A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting to Know You

This Week’s Love List…

♥ buying my 2012 diary ♥ Autumn weather ♥ Christmas decorations in the shops ♥ encouraging emails ♥ Midnight in Paris ♥ wearing lipstick while still in my PJs ♥ wearing slippers in bed ♥ Nurse Gareth ♥ long baths ♥ early nights ♥ dvd marathons ♥ getting prints of some of my favourite photographs ♥ remembering that only I can make my dreams a reality ♥

Best of the Rest…

The funny thing with the internet is that everyone thinks they know best…all hidden behind their keyboards with their opinions on everything. A lot of people think they know the people they see online better than they actually do.

But you know what, most of the people you see online are keeping things secret. Take myself for example, you know I like pink, glitter, kittens, shopping, rainbows…and that I have strong opinions on weddings, but what else do you really know about me?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all deep on you here, but in the spirit of getting to know each other better, here’s some things you probably have’t heard about me before…

♥ I don’t eat chocolate…and haven’t tasted the stuff for about 7 years. The thought of it make me panic.

♥ I’ve saw Boyzone in concert about 8 times. I collected every.little.thing with their names or faces on… I had scrapbooks and everything (the obsession stopped when I was about 15 and I discovered grunge. Thank God.)

♥ I hate tomatoes.

♥ I am exceptionally short sighted.

♥ My hair is naturally very dark brown. I’ve been blonde (not a good look), orange, purple, rainbow and various shades of pink.

♥ I have six tattoos…if you count my sleeve as just one that is.

♥ I used to have my left nipple and my right wrist pierced. My Mother was horrified, especially about the nipple thing.

♥ I studied Film and university. I got a 2:1.

♥ I was bullied at school.

♥ I used to play the saxophone and I tried to learn the bass guitar. I sucked.

♥ I have two younger sisters, Sarah & Rachel (Yes, our cat is named after one of my sisters).

♥ I eat boiled eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

♥ I drive a black Honda Civic Type R. I feel like a girl racer when I drive because it has bucket seats and a start button.

♥ My birthday is 7th April.

♥ Indiana Jones and Back to the Future are pretty much the greatest movie series ever created.

♥ I own way too many pairs of shoes…none of which I actually wear (me + heels = disaster).

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography (full shoot can be seen here)

I want to know about you guys too. If you’re happy to share, what are some things most people don’t know about you?


  1. ha loving this right here we go…..

    1)I hate coconut – it makes me want to be sick

    2)I once won a competition to meet Captain Birdseye and shouted out on the boat that I hated fish fingers (even though I loved them!!)

    3)When I was 7 I was the under 8 English Youth champion for draughts!!(I still have the trophy!)

    4)My whole family are either scientists and accountants/finance officers etc I am the only arty one

    5)I have two degrees

  2. bon thomas

    eek where do i start?!
    1. im cat crazy the fella has said no more………buttercup betty and pablo-hernandez 🙂 they rock!
    2. i love photography and making cakes
    3. people can give me a thousand compliments but 1 bad comment and i crumble.
    4. im not as outgoing and wacky as everyone thinks!
    5. we normally have sundays off grid (it’s my youngests birthday today so had day off!!)
    6.my daughter was born on the 13th at 13.03 weighing 7lb 13 in room 13 and it was the midwifes 13th delivery 🙂
    7.i’m broody as hell but waiting for our wedding till we try for baby number 3 (his choice) haha
    8. i hate thursdays and people who tuck there trousers into their socks……….. WHY!!!!!????
    9. if i could change my hair colour every day i would…currently im blue 🙂
    10.i have 1 tattoo of a butterfly on my back id like 8 butterflies in total for my eldest summer and then 13 flowers for lettie 🙂

    i think thats it…………………….. 🙂

  3. Ooh I love a good random fact swap.

    I met my husband in a nightclub, after I was dragged out against my will by my friend having finished work at gone eleven. I was so reluctant and mardy but it’s a good job I went!

    I don’t like cheese, unless it’s melted on a pizza.

    My first art sale was a giant finger painting of Kurt Cobain when I was 16.

    We have 3 German cards between us – VW Van; Cuthbert (I hate that name!), Beetle (Gus – named because this was the name we had lined up for our second child if it was a boy, and she wasn’t) and an Audi A3 (Audrey), I love them all.

    I want a tonne of tattoos but I don’t want to make my mum cry!

    I used to work in learning & development, and I LOVED it.

  4. Haha! This is so fun – and I have learned some fab things about people! (Kelly…Nicole Kidman!?!? WOW!)

    Here goes….

    – I have a love/hate relationship with cheese. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I never know which until I try to eat it on the day.

    – I am equestraphobic (I have a phobia of horses) but as a wedding photographer I frequently have to photograph them. It never gets easier (unless they are wearing those little crocheted bonnets, then they just look silly) but I always do it!

