Post It Notes – 17th June 2011: Posing & Poise

Photography Credit: Andrea Ellison Photography (full photo shoot coming up on the blog next week!)

Posing on your wedding day probably isn’t something you’ll think you need to consider…and probably won’t be something you actually like the sound of. If you’re like most brides you’ll want natural looking wedding photographs right? Yes of course!

However far from making you look stiff and false, adopting a few simple (and easy) poses can actually make you look better…and almost more naturally beautiful on your wedding day – we’re not talking about radically changing your looks or who you are, but just a few tips on how you can make yourself look the best you can and of course accentuating your ‘best bits’ and disguising the bits you’re not so keen on.

Today I’m heading out with a photographer friend of mine to get photographed in some good and bad poses! I hope seeing what looks good (and bad) and the reasons why, will help guide you into how to pose to look your best and most beautiful on your wedding day.

However I need your help. What are you ‘trouble spots?’ Do you hate your chin, your stomach, your nose, your thighs? Let me know in the comments section below and we’ll try to show you the best ways to pose to make these areas look their best (as well as what not to do) in your wedding photographs…and yes I’ll, be sharing photos where I look hideous…just for you guys…so be sure to pop back next week to see the results!

Poise is all about balance, and a good balance in your daily business activities is extremely important. I find it useful to set a limit the time I dedicate to each daily task so that one thing (ahem emails!) doesn’t take over my whole business/life.

Jot down all of these tasks (and yes that includes lunch) and assign a certain amount of time to each one…and stick to it. This will not only balance your work life, it will help to keep you sane! Hopefully it will also alleviate that guilt so many of us feel when we don’t do something we think we should right away! Is it email time? no? Well leave it until tomorrow…

A standard day for me looks something like this:

9.00am – log on, file emails (yes I colour code my emails before I action them…It’s my weird way of keeping on track of what I have to do)

9.30am – check social media, get a feel of what’s going on online…

10.00am – write. This includes any magazine articles/interviews and of course my daily blog posts. I usually write 3 blog posts a day and I mostly work one a day ahead. So on Wednesday I write the posts for Thursday etc and schedule them in advance. This helps me not feel rushed to hit deadlines so much and also helps work around any technical problems I might run into (like photos not uploading properly or the internet going down) without missing my pre-determined blog post times (9am, 12pm and 3pm if you’re interested.)

12.00 – emails again. Just replying to submissions. This doesn’t take too much brain power really and is a nice thing to do before I take a break for lunch. It’s usually pretty easy for me to tell once I see a submission if I feel the wedding/photo shoot is right for Rock n Roll Bride or not. I get around 30/50 submissions a day which is a lot but I’m actually pretty speedy at this job!

2.00 – break time! Have a bath, have some lunch, maybe watch some trash on tv…

3.00 – more emails. Reply to the non-submission emails (i.e the one’s that take a bit more time than simple yes/no replies) I like doing this after lunch because I’m refuelled and ready to start using my brain again!

4.00 – more writing, but usually only if I have a deadline that needs meeting, otherwise I’ll pretty much procrastinate/tweet/network/research upcoming blog post ideas. I write until my brain stops functioning and my sentences don’t make any coherent sense any more. Then it’s time to wind down, have a glass (or 2 or 3…) of wine and chill out with my husband and kittens!

I usually finish my ‘official’ day’s work at about 7pm when I’ll make dinner and hang out with Gareth. In the evening I’ll often dip into emails and social media but I don’t really do anything substantial…this is my brain’s time off!

What does your daily schedule look like?


  1. Chin, stomach and uipper arms, and I am wearing a sleeveless dress so tips there would be AMAZING (always feel beautiful with M but then look at photos and get self critical)

  2. Mel

    Oooh I like this a lot. I’m getting married in 7 weeks (eek!) and want to minimise the size of my hips in photos or at least not have them so on display. I have a big butt and I cannot lie! So tips on that would be great!

  3. I’m with you with the chin thing! I hate mine it’s weird huh?! We’ll definitely have some good tips for you on these areas xx

  4. Post author

    GalVintage – i do too! but i have some tricks. i look forward to sharing them!!
    Deer Donna – for sure it will, 50s style esp with a sash is very flattering and will nip in your waist!

  5. Katherine

    chin area, side on face profile (again, chin not so good in this!) and double chin!!

