A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting to Know You

This Week’s Love List…

♥ buying my 2012 diary ♥ Autumn weather ♥ Christmas decorations in the shops ♥ encouraging emails ♥ Midnight in Paris ♥ wearing lipstick while still in my PJs ♥ wearing slippers in bed ♥ Nurse Gareth ♥ long baths ♥ early nights ♥ dvd marathons ♥ getting prints of some of my favourite photographs ♥ remembering that only I can make my dreams a reality ♥

Best of the Rest…

The funny thing with the internet is that everyone thinks they know best…all hidden behind their keyboards with their opinions on everything. A lot of people think they know the people they see online better than they actually do.

But you know what, most of the people you see online are keeping things secret. Take myself for example, you know I like pink, glitter, kittens, shopping, rainbows…and that I have strong opinions on weddings, but what else do you really know about me?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all deep on you here, but in the spirit of getting to know each other better, here’s some things you probably have’t heard about me before…

♥ I don’t eat chocolate…and haven’t tasted the stuff for about 7 years. The thought of it make me panic.

♥ I’ve saw Boyzone in concert about 8 times. I collected every.little.thing with their names or faces on… I had scrapbooks and everything (the obsession stopped when I was about 15 and I discovered grunge. Thank God.)

♥ I hate tomatoes.

♥ I am exceptionally short sighted.

♥ My hair is naturally very dark brown. I’ve been blonde (not a good look), orange, purple, rainbow and various shades of pink.

♥ I have six tattoos…if you count my sleeve as just one that is.

♥ I used to have my left nipple and my right wrist pierced. My Mother was horrified, especially about the nipple thing.

♥ I studied Film and university. I got a 2:1.

♥ I was bullied at school.

♥ I used to play the saxophone and I tried to learn the bass guitar. I sucked.

♥ I have two younger sisters, Sarah & Rachel (Yes, our cat is named after one of my sisters).

♥ I eat boiled eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

♥ I drive a black Honda Civic Type R. I feel like a girl racer when I drive because it has bucket seats and a start button.

♥ My birthday is 7th April.

♥ Indiana Jones and Back to the Future are pretty much the greatest movie series ever created.

♥ I own way too many pairs of shoes…none of which I actually wear (me + heels = disaster).

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography (full shoot can be seen here)

I want to know about you guys too. If you’re happy to share, what are some things most people don’t know about you?


  1. We’re getting married on your birthday next yeah! 🙂 7th of April was my great Granny’s birthday and my Granny and Grandpa’s wedding anniversary…good date…xxx

  2. Liee

    Ah, Boyzone, yes. When I was 15 or so, a friend went to London for the summer and she bought me Boyzone stuff. Of course I was ecstatic. I listened to Boyzone (and other boybands of yore) alongside Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, the Beastie Boys, and Rage Against the Machine. Weird taste.

  3. Haha! I did a Boyzone tour, they were supported by Peter Andre and Back Street Boys. You were probably one of the screaming loons at the stage door trying to get an autograph. I love your boy racer car, it makes me want to roll across the bonnet!

  4. I detest banana flavoured anything, but love real bananas… as long as they still have a hint of green in the skin and no. brown. marks.

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist because I thought I could learn that squeaky whale language and talk to them… needless to say I adored Finding Nemo, even though I had moved on from the marine biologist thing by the time the movie came out.

    Also incredibly short sighted, and I have a small collection of random out of focus photos because thats how the world looks when I don’t have my contacts it.

  5. Post author

    Ha ha Lisa I may well have been! I remember one concert they were supported by westlife who had a different name then. Ahh the joys of 90s boy bands

  6. Branwen cook

    I too was bullied at school, I am a vicars daughter, I have three tattoos, two brothers (one of which I only met two years ago) and a sister. My boys are my reason for getting up every day and I once had my illustrations published in a book about karate. X

  7. So if Rachel is named after your sister, who is Henry named after? 🙂

    Great post – you’re right, so many of us put ourselves out there on the internet (and it’s a fantastic thing to do), that the fact that there’s so much of us we keep hidden – that we SHOULD keep hidden – is sometimes forgotten by those who only know us online.