    – When I am behind a camera, I am braver than I am in ‘real life’

    – I have 11 tattoos including 2 quarter sleeves.

    – I used to have my tongue pierced but they made me take it out when I was in labour with my son.

    -I was not always a ‘heavy girl’. I was dramatically underweight most of my life (about 6.5st) and am ‘naturally’ thin. When I was put on medication 3 years ago, I gained a lot of weight as a side effect and am unable to take it off even when I diet (I still try!). I hate being overweight and I feel like I live in someone else’s body.

    – I am a micro-manager. I hate delegating tasks to other people because I am very particular about how I want things done.

    – I enjoy alphabetizing things and used to work as a stockist for a chain of bookshops for really crap money because my job was to go into the shops in the middle of the night and re-alphabetize the books and put the new books on the shelves.

    -It drives me over the edge when people have those little bogies in the corners of their eyes. I feel an overwhelming compulsion to remove them.

    Eeep….I think I might be a little bit weird.

  5. This is fab, I love reading the secrets/random facts!
    So here’s mine
    1) I have one tattoo – a Bill Hicks quote.
    2) I had my nose pierced when I was a teenager and my dad appropriately hated it.
    3) I like chocolate and coconut but hate Bounty bars.
    4) I feel like an imposter in my photography sometimes.
    5) I broke the vase but blamed it on the cat!
    6) The first band I saw live was the Pet Shop Boys. I loved them and dreamt of marrying Neil.

    So youthful naivety aside, thus has been fab 😀

  6. Oops, let me try again. I too was OBSESSED with Boyzone and I’ll always have a soft spot for them as that’s how I became friends with my best friend. We went to Boyzone concert when we were 13 with mutual friends who were so overcome by Ronan (!) that they started crying. As the only two sane people there we had to become friends. Random facts about me:

    I have a green Blue Peter badge (environmental don’t you know) for designing an environmentally friendly pond.

    I have freakishly tiny hands and can fit my entire fist in my mouth.

    I’ve never eaten meat, as my parents was/are major hippies but I ate fish until I was ten.

    When I was seven I had a strop and ran away from home for an afternoon. The worse thing? Nobody noticed!

    Despite working as an editor and spending all my spare time writing books (sadly as yet unpublished) I’m dyslexic.

    I think the Beast out of Beauty and Beast was hotter when he was a Beast

    I talk constantly in my sleep, luckily my partner is v tolerant.

    My eldest sister and I have matching strawberry birthmarks on our collar bone

  7. 1) I’m a crisp junkie but am ambivalent about chocolate.
    2) I’m far too intense to be cool but, weirdly, people just read me as distant.
    3) I’m a public schooled officer’s daughter who married a poor boy for love and so I often feel rootless because I’m leading a life I seriously hadn’t read up on.
    4) I have an art degree and really cannot draw.
    5) I once got drunk in a brothel in Eastern Europe. It was an interesting night.
    6) I (foolishly) got my navel pierced in a rather seedy back street joint in Bupadest. It’s wonky. Doh! And, no, it wasn’t on the night of the brothel. It was a decade earlier.

  8. You make me feel old as my fave band is Maze and one of my cats was called Frankie after the lead singer. (80’s90’s soul/funk – amazing and still going strong!) and went to one of their concerts when I was pregnant so that my baby would hear good music!!!

    Not a fan of tattoos but would definitely have one if it only lasted for about 5 years!!!

    Still think I’m young enough to get pissed but forget the next day consequences!!

    Another Aries and all my friends say I am so obviously one but very proud of being me!

    Still very vain about having to use glasses to read!

    And as confident as everyone thinks I am, I worry about everything like mad!!

  9. * I read really trashy books in secret – my Kindle app is filled with Mills’n’Boon, vampire stories, vampire teen books, that I would be seriously embarrassed if anyone actually saw me reading!

    * I am late everywhere… no-one believes the excuses any more.

    * I love making new friends, but often seem to attract total weirdos and then have to make a run for it when they get too much!

    * I hate speaking on the phone to new people and always seem to get away with emailing if I can.

    * I’ve been vegetarian since I was 7 years old, but I regularly buy burgers from McDonalds and eat just the burger buns – just so it still feels like I’m having a burger.

    * I love animals and do quite a bit of animal rescue in my spare time – have worked for many different rescue charities doing things like dog walking, socialising nervous dogs, training dogs and cat rescue.

    * I started my own emergency rescue for cats for a while, where I worked alongside another charity and collected cats from emergency situations and then took them on to foster homes until I could find someone to rehome them or took them to other charities… spent the best part of a couple of years picking up cats from nightmare people, trapping cats that had been abandoned, dealing with a lot of nutty people, driving cats all over the country and twice ended up taking a stray cat on holiday… which didn’t go down too well with my hubby.

