuff that I share, it’s the fact that I know as much as I possibly can about the things I’m blogging. There is never anything half-arsed about what I publish. I give it my all.

“You’re better than Google”, Lisa once said,”I can ask you about any wedding you’ve ever blogged and you remember it.”

So what’s the point of today’s post… apart from to totally eradicating any credibly I ever had as the ‘cool’ wedding blogger?

On one hand it’s maybe a bit of therapy (I’ve been carrying this dirty little secret for years I tell you) but on the other hand I’d like to ask you to think about your own obsessions – past or present. What was it about that particular thing that made you go so over-the-top? It doesn’t matter what it was or how it manifested, it’s the reason behind it that’s important. Let’s be honest, Boyzone were hardly musical geniuses were they? Allow yourself to think about it for a while and then let’s see if we can bring that reasoning into our work and our lives today.

Yes, I loved Ronan and his beautiful long flowing blonde hair, but more than that I loved to collect. I loved to save. I loved to share my ideas with others (although Smash Hits never did publish my photo – sad face). And in a way, that’s a kind of primitive version of blogging isn’t it? I guess this is what I was always destined to do!

So I ask you, what are (or were) you obsessed with?

(All photos from my own personal collection of shame).


  1. Oh blimey love! That’s some confession lol! Would it be too cruel to tell you that I’ve met the lovely Ronan and he gave me a kiss? I could actually have picked him up and put him in my pocket! xx

  2. Kara

    Well, sadly at the moment I’m obsessed with One Direction… I’m still a teenager though, so it’s okay, right? Haha. I’m similar with the obsession thing though Kat- I love finding out everything and anything about a particular area of interest, it’s just so exciting for me.

    p.s Ronan is currently a judge on X Factor here in Aus, just saying ;p

  3. I was always quite obsessed with…. duh duh duhhhh, Make Up. As a young teen I used to doll myself up- Cabaret style, Pre- Avatar Style, Hippy Style, slick my hair back, spike it gel it and prance around my bedroom, scrub it all off and start again with another look. I still do it now, only I call them ‘How- To’s ‘ 😉

  4. I too shared the obsession with Boyzone and, in particular, Ronan. I think it was those blonde curtains he used to sport because I then moved on to a similar obsession with the Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter. Boyzone was my first ever concert and I saw them 15 times after that!

    I try to ride out the BSB thing now (as I only saw them again last year) and try to wear my Nick Carter t-shirt as an “ironic” statement. When in real life I still love him!!

    Although, I think it was just a precursor to my general music obsession and the excitement I feel when I blog about a new band I’ve found. xxx

  5. Katherine

    I LOVE your blog, it’s always so interesting and amusing. In my late teens, early 20’s I was OBSESSED with that show ‘The X Files’. No idea what that means. But I’m over it now 🙂

  6. Ah, how funny! For me, it was Michael Jackson… totally besotted. None of my friends felt the same way and teased me mercilessly but I just couldn’t help it… when you’re in love, you’re in love! Whats a girl to do?! I also went through a phase where I was convinced I was going to be an architect and obsessively designed houses when I was supposed to be doing maths homework. And then there was the birdwatching phase… my poor father spent many a weekend dragging me around the countryside in search of some random species of bird… I have definitely always taken an all-or-nothing approach to everything in my life. And you are so right that it definitely pays off, when you find something great to be obsessed with!

  7. That’s quite a collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least they were boys.

    I loved the Spice Girls.

    I cried actual tears when Geri left. I had a similar collection of Spice Girls-related crap.

    I do love the Adidas jumper too – oh to be a 90s kid! xx

  8. Oh my… I have almost exactly the same photos as these except with East 17… and the poster snog was with Tony Mortimer…. Swwooooon! Other obsessions over the years have included Parrots, David Bowie’s pants in the Labyrinth, and more recently flowers and weddings… so much now that when me and the boyf get round to tying the knot I am going to be stuck choosing which style to go for!!