  6. Vintage & Lace

    The little chubby bit just next to your arm pits!! My dress was yummy, but I always notice the little chubby bit on most of the pics as my photographer was RUBBISH!!! (Nothing to do with the lack of toning prior to the wedding 😉 ) The pic is fab 🙂

  7. Post author

    i have to say im SO GLAD im not the only one with the chin issue. gareth thinks im nuts and doesnt believe its a ‘thing’ haha

  8. The problem I have is looking relaxed, can have some scary stare eyed look sometimes. So relaxed face is good. Also a bit on how to hide bits of body you don’t like – tums and bums.

  9. Vintage & Lace

    I had major chin issue!! I don’t know where it came from, honestly… i swear my face never usually looks like that ha

  10. beccy

    hi, arms and posing with the groom !!! he always ends up leaning on me rather than a lovely embrace!!!!! love your blog, inspired my vintage teaparty/festival in a field wedding in september, so cant wait!!!

  11. This image is dreamy and I cannot wait to see the rest of the shoot! I know what you mean by the schedule, I’m just trying to figure mine out as I feel like things have been a bit off balance lately 😉 Have a great weekend darling and I’m looking forward to see your posing guide! xxx

  12. Claire u

    Hate my chin on photos, it always looks really crooked a big also hate not knowing how to smile without looking like a right goon! Oh & I never know the best way to stand xx

  13. I hate my nose in side profile and also i have trouble looking directly at the camera without looking drunk- i seem to either make my eyes go squinty or starey subconsciously at the last minute x

  14. My profile…I don’t have a defined chin to neck and never like profile images, I always try to elongate my neck to try to make it appear I have one. I 2nd the arms flattening as well as the little fat pooch by your arm pits…..look forward to seeing the images 🙁 Thanks for doing this!

  15. Post author

    haha Pip! that made me chuckle…i get ‘wonk eye’ when ive had a few drinks…maybe its the same thing :oP

  16. Penny

    Definitely upper arms, and the bit next to the armpit like Vintage & Lace said! And side face profile… oh the list just goes on… Looking forward to your hints and tips – I’m getting married 2 weeks tomorrow, eeek!! xxx

  17. Oooh, I have one…

    Teeth, I hate mine, how do you smile without showing them but at the same time avoiding looking like Stan Laurel because you’ve got your mouth closed?

  18. I tend to have an oddd smile when I know I’m being photographed. It’s so bad that ondce when I was a bridesmaid the photographer asked me to ‘stop doing that snarl, please’!! OMG. Mortified doesn’t cover it. I swear I look ok when I’m grinning to myself in the mirror. Which is definitely NOT odd behaviour, is it…? Kat, you have to help me! 😉

  19. Laura Johnson

    Apart from the obvious wobbly bits my nose (long and pointy IMHO) males me look like witchypoo in every photo ever taken of me. Help! Please! Xxx

  20. These comments make for interesting reading. Would a quick posing lesson from your photographer some point before your wedding help? I know lots of distraction/slimming photographic techniques (leaning forward when posing, hiding arms with the veil or the groom’s arms and so on) so rather than stress about the images leading up to the day, would a run through of the poses be a good idea?

  21. Bizarrely enough – teeth! As a bride I had a brace in and whilst it is a lingual appliance (ie on the inside of my teeth so you can’t see it) having already had it on for a year I had become quite conscious of how I smiled.

    Obviously on your wedding day your likely to have big happy wide open grins, but any thoughts on non-shark-face options that don’t leave you looking like a misery at a funeral might be helpful to other orthodontically-challenged brides! x

  22. Peri

    Oh why can’t you post this evening?! my wedding thing is tomorrow! this would have been so helpful! still look foward to reading it next week! xx

  23. Ems

    Vintage and Lace – completely agree – the chubby bit between top of boobs and underarms – strapless dresses are a no no for this.

    Also upper arms looking fat, double chin and knees with fat bits outside of the knee area more like inner thighs that have dropped! only a problem if wearing a shorter dress I suppose. Otherwise tummy from a side on view….x

  24. Post author

    aww Peri, good luck with your wedding! maybe you can use the tips for a post wedding photo shoot?!

  25. Lynsey

    Great idea! I’m plus size and getting married in September. Really looking forward to this entry! Im most self conscious about my neckline and tummy. Love your blog!