    * I once appeared on QVC trying to sell a steam iron/hot steam floor mop and was also in the demo video for it, which unfortunately they dubbed ‘Don’t Cha’ music over it.

    * I used to work for a top hair/beauty company as their marketing product manager – highlights include giving a serious presentation to a room full of people on a pubic hair trimmer, spray tanning naked people on stage and giving a running commentary on it to hundreds of people… plus managing a new fake tan product that went hideously wrong and was instead turning people bright lime green instead…

    Hehehe that’s enough for now!

  10. Anna

    All my boyfriends were my best friends except just one

    i moved to France where i didn’t even speak the language for love and now i pretend to love living here alone …. i miss my boyfriend so much but i hate to admit it

    i travelled around the world twice for the same man

    i spend hours in book stores hesitating to buy books

    i love reading mushy love stories of Nicholas Sparks

    my 1st crush was a tattoo artist that made my very 1st tattoo

    i love making desserts but don’t love eating them

    i love buying presents even when i am broke

    i really don’t like champaign

    i still buy children runners cause i have tiny feet

    my most precious treasure is a mushroom lamp that has traveled 4 continents with me lol

  11. This is fun! loved reading yours…
    * I collect shopping lists – other peoples, and profile them based on how the list is written and the items on it.

    * I cant abide people who ‘drink their crisps’ Crisps are not a liquid.

    * In biology lessons I misread pubic for public, and really couldn’t work out why something that was private would be called ‘public hair’

    * I could watch Amelie with fresh eyes over and over again

    * I cannot leave the house without my camera

  12. AHA I adore more than anything this sort of honesty and humility. The internet is an easy costume to hide behind, it’s nice to put the humanity back into it.

    1. Seth and I were married when we were just 18 and 20 despite many people fearing it was just puppy love.

    2. We’re coming upto our 10 yr anniversary next year.

    3. I’m a tomboy at heart

    4. I’m extraordinarily shy to begin with then I’m far too loud.

    5. I freeze when a camera comes anywhere near me (unless I’m behind it).

    6. Seth and I prefer being at home in our jammies laughing about songs we’ve made up rather than going out to a fancy bar.

    7. I’m animal crazy which includes rescuing ants when they’ve raided our kitchen bench during a storm.

    8. I used to work for my dad’s tree lopping business dragging branches and operating Stump Grinding machinery

    10. I cry for almost every emotion happy, sad, scared, stressed, excited, moved, greatful, angry.

    11. I love to dance almost as much as I love animals

    12. One day we’d love to move to Africa or South America for a while.

    13. Seth makes me coffee and breakfast every morning

  13. Ooh, interesting things to know! I will have to do one of these myself. Hehe I still have No Doubt scrapbooks like your Boyzone ones, with every single clipping I ever found of them or of Gwen… I’m actually blogging some of those later tonight. Also, I hate tomatoes too! And used to never eat chocolate, but now I do on occasion now. I’ve never heard of wrist piercing, wow, that sounds like it’d be painful. Also agree 300% on Indiana Jones and Back to the Future! 🙂

  14. Kirin Knapp

    I forgot to mention in my little “secrets” that this is the first blog I have ever followed regularly. I just love it so much! I happened upon it by accident and have been addicted ever since. It’s like my daily dose of rockstar (and pink :).

  15. 1) I work as as an assistant in a big huge boring company, trying to change my life 24 hours a day
    2) I’m 40, and I’m ashamed of it because I feel 16.
    3) I ride a black Yamaha Motorbike, and called her bi**h because she had too many owners
    4) Purple is my colour
    5) I have a tattoo that I created starting from two celic letters, one is the initial of his name, one the initial of his “guitarist” name.
    6) I’m a manager of a rock n roll band in my (so few!) spare time
    7) I’d rather be a creative freelance photographer, muffin maker, dog sitter rather than being stuck in this office
    8) I have an insane passion for rock n’roll bride
    9) I’m terrified by beetles

    So nice to share with you all those facts of life!!!

  16. RachyLou

    I love this post Kat! What a great idea 🙂
    Here’s mine:

    1. I’ve been vegetarian for my entire life and plan to always be! I’ve never tasted meat or fish.

    2. My first childhood crush was on Virgil from Thunderbirds. Yep, a puppet..

    3. I met my fiance, Aaron, on a really small, crappy dating website for people who like heavy metal music. Best thing that’s ever happened to me!

    4. The number 13 features heavily in my life and for me it can only be lucky!

    5. I know all the words to all the songs from Disney’s ‘Hercules.’ Best. Film. Ever.

    It’s good to share! xo

  17. I have soo many pairs of heels that I never wear tooo! My boyfriend always suggests that I get rid of the ones I don’t wear – possibly because I have taken over his closet and the shoes are spilling out into the already small bedroom… – but I feverishly defend them all.

