School of Rock (n Roll Bride): A Review

Last Friday was my first School of Rock (n Roll Bride), organised by Cherry Sorbet. I was asked if I’d take part in their Cyber Savvy series and host a workshop all about blogging. So, still slightly full of flu, I got myself to the gorgeous Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross with photographer Shell de Mar in tow to document the event for me.

I’ll be honest I was seriously nervous beforehand (the thought of public speaking brings me out in cold sweats), but I needn’t have been. The 20 attendees were all gorgeous and wonderful and lovely. It was just like hanging out and chatting with a big bunch of mates over tea and cake. I loved it!

I’ve also realised that I talk with my hands a lot. I’m surprised I didn’t smack anyone in the face…

The workshop is primarily aimed at people who want to blog as a business (i.e. how to have a blog that is your sole income) however we had attendees at this one who wanted to blog to support another business (i.e wedding photographers/stationers/designers) as well as some who just wanted to blog for fun!

The topics covered included how I got started as a wedding blogger, finding your voice, being yourself & knowing what to blog about, building readership, leveraging social media, keeping on top of your workload and creating a schedule, image use and copyright, building a brand, making money & taking on advertisers and dealing with the not so nice bits…

As you can see it was quite a lot to pack into a two hour workshop but we managed it! All the attendees asked some great questions and I hope they all left feeling as inspired as I did after chatting to them all.

Some tweets and feedback from the attendees:

@biffyarespiffy “I was tickled pink (literally!) to meet Rock n Roll Bride and all the other lurvly workshoppers yesterday…the room was bursting with inspiration! I’ve definitely got my writing-mojo back”

@shelldemar “I know I talk to Rock n Roll Bride pretty much everyday but I was genuinely inspired by her talk today. Love you missus you did so well!”

Claire Jackson (via facebook) “You saying how you felt when you met Gala Darling was like me meeting you Kat…I was totally in awe, so apologies if I seemed…errmm…flustered at any point. You’re just a normal, lovely down to earth gal like the rest of us tho so there was absolutely no need to be nervous!”

Charlie Loves Lucy via email “I just wanted to email to say a massive thank you! I just got in from School of Rock (n Roll Bride) and you were brilliant. Wise, funny, lovely and best of all very honest. I’ve come away with much more of a sense of direction as to how I should go about deciding what to post on my little site’s blog, as well as more consideration of the feel I’d like to put across.”

Awww! Thank you all of you. Now stop it, you’ll give me a big head!

The December School of Rock (n Roll Bride) is sold out but fret not, Gareth & I have been scheming and dreaming up plans for expanding the workshops for 2012…and maybe even doing a mini UK tour (!) We don’t have anything concrete in place yet but be rest assured doing more of these events is one of my 2012 goals!

I’d love to know where you think I should take this little tour and if you’d be interesting in attending a School of Rock (n Roll Bride). Let me know in the comments that this isn’t a totally cray cray idea would ya? If we did take the workshop nationwide I might need help finding venues and stuff… if any of you fancy hooking me up then drop me an email. Let’s make this happen!

Thanks to Jo for organising this first event and to Shell for taking the photos! I love how smiley everyone is…that’s a good sign huh?

Photography Credit: Shell de Mar Photography


  1. Fantastic! Looks great and loving all the colourful photos. Bring the tour to Devon.. know lots of people who would love to come! Happy to help re. venue and planning x

  2. RachyLou

    Aww this post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! It was a brilliant workshop, I learnt so much and made some new friends. Thank you, Kat and Jo from Cherry Sorbet for organising it! If I could go to them all, I really would!! xo

  3. I vote Nottingham! It’ smack bang in the middle of the country, we have loads of midlanders bloggers and its easy to get to from most places!

    I could definitely sort venue / planning too 😉

    Chloe x

  4. Antoinette

    I can’t thank you enough for all you did on Friday, Kat. it was such a rewarding and inspiring class, as well as so fun! Anyone who is going to future ones is a lucky duck, this lady knows her stuff!

  5. Post author

    OK so so far ive had suggestions of Nottingham, Kent, Devon, Norwich, Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Brighton and Cardiff…and the post has only been up an hour. Jeez guys this might be a long tour lol!

  6. All the photos (and all the attendees!) look fab – I’ve been to the venue before and it is such a great choice for a workshop like this. I personally only dabble in bits and pieces for fun, but I would love to attend a workshop run by you so please please do run some in 2012!! It’s so topical and relevant I am sure you will have no problems filling places.

  7. I Would love love love to come to one in london, and probably my girlfriend would come too- theyd two more for london, any chance we could sign up for a january/feb workshop? The reviews were so great and we wanted to go before it even happened!!! 🙂

  8. Post author

    Hey Rhianne – not at all. I use examples from the work i do and of course a lot of that it wedding blogging related but i hope the skills and tips i give are transferable to whatever kind of blog you have!

  9. If you’re thinking of going – do. I went and it really is interesting and inspiring. It gives you an insight into how to realistically go about it. Good luck Kat, and another great goal x

  10. This was seriously one of my most favourite days ever!! And look how bright and smiley we are girlies? Soooo much fun….the graduates of the School of Rock (n Roll Bride) need a reunion 😉 Thanks Kat and Cherry Sorbet for an awesome afternoon delight xx

  11. Aw I love that it was so colourful ! gorgeous pictures ! I don’t have a blog, thinking I might get one just so I can come along !

  12. Very well done on school of rock & of course your future tour. You’re the perfect person to do this and i’m sure it will be a huge success. xx

  13. fantastic to hear this went well for you and everyone who went had a great time. Would love you to come do a workshop here in Birmingham 🙂

  14. You should definitely come to Manchester… or even closer for me, Preston. I know of lots of local bloggers including myself, who’d love to attend and learn something from you x

  15. Dear kat, please please, make sure that foreign participants can attend your future workshops, no matter where. I’d like to come, but I’m from Italy, so pleeeeese INTERNATIONAL partipants admitted!

    Can’t wait to see other workshops to come…

  16. Hi Kat,

    Just had a read up on your on your School of Rock sounds great and exactly what i am looking for, will you be coming to the South of London and how much are the classes?

    Lotte 🙂

  17. Claire (Little Red Briding Hood) this is a wonderful idea, we DO need a reunion. I was sad to rush off straight afterwards so a reunion would be brill. Baha, I like your thinking. x

  18. RachyLou

    A reunion!! Real-life squealed then!! Please, please organise it Claire! I’ll help in any way I can, you know where I am xo

  19. I am booked in for the December workshop and am so excited after seeing this. And to be honest feeling a bit lucky to have got my place – looks like demand is huge, congrats!


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