    Thanks for making me giggle 😀

  9. I have a similar obsession with music (except mine is probably more credible than yours!). I collect CDs and have pretty much everything that has ever been released by Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Sigur Ros. Once I started having to be responsible, I had less money to spend but I can sleep sitting on the gold mine that’s in my collection. So…. anyone want to buy a rare Radiohead CD? 🙂

  10. Hee hee. Amazing post!

    I was obsessed with NSYNC. They were my first concert. At the time, they only had 2 songs out and were touring smaller cities like mine. It was so exciting getting lined up outside for that one! I collected their books, CDs, and even VHS! (BTW, Justin really needs to make another solo album.)

    Now, I get obsessed with whatever book I’m reading at the time. I devour the pages until its done. I also get obsessed with certain parts of my blog. My husband says I get tunnel vision when I write – the world could come crashing down around me and I wouldn’t notice because I’m staring at my screen!!

    Kat, how do you balance paying attention to Gareth and your friends while still obsessing over your blog?

  11. You think that was embarrassing… I was Obsessed with Hanson in my school days! Kids would bring me in posters & call me a lesbian because ‘Taylor’ looked like a girl with his long hair. O dear god the shame.

    Whats worse is that years later I can still say an embarrassing ‘Phworr’ if he was ever to grace the pages of a magazine – but at least like you I can put my obsessions elsewhere, into lovely weddings & such x

  12. Buffy. primarily Spike. Biffy Clyro. Primarily Simon neils tattoos. Photography. My hobby has now become my business and I’m so obsessed with it that my partner accuses my of having an affair with internet stalking! Jasmine star, rosie hardy, karrah kobus. I’m so obsessed with alternative weddings that I’ve started faking them to photograph! (Maverick Muse Photography) ohhh yeah and Christmas. I’m a Christmas addict (:

  13. Post author

    Bran I am jealous for ever. Lisa Devlin worked with them when she was a music photographer and said they are all pricks apart from Stephen…noooooo shattered dreams!

  14. Hehe, I love this post! I was obsessed with The Spice Girls, not surprising with a surname like mine! I was nicknamed ‘Leah Spicegirl’ for a while!

    Then luckily I discovered Nirvana and was head over heels in love Kurt Cobain for a while, as well as Matt Bellamy from Muse who I absolutely adored!

  15. “Kat, kat, Kat”. I just don’t know what to say about this post. But it does explain quite alot. I was lucky were my older brother was into Public Enemy and Ice Cube. At college I once went through a Oasis stage. Briefly I must add. Like 3weeks not 3years. My first record was T.U.R.T.L.E Power which is still a greaT song, “Heroes in a Half shell” and all that 🙂

    Snakebite and black still rules!!

  16. Oh man! I absolutely love your photo hall of fame, particularly the last shot! Bravo for sharing 🙂

    I think we have all had embarrassing obsessions (well, at least I hope we have), and they’re part of growing up, learning about dealing with these newly found emotions. Of course, some people never grow out of embarrassing obsessions (mentioning no names of course, but let’s just say that men and their toys are a law unto themselves).

    My own obsessions? Well, there were the teenage ones, of course. In comparison to your Boyzone mania, I LOVED Duran Duran. (Yes, I am significantly older than you). I genuinely thought that I could marry John Taylor. if only I was a little older. Of course, he then went on to marry that cow Amanda Whatsername, who was the same age as me, which really upset me).

    Even more embarrassingly, as a young teenager, I was obsessed with Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates. This was neither cool, relevant or in any way something I could share with the world. I used to read his lyrics and wish they were about me; I would draw pictures of him (badly) and imagine what our children would look like. I even went to the extent of writing a novel which was based upon a character who was basically him, as a teenager, casting myself as the leading lady he was obsessed with, of course. Oh, the shame of it all now. But, looking back, I’m glad I had these obsessions. It helps you not be as awfully embarrassing when you actually fall in love with a real person. Well, a bit.

    I met him when I was about eighteen, after all of my obsessions. For some reason, I handed him an envelope full of money. (I was wearing something without pockets). I wanted him to sign it and give it back to me; he looked at me like I was trying to buy his personal services. I wish I’d thought of that.