    I live in Bermuda, went to Glasgow University, studied Mechanical Engineering and own a great dane. People always find that rather random.

  18. Hello Kat my name is Sylvette from Puerto Rico i just got home from my VK I was on a cruise on the caribbean, love it !! you have to come and work from the boat. I was this time on Carnival but I recomed you Royal Caribbean its super better in all ways. Anyway i have 29yrs have a chihuahua and I rescue one dog last month plus i have a old dog. I handmade dogs collars but its hard to sell online. Any advise?? Plus my boyfriend and I want to get marry here in Puerto Rico so I read a lot your blog to get new ideas… xoxo kat 🙂

  19. Sam

    Yay!! This is great…Right

    I got dragged off the stage at my graduation for trying to tell Courtney Pine that my mum went to school with him.

    I love meat…sorry 🙁

    I bake in my spare time but never enjoy what make despite the fact I make cakes for all my friends parties / christenings etc!

    I am planning my wedding but secretly resent the fact that I have to do all of the planning myself.

    I bought a larger house with my fiancee but wish we still lived in my 1 bed flat (it was soooo comfy and everthing was at arms reach (stairs are a b**ch).

    Ohh, back to the wedding…I would prefer to wear skinny Jeans & converse, I never wear dresses.

    Sex and the City is my bible.

    Thanks for listening!

  20. Sam

    Oh…Two more things…

    When did it become OK to only wear knickers in public (Granny pants too!!!) I blame Beyonce!

    And no one said that when you turn 30 you can’t have a drink with out crying 9 times out of 10!

  21. gealltanas

    YESSSS to the Boyzone obsession and grunge hastily making its entrance at age 15 – and not a moment too soon!!!

  22. Jeanette

    Both of my grandmothers are German.
    Both of my grandfathers are Mexican.
    One of my nicknames in Beanerschnitzel.
    In the US there is hot-dog fast food restaurant called Wienerschnitzel.

  23. Jojo-T

    Hi Kat 😀

    -i met my fiance on the internet, we’ve been together for 8 years but still both live at home and we ‘set the date’ to give us the push to move out.

    – I’ve seen the most amazing wedding dress but i know it will never look like i imagine because I’m short and fat and the model it’s on is not.

    – I’m really bad with money and now i have to sell the loves of my life (my shoes, bags and doll collection :'( )

    -I have 6 tattoos including the ‘pick of destiny’ on my ribs which my sister and my brother in law also have because we’re such close friends.

    -Disney World Florida is like my second home but i want to see Japan, china, New york, Vegas and LA.

    – I’m a vintage fanatic and rockabilly girl but i rarely dress this way.

    – I wanted to be a make up artist since i was 11, at 23 it’s still my dream but i blog about make up instead (when i get the chance)

    Love Jo x

  24. Jennie

    oooooooooooh ok

    1) I met my fiancee on facebook.

    2) I have owned 2 beetles…..and miss them so much, a fantastic car!

    3) I would get full sleeves and a chest piece if i was allowed to show my tattoos at work. (i have a back piece and 1/4 sleeves on both my arms)

    4) I am terrible with money…..really terrible…nobody should ever give me a credit card.

    5) I daydream about winning the lottery when im trying to sleep.

    6) I love gingerbread

    that was fun!!


  25. Cat

    Oh my god Jennie – your entry is so similar to mine:

    1) I met my husband next door at work but I was too shy to say hi so I stalked and added him on Facebook – the rest is history!

    2) I have owned 2 Beetles; one of which was Herbie-fied and I loved so much. The day he was sold I sobbed for an hour.

    3) My husband bought me a car for my wedding present and had it delivered to me at 6.30am on our wedding day with a big white bow wrapped around it!

    4) I quit my job this week because I hate it so much and I secretly took great pleasure in serving them one week’s notice when they thought I was on a month.

    5) I own two Ragdoll cats which are quite possibly the laziest cats in the world – so why we called one of them Turbo is anyone’s guess!

    6) I have £10,000 worth of H & S qualifications from a previous employer but never tell my employers about them because I can’t be arsed with the headache that is H & S.

    7) I am so excited about Christmas I could scream for three days straight. I suspect this is mainly due to having never celebrated it until I was 22!

    8) I only ever had one fight at school but she dissed my mum so it was justified!

    9) I own so much makeup that I will never wear that sometimes if I have nothing to do, I spend hours in front of the mirror experimenting and doing insane colours and styles of makeup.

    10) When I am cleaning and it’s just me in the house, I talk myself through what’s next and tell myself “good job!” when something looks particularly sparkly clean!

    11) I have a thing about wardrobes, they have to organised in type of clothing, then colour… mine and my husbands are organised like this!

    12) I secretly dream of being a blogger but I know I would have “can’t be arsed” days and so I have long since given up on the idea!

    13) My boss thinks I am very busy right now… ha ha ha!!


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