  26. alex

    aaagh chin chin and more chin – i don’t just have a double one sometimes it looks like a triple one in photos! Also i wear glasses and want to wear them on my wedding day but worried they’ll ruin the photos :-s – upper arms ‘binho wings’ and ways to make legs look slimmer (im wearing a short dress!) xxx

  27. Like many ladies we all have our insecurities and I’m no different. Double chin syndrome, yes I could have done some exercise or not eat that double chocolate cookie but hey I am who I am. However I still would love to have at least one photo of my wedding day where I don’t have jabba the hutt’s chin. So thanks Kat for a great idea. 14 DAYS TO GO sorry for the capitals but I’m soooo excited. bx

  28. Fantastic post, both parts.

    I would say I probably have a love/hate relationship with the camera, I love photos but hate being in them and I am sooo critical of the way I look so when I see a picture of myself I usually want to cry. My worst bit is my stomach and upper body, I have big boobs but a smaller waist and hips which makes me look very top-heavy and I tend to look like a sack of spuds. Not cool.

    Your advice would be a godsend….you always look fab in all your shoots. Michelle x

  29. Lou Liddy

    I always manage a double chin, and HATE my arms! Bingo wing central!

    I am 5ft tall and my hubby to be is 6ft and super skinny, which totally accentuates my (ahem) curviness for want of a better word! I may try and avoid having any photos with him!! LOL

    And for some unknown reason as soon as I see a camera pointed at me I poke my tongue out or pull a stupid face and I don’t really want to look like that in ALL my wedding photos!! LOL

    We have our engagement shoot soon so I am hoping this will be good practice and help me learn how not to look totally ridiculous!

    Thanks Kat, this is a fab idea! I need all the help I can get LOL!

  30. Aarghhh Kat, I LOVE that you are doing this. I need your help. I have fat back. No matter what I do, however much I work out or tone up, I have an overspill of fat over the top of my dresses at the back (as well as the pouch under your arms eeek) and a an ‘underspill’ under my bra. I have been fitted for bras and it still happens. I’m only a size 10, it’s so unfair 🙁

    I am going to have to pick a full lace back dress and only pose to the front I think but I am terrified that my friends will take impromptu of my lovely man twirling me on the floor and my back will look horrendous, even with the lace….ARGHH!


  31. I’d go with all of those who say upper arms – have inherited some beauties from my grandmother.

    Also I tend to have what my friends refer to as ‘chandler face’ in photos (if you’ve seen the episode of Friends with the engagement pics you’ll know what I’m talking about) – as soon as I know the camera’s on me I just look, well, crazy.

  32. MissKimberlina

    Chin of course, and bingo wings! And also if someone gets a camera out I seem to pull either a really cheesy grin or stupid faces, obvious insecurities and now find it impossible to pose naturally! Help!

  33. TracyM

    Okay this might be a weird one, but what the hell are you supposed to do with your hands?! Mine are really big and I always notice them in photos!

  34. Nose it always looks a bit vicious in pictures, and I do this weird thing where I manage to close my eyes… almost always. Oh and natural gazing at the camera as I when my eyes are open I seem to do a mix of murderous crazy eye rather than soft and happy.

  35. Fatos

    Though my shoulders are enough wide, they are round! I mean the bones are not visible enough. ( Yes because of a few pounds) So I dont want to give a side pose, cause it makes my arms to seem like my uppfer leg 🙁

  36. very much looking forward to the posing and poise article, I will be encouraging all prospective brides to take a look. I find one of the most important things is to get the bride and groom to relax and enjoy the photograph.

    cant wait for the article

  37. Great idea! I have the ‘family chin’ that’s a double chin when you look down no matter how slim someone is in our family & when you look up is pretty much a straight line from the end of your chin to your neck, so in otherwords I don’t have much of a chin! Looking forward to seeing this post! x

  38. Becky Boopy

    I also end up with a double chin and hate my wobbly upper arms, i’m wearing a sleeveless dress too so i’m a bit worried about it!

  39. Top of arms! People say put them on your hips but then you run the risk of looking like a petulant child in a sulk or a prima donna! A good way to have skinny top arms but not hands on hips would be good!!!! 🙂

  40. Cathy

    Wonky eyes! One goes smaller than the other when I smile!! Its totall wierd, because it is not noticable in real life but SO startling in photos!!

  41. Oh I love that you are doing this! Ladies, you have all made me feel so much better already, I thought I was alone – I fear so many of these things (aren’t we all funny!) Really looking forwad to the post Kat xx

  42. Elo Sunshine

    I personally have a problem with… my whole self: I hate photos, everything is sooooo wrong! And being a plus size definitely doesn’t help…
    But i’m really looking forward to your article, maybe a few tricks will help me not cringing when looking at the photos afterwards!


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