    Anyway – a few things about me:

    – I was a proper obsessive Duranie as a teenager. I’m still peeved that John Taylor forgot to marry me.
    – Rice pudding makes me hurl.
    – I used to be Financial Director of a large Volkswagen dealership. People who didn’t know me back then still struggle with that concept.
    – Rolf Harris had a pet name for me when I was a child.

  8. I’m not sure I have any secrets as such to reveal, but I can tell you that I had a similar bad taste in music when I was 13 – my acts of choice were Bros (oh the shame!) and MC Hammer. And another that I really am too ashamed to ever tell anyone about.

  9. Bride oB

    I love this and i’ll share a little with you,
    I feel somehow inferior and behave accordingly.

    I will NEVER willingly call anyone on the phone.

    I love strawberries but hate strawberry flavoured things.

    I’m also very short sighted!

    I have lost 7 stone in a year.

    I’m terrified of custard, yes really lol.

    I love tattoos and have four but i don’t think i look like a tattoo person.

    I don’t tell anyone but having my daughters in my teens was the best thing that i ever did.

    I’ve been with my fiance for 8 years today and on our first date i fell in Hyde park serpentine lol.

    I grew up in a village with 50 houses and a pub. The farthest i ever went for 7 years is the 2 mile walk to school.

    I enter every competition i see.

    I want to be an accountant, yes i know, yawn.

    I’m only 22 but regularly feel 82.

    I can read a book a day and keep buying them even though James has told me no! I have 3 bookcases full, my wardrobe is chocablock and i’ve even started piles under the bed. Shh

    I’ve never used hair straightners

    I haven’t drank a drop of alcohol since i fell pregnant with my second baby over 3 years ago. And i’ve never been to a nightclub.

    Ok, so that turned into alot about me! It’s kind of fun to share with people you don’t know.

  10. I like the name Henry for a cat, I think it’s awesome 🙂

    My dad used to work with Rolf Harris when I was little (he has always been in film and broadcasting – most likely where I got it from). Rolf has a daughter not that much older than me who is called Bindi – I was named after her, as Bindi is a variant of Belinda. (Weirdly enough, she now lives two doors away from my eldest sister).

    Anyway – yes, Rolf had a little pet name for me. It was, erm, ‘Woozle Bug’. I must have been a particularly weird looking child :/

  11. Bride oB

    Belinda how is that anything to bring shame! I’m pretty jealous, i want a Rolf pet name. And Kat, the hyde park incident was pretty funny. As was travelling 70 miles home stinking of duck poo! Still, couldn’t of been worse, we had our second date the next weekend and i broke my wrist ice skating at Ally pally, you could say i really ‘fell’ for him 🙂

  12. – I only ate my first hamburger when I was 17
    – been horse riding since the age of six
    – need to clean my saddle today for the first time in three years. I miss riding.
    – I was born with a club foot. Luckily they fixed it when I was a baby.
    – I am not a fan of ice cream, desserts or cake
    – I don’t drink beer, red wine or white wine. Only rose or cocktails.
    – I started going out clubbing at the age of 15/16 and had a ball! It was Durban after all, everyone could get into the clubs at a young age there!
    – I dream of living by the beach again one day.

  13. Katrina

    Some of these are brilliant! Kat- I kinda guessed at the natural hair colour from your wedding pics! Ok, here goes…
    – I am also really short sighted, but can’t bear contacts so my glasses are as much a part of me as my hands!
    – I suffer from horrible anxiety, to the extent where I don’t answer the phone (even to my family on a bad day), and get really nervous even commenting on blogs in case everyone hates me
    – I am desperate to go into the wedding industry as I’m absolutely obsessed with weddings, but am still deciding what I’d be best at doing
    – I also really want to start a wedding blog, but am so terrified of unintentionally stepping on peoples’ toes (so much etiquette!) that it’s really holding me back
    – I’m going on my first holiday with my husband (and kids) since we’ve been together, which is nearly 6 years… and even now we’re only going to Center Parcs
    – I’m married to a 32 year old retiree (yes, really!)
    – I hated my wedding day. Absolutely hated it. And am determined that one day we will have a “proper” wedding, with everything how we want it
    – I live in an 800 year old house. Which sounds far cooler than it actually is. Great to look at, a nightmare to live in!