  17. I was exactly the same but with STEPS!

    I sill know all the dance moves & proudly danced the 8min megamix at our wedding two weeks ago! Yoink! I was on live&kicking with them asking a question & dad actually showed the video during his speech at the wedding! I was gutted when they split up on Boxig Day 2001, I burst into tears when it was announced on the news (must have been a slow news day!) & I bit the heads off all my chocolate figures of them I’d got in my stocking!

    I’m so cool sometimes I amaze myself! X

  18. I was exactly the same but with STEPS!

    I sill know all the dance moves & proudly danced the 8min megamix at our wedding two weeks ago! Yoink! I was on live&kicking with them asking a question & dad actually showed the video during his speech at the wedding! I was gutted when they split up on Boxig Day 2001, I burst into tears when it was announced on the news (must have been a slow news day!) & I bit the heads off all my chocolate figures of them I’d got in my stocking! I’m so cool sometimes I amaze myself! X

  19. Kim

    This totally made me laugh. You could replace all this with Duran Duran and have me at 12. I still have posters, vinyl picture disks, and bought all the rerelease DVDs that came out with videos on them a couple of years ago. God, I miss vinyl picture disks.

    Then a couple of years later I discovered Bauhaus… 🙂

  20. Post author

    pleased to know that a) my mortification has been entertaining and that b) I’m not the only saddo that had a thing for boy bands!

  21. oh dear! I was completely obsessed with Hanson – I even went to see them at Wembley. I had every piece of merchandise going, my walls were plastered with posters of them and I thought I was totally in love with Taylor. Then when I was 15 I moved on to Silverchair and Daniel Johns. Something about skinny boys with long hair!

    Now I’m just obsessed with cacti and crucifixes!

  22. Corey Haim was my obsession when I was 12, I had 162 pics of him in my room. Covered my homework diary in his face and wrote about my dreams about him in my diary.

    WOW! I read the diary a few years ago. If i put that much effort into a hobby I might have been a lot more interesting!

  23. Dawn

    At least your obsessions were remotely good looking! I, of course, went through the NKOTB craze when I was super young but then I had a very odd phase where I was obsessed with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Looking back I really wonder how that happened. LOL

  24. tara

    Loving the adidas sweater, did you accessorise it with a benneton duffle bag, kickers, spiral perm and floral culottes combo too..?!

  25. I did a blog post a while ago along the lines of this on my blog – was titled ‘letter to 16 year old self’. Isn’t it weird / amazing how your childhood shapes up your future? my obsession was music and photos and trying to soak up the atmosphere at gigs on a camera. I’m still doing that and now soaking up atmosphere at weddings. LOVE it 🙂 great post

    p.s BSB still rock…saw them with NKOTB in April woooohooo AJ STILL GOT IT 😉 and Brok’s jawline still heavenly 😉

  26. Don’t worry, I willingly went to a Britney Spears concert when I was like 13.

    Love this post soooo much. The kissing picture is the BEST EVER. Oh my gosh, I don’t know if you already saw it but I finally found the pictures of my old obsessive No Doubt room! https://twitter.com/ahoymiss/status/242109459630022657/photo/1

    Other past obsessions: orca whales, Titanic, Phantom of the Opera… there must be more I’m forgetting, I used to get super obsessed with things too. Now I’m sort of re-obsessing over No Doubt, with their new album coming out next week. Yay for obsessions, I wish mine were as productive as yours!

  27. Post author

    Danielle I need to see that photo… although no doubt are still quite cool… boyzone NEVER were. Did they even make it to the US?

  28. Oh I feel old – I loved Bros, but my biggest obsession was A-HA and Morten Harkett. Anyone remember them? And then I was quite infatuated with a guy from Byker Grove but now I can’t even remember his name!although I can remember what he looks like. He was on the first series… And then I discovered beads and making jewellery (thank goodness)

  29. haha 5ive were top!! ‘slam dunk da funk’! i moved onto rock music i think it was like when i was 15/16 going into college – i do like a bit of cheesy pop now and again though 😉 backstreets back alright!!! ha

  30. JoJo

    I’ve known you for quite a long time Kat (gonna guess about 5 years!) and I had NO IDEA about your Boyzone obsession! Absolutely brilliant!

