A CMYK Themed Wedding: Rebekah & David

When Rebekah & David’s wedding landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago I just about let out a ‘whoop’ of joy! Colour colour everywhere, what’s not to love? Their CMYK theme is just perfect….perfect!

“Shortly after our engagement, David suggested that we have a CMYK wedding” Rebekah told me. “Graphic design is a massive part of our lives and to base our wedding on the colours that make up a lot of printed design work (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black) made so much sense to us. It was so much fun applying CMYK theme to our day, from table numbers, to my wedding dress to our bridesmaids.”

The wedding took place at the church they attend regularly, followed by a reception at The Roundhouse in Derby. They clearly put a lot of work and thought into the décor, including their fabulous and unique guest book idea, “We produced our own guest book by using a series of postcards that Dave designed and then we had guests write on them and peg them to a washing line, it was a great visual effect,” they said.

I know you’re all thinking ‘The dress Kat, what about her dress?!?’ Well Rebekah’s dress was made by True Bride which bought from Lori G Bridal. The team at the store also custom-made her fabulous multi coloured petticoat which she wore underneath the gown. “The colours in my petticoat were a solution to my desire to have CMYK on the dress,” she told me. “It wasn’t actually full petticoat, but individual square pieces of netting pinched up, like a handkerchief, and sewn on to one of the layers of my dress. I bought metres and metres of the netting from my local market and it worked a treat. The wonderful seamstress at the bridal shop dd any amazing job of realising my vision!”

Her bridesmaids all adopted one CMYK colour and bought their dresses from various high street stores. They wore their own shoes and each girl even found a pair of Converse trainers in their colour to wear in the evening! The girl’s also each had a different colour bouquet to match and the bride had a bunch of white blooms. The result is certainly dramatic and modern. I love it!

Just wow. Thank you so much to Rebekah & David and their photographer’s Depict Photography for sharing this thoroughly wonderful wedding with us today.

Photography Credit: Depict Photography
Ceremony Venue: New Life Christian Centre
Reception Venue: The Roundhouse in Derby
Bride’s Dress: True Bride (W924)
Bride’s Shoes: Rainbow Club (Merlot) – customised
Bride’s Headpiece: Liz Felix the Milliner
Flowers: John Preston
Band: The Cover Ups


  1. Oh I love this wedding! So colourful, so stylish! The bride’s hairpiece is just perfect, and Kate at Depict has done a fab job with the photography, love the group shots!

  2. Laurra - One Life Weddings

    Wow, I LOVE this wedding!! (Makes me wish I was a quirky graphic designer too!)

  3. Nic

    This has got to be my favourite wedding you’ve featured! Truly original yet totally meaningful for the couple 😀

  4. RachyLou

    This is fabulous! A brilliant example of how being true to yourselves as a couple can make for an amazing day!

  5. Lou Liddy

    Love this, love the colours, the theming, the attention to detail, the photography and the DRESS and SHOES are to die for! Love it all!

  6. It’s nice to see an original wedding, the trend seems to be for vintage everywhere at the moment – great to see splashes of bold colour coming through =) I love the dress….wish I could get married again!

  7. Oh my I love I love!!!! I’m a sucker for bright colours PLUS I’m a bit of a geek at heart so loving the the CMYK theme! aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

  8. These colors are outrageously fun and the photos are phenomenal! I love colorful weddings done right, and they certainly hit the mark. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  9. Kate B

    Where are the magenta bridesmaid’s heels from? I’n looking for something just like that for my wedding next year.

  10. Christine

    I absolutely love this theme – completely conveys the sense of fun that Rebekah & David clearly share together. I am inspired!

  11. Caroline

    I was the Magenta bridesmaid in this wedding. It was an amazing day and we all totally loved the CMYK theme (all being slightly geeky graphic designers ourselves!) Rebekah and David made the day so special for us and the attention to detail was awesome. Kate B – my shoes were from Jones.

  12. David Hall

    As the father of the bride and all the guests we had such a wonderful day as all the planning and attention to detail together with their love shared on the day came through well done to everyone the helped to make it a fabulous day to remember for the rest of your and their lives together X

  13. As someone who has spent her better years in dark rooms trying to find the perfect balance using CMY (k- came in thecomputer days..) this wedding is a perfect!


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