    Sorry, they seem really boring compared to everyone else’s!

  14. hey kat,

    okay, i am going to share some gems…

    1. i hate cottonballs, the feel of them, the sight of them.. scares me!

    2. i was obsessed with East 17 for years in high school.

    3. my left foot is 3.5 sizes smaller than my right after years of operations to correct a club foot… so i can’t wear heels at all.

    4. i love goats.

    5. i used to have my left nipple pierced and no one even knew! HAHA. i was single at the time.

    6. i have two full sleeves of tattoos, and only this year i told my family… my workplace has no idea.

    7. i was in the weight watchers magazine for losing 30 kilos, then gained all the weight i lost… so i dont tell anyone.

  15. 90’s music has left a dent and an eternal impression on my youthful self which has been exceptionally hard to shake off. The side effects have been and still are that whenever I hear music I followed in my very early teens, I can not help but sing a long and my body does try and move to the music! This can be embarrassing for most people in my vicinity! The music ranges from – please do not judge – Peter Andre (mysteriouse girl), boys to men, spice girls, boyzone and many many more!

    Ahhh the relief of sharing ! The truth shall free you, now I’m off to chiswick vintage where I met Kat the first time actually.

    Have a good Sunday xx

  16. Ok so what you probably don’t know about me
    – I’m the eldest of seven, I have 5 sisters and 1 brother
    – I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years
    – I used to have my nose and belly button pierced but took them out 1) when I realised I was never going to tummy worth showing off and 2) iI was trying to get a proper job
    – I’m only 5′ 1″ and I have very flat feet
    – I read palms and tarot cards
    – I have very bad psoriasis and you will never seen me do a boudoir shoot because of this
    – I’m very shy around people I don’t know, so if you see me at an event and I don’t say ‘hello’ I’m not being rude I just think you won’t know who I am.
    – I want to be a ghosthunter

  17. I am 51 and feel way to old to be into the rock n roll bride, tattoos, piercings scene but find it it so exciting.

    I like food, period. And have no food phobias.

    My cocked spaniel Molly can wrap me round her little paw…

    I am always looking at other work for inspiration, trying to work out how to emulate without copying….

    Proud owner of Rock n Roll Bride magazine issue 1

  18. Indiana Jones is the best movie of all time (just not that last one they made… that sucked). I tried being an archeologist because of those movies but it’s really hard labor! So now I teach ancient history so that a student will one day invite me to visit on her adventure…. still waiting on that one.

    I am scared to death of turning 40 and a little pissed off that I just discovered shooting wedding photography in my late 30s but realized it’s what I was meant to do

    Am totally confused by blogging and website since ours (art + life) disappeared in cyber space and we are rebuilding.

    I was totally bullied and am spending hours trying to fight and stop bullying in schools.

    I have a step sister who is Real Housewife, well she is on just as much as the regular girls…. but to be honest, I probably would watch anyway. It’s like a train wreck.

  19. I have 10 things you may not know about me on my About page, so here you go:
    1) Many years ago I was a dress designer with my own Club wear label
    2) I used to be a dancer in a 70s act
    3) I don’t eat red meat
    4) I was born in London and brought up in Cornwall
    5) My 3rd cousin is Nicole Kidman
    6) My curls are not natural, it’s a perm (But my read hair is natural)
    7) Nik wants me to go on X factorbut I will NEVER sing in public
    8) I’m Dyslexic
    9) I used to want to be a ballerina
    10) I passed my driving test on my 5th attempt

  20. Bride oB

    Kat you should be a vicar (vicaress?)! Everyone just loves to share the nitty gritty. Oh, please get a gorgeous confession booth and tour it with you. It’d be a giggle!

  21. Kirin Knapp

    Love the post! It’s fun learning little things about people.

    1. I have two cats: Tanta (Tawn-tuh) Marie, and Penelope Lane (she goes by Penny Lane, after the Beatle’s song). They have two names just so I can say them both.