    I was completely in love with 5ive… especially Scott. It’s bizarre because I look at him now and I have no idea why I was obsessed with him! Teenage hormones aye?!

    Great post as always, shows if you have enough passion and determination (and a teeny bit of an obsession!) you can do anything… 🙂

  31. Kirsty

    Spice Girls was my obsession…still kinda is! I got a little too over excited when they performed at the Olympics closing ceremony…you don’t even want to know what happened when Luke bought me tickets to go and see their reunion. I literally ran around the house screaming, not even joking!
    I had their albums, singles tapes and CDs, went to see them in concert, bought every Top of the Pops magazine, Smash Hits magazines and cut all of their articles out and stuck them in a scrapbook, taped every time they were on TV, posters, had all their books, sticker books, photograph album, nearly bought the Spice Girl dolls and sang all of their songs when I ever I could(out loud, what a weirdo). I cried when I was too young to see SpiceWorld the movie.

    Today like you…I am all about the weddings and I am over obsessed with fashion magazines, you couldn’t ever imagine how big my collection of Vogues and Elle is.

    Kirsty x

  32. I had a similar obsession with Nirvana, 6 months after it started Kurt Cobain died and I even put a candle next to his picture!!

  33. hehe Kat, you are amazing, I knew there was a reason I was looking forward to catching up with your posts after my holidays 🙂

    I loved Boyzone too, especially Ronan, I’ve actually seen them twice recently too and they were amazing (I also saw Hanson about 5 years ago too and they were fantastic, I loved them as much as I did at 14 haha)

  34. Shelley

    I loved that you shared about Boyzone. I’m actually American, and I’ve listened to them since I was 13.

    But, to stay on topic, I was actually obsessed with the Spice Girls and *N SYNC. I had the Spice Girls CDs, their lollipops, their stickers, their dolls…my god! Same goes with *N SYNC…taped all their TV appearances on VHS tapes, listened to their CDs constantly, etc.

    Now I’m pretty obsessed with Adam Lambert…he was the runner-up on the 8th season of American Idol, and he’s got SUCH an incredible voice! Love everything about him! 🙂

  35. I shared that obsession too when I was a teenie… then I grew up, and my love for Ronan Keating grew with me. Don’t do boybands anymore but he is the most amazing thing, with the most beautiful voice. He still makes my knees go weak. I now run a website about him, doing all the researching and collecting etc – just online rather than in magazines.

  36. Danielle

    I love this post and the comments. I never liked any boys band. But halfway through the comments I remembered… NEWSIES!

  37. Megs

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch! I had a subscription to the magazine and in my primary school leaving project, I included 3 page of my keepsake book to a report by me on Melissa Joan Hart (who played Sabrina, and Clarissa in Clarissa Explains It All, and hasn’t done much good since).

  38. LLH

    haha!! oh i love this post – all i can think about is my 13yr old me!! I was obsessed, like many here, with the spice girls – i collected everything and me and 4 other girls in my class did the ‘say you’ll be there’ dance for our class :\ that poor teacher!! I then moved onto A1 and Westlife. I was so jealous of one of my friends who used to go to their hotels when they were in our city and stand outside and wait for their picture taken with them!! I wanted to marry Nicky Byrne and was devestated when he cut his hair after having those ‘gorgeous’ curtains!!! mega cringe…..

    I then moved onto Linkin Park and Limp Biscuit for a while before moving then onto Hip Hop and RnB.

    I’d like to think I have good taste now after delving into various genres haha

    My obsessions now are nail varnishes and wedding photography – I spend hours and hours on pinterest too – an unhealthy amount i’m sure then complain I dont have time to get things done :s

    heehee ahhhh good times!!


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