    2. My ’97 Honda Civic is named Hannibal, and the USB drive for music in him is named Clarice (because I adore the Hannibal Lecter series).

    3. I had eye surgery when I was in second grade. I see double, am near-sighted, have an astigmatism in both eyes, and can voluntarily focus out of one eye at a time. Oh, and I can’t put contacts in for the life of me. Takes forever!

    4. My middle name is Nichelle, named after Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek.

    5. My first name is a Japanese beer (not named that on purpose).

    6. I was a vegetarian for 7 years, and am now a polla-pesca-tarian. I eat poultry and seafood. No red meat.

    7. In school, my transition to “rock and roll” was abrupt. I went from Mariah Carey straight into White Zombie. To this day I still can’t stand Mariah Carey, but I listen to pretty much everything. And, Louis Armstrong is probably my favorite. Interesting mix, no?

    8. I have a problem committing to numbers with decimals or numbers that don’t appear to me to go up in an easy pattern. They generally need to be .25, .5, .75, or need to go by 2s, 3s, or 5s for me to be really okay with it. It’s hard for me to walk away from it if it’s not. That’s why there’s going to be 10 things in my list.

    9. I used to be terrified of letting the wall of the pool go when I was younger. I just couldn’t do it and didn’t know why. It wasn’t until I realized that when I was three (almost four) that I nearly drown. As soon as I realized that, I was fine.

    10. I have always had a fascination with motorcycles, and will be getting my license soon with my boyfriend. I’m really excited.

  22. Awww, these are good Kat 🙂

    As for me…

    – When I was a kid, I was already an entrepreneur – I started a tattoo shop that I was doing on other kids with my color pens against sweets & chocolate… I even had a magazine with my tattoo drawings in which my little clients could browse and decide which one they wanted the most.

    – The first movie I saw in cinema was Beauty & The Beast back when I was three. At the end, when he turned into a prince, I cried so much we had to leave. I thought it was so stupid that he was turning into someone “normal”.

    – I proposed to my boyfriend. It was the most romantic thingy ever and I even got a hidden surprise tattoo for the occasion.

    – I love to eat cereals in the morning, but I have to leave them about 5 minutes in the milk before I eat them – I love me some soft cereals 😉

  23. Alison

    I read this post in the car (as a passenger I must add!) so thought I would wait till I got home to add something. Great fun to read such interesting & random posts.

    – I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 14. I have *never* eaten a KFC or Big Mac in my life.

    – My years at secondary school were the least happy of my life and I still feel bad about all the grim teenage stuff I put my parents through back then.

    – However it makes me so happy to see how happy my parents are since they retired…and I suspect, since I left home.

    – My garden is my favourite place in the whole world.

    – If you had told me in 2007 that I would be getting married and having a baby in 2012 I would not have believed it in my wildest dreams!

  24. Post author

    Alison I don’t eat McDonald’s either. Its another one of those foods I just cant bring myself too! I am partial to the odd dirty kfc though

  25. ah yay!love posts like this that make you feel just a little bit more normal!!

    Here’s mine:

    *I love being alone but hate doing anything by myself

    *I’m a vegetarian but love the feel of raw meat

    * I’m quite clever but numbers bamboozle me i cant tell the time or do times tables

    * when i was younger i wanted to be a different ethnicity, i thought being white was boring obviously i’ve grown out of that and now know it doesnt’t matter what colour your skin is!

  26. Julia

    I had my nipple pierced. During a moment of intimacy the ball choked my date and well heimlich manoeuvre followed.

  27. “It has a start button” – So cool!!! Really, really loved this Kat.

    I had a severe crush on Prince. I mean, severe! Flouncy shirts, heels everything!

    I love heels to. 1 pair in my wardrobe I haven’t worn at all. I have this method when I go out you see. Heels on, walk to car. Sit. Walk from car to venue. Sus toilets. Sit near toilets so I don’t have to walk far. I kind of totter, ass over tit in heels. Not an elegant look at all!!

  28. Corrinne Barr

    Awwwww Kat, this was a great post! Here are 5 things the people don’t really know about me / know all too well:-

    1. I hate the touch of water on my hands after ive showered – freaks me out for some reason
    2. I have 12 tattoos (one which includes a full sleeve) and most of my work colleagues are blissfully unaware
    3. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty even though im 25
    4. Im scared of failure and especially letting my partner down
    5. My favourite band is the Foo Fighters and im trying to find a Foo’s song for our first dance 🙂


  29. Ha – am enjoying the sharing!! Here are some of my secrets

    1. I grew up in Royston Vasey
    2. I once had lunch with Tony Blair at No. 10 (tiny beefburgers as canapes – yum)
    3. I won a competition to have a Mills&Boon published 10 years ago but still haven’t written it (ahem)
    4. I’m currently taking part in NaNoWriMo (see above)
    5. I had to inject myself over 30,000 time during my life but now only have to do it once every 3 days.

  30. Natalie

    omg boyzone! I had every inch off my bedroom wall covered in posters! I remember seeing the concert where westlife supported – they were called westside at first I think!
    Some things about me:

    – I met most of the Man Utd team when I was 12 years old, including David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Peter Schmeichel. My older sis used to stalk them at the training ground and I tagged along a few times!
    – I moved from Manchester to the midlands at the age of 14 with my family, and my nickname at my new school was ‘Manchester’!
    – We have two gorgeous kitties called Lester and Tammy after the two places we are connected to (Leicester and Tamworth!). Cheesy!
    – I met my husband-to-be off the internet when I was 16 (does anyone remember ICQ?).
    – I hate Monday mornings, as they = work. But when I take a step back I realise how much I love my job because it involves designing things that people take for granted every day, and without us people wouldn’t be able to survive!
    – I really love doing the ironing! Random!

  31. Oooh fab….great to get to know you even more lovely…..sooo in the spirit of sharing here’s some things you may not know about me!

    1. I used to write poetry and even had some published (it’s usually depressing)

    2. I am on my 2nd marriage!! By 25 I had been married and divorced!

    3. I am a true petrol head and own a Subaru Impreza and a Nissan Skyline…they are my babies (well the Skyline is!)

    4. I used to help run a website called Girlracer.co.uk and owned two show cars (one had around 10k of airbrushing)

    5. My dream for 2012 is to complete my Accelerated Freefall certificate that I started years ago.

    6. I have severe scoliosis…and have had two ops. I definately win quite a few my scars bigger than your scar comps.

    7. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher

    8. When I was born I was a freak of nature/wonder of science with two umbilical cords

    9. I love music…..LOUD music

    10. I have over 100 stars tattooed on my body! (and my parents hate tattoo’s)

    So there ya go….some random facts!!

  32. Kelly

    What a lovely idea for Sunday 🙂

    Kat I don’t know how you live in a world without chocolate, I’ve always thought I was a savoury person until i realised all the savoury foods I like are really sweet eg BBQ sauce on pizza instead of tomato!

    I am named after Charlie’s angels, my dad was completely in love with Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) and then my parents saw a Benny Hill Sketch called ‘Charlene’s Angels’ and thought Charlene sounded a bit exotic (this was 1980!) and so Kelly Charlene was born.

    I was born prematurely at 3 minutes and 2 seconds past 1 in the morning on April Fools day and my nan hung up on my dad when he rang to tell her because she thought he was joking!

    I’m scared of the dark and I don’t know why 🙁

    I’m signed to Decca Records at Universal – well as part of a a choir (Rock Choir) and our album entered the midweek chart at number 5 last year!

    I love baking cakes and make particularly wonderful chocolate brownies, one day I’d love to open my own vintage tea shop and i’ve found the perfect place up for sale near my home…there is many nose prints of mine on that window…

    I’m very bubbly and chatty and so people don’t realise i’m secretly quite shy…even my best friends will probably think i’m joking!

    There’s nothing I love more than getting stuck into a good fantasy series, the more witches and dragons in the books, the better.

    I want to be Jessica Rabbit!!! 🙂

    Well that’s enough for now…….I am a big geek…nuff said


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