How To…Make Your Own Paper Flowers

So today’s DIY tutorial from wedding planner Andri Benson of Always Andri doesn’t have to be restricted to just weddings (although how flipping adorable would these make as bouquets or centrepieces?!) I can totally imagine a big old bunch of these sat next to me on my desk.  So so pretty! And what a great use for all those pages and pages of magazine adverts? Let’s save the trees people.


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What you need:

♥ Shredding Scissors
♥ Masking or sticky tape
♥ Floral tape
♥ Wooden BBQ skewers
♥ Magazines

1. Tear colourful ads from magazines, I like Vogue or wedding magazines as they always have loads of full page double sided ads.

2. With the colours you like to see more of facing up, fold the page in half and then concertina each page back on its self so you have 3 folds.

3. With the folds facing up using the Shredding scissors cut along the strip, do not cut all the way down leave at least a centimetre uncut.

4. Once it’s all cut take your wooden skewer and tape the end of your cut paper strip to it (depending on whether your right or left handed it will feel better to roll in a certain direction , might just take trial and error find best direction to roll in.)

5. Then gently roll the strip round the skewer, keep the tension tight as you roll and pushing it up to form a nice rounded flower head.

6. Once rolled take some more tape and wrap it tightly round the base pulling the paper in.

7. Then take the floral tape you need to pull on the tape, stretching it slightly as you go and wrap it around the paper flower from the base down the skewer.

8. Finished!

Depending on the colour of the advert you can make different bunches and then pop them in a container of your choice, in true recycling fashion I used food cans here covered in another advert.

Photography Credit: Fanni Williams


  1. Post author

    Takara – there is a link to amazon where i found some under the ‘you will need’ section, but im sure you can get them in most craft stores :o)

  2. These are great – I’ve seen similar on another blog this week, done with newspaper though – and they just weren’t as good. Using the pink from wedding mags makes them look sooo much nicer. The colour makes a huge difference.

    And those scissors do look fun. 🙂

  3. So good idea, this afternoon I`m going to make some of them for my room, such a sweaty and beautifully flowers. Great recycle idea.

  4. Danielle Pasternak

    Love this tutorial! And Vogue is the BEST magazine to use. Definitely trying this once I get my hands on those scissors.

  5. Thanks for posting this Kat, glad everyone likes them, they are super easy to make and little addictive once you start. I got my scissors from Hobbycraft, they’re by Martha Stewart and sometimes called fringeing scissors.

  6. Oh wow, loving these! All these pics, tips and ideas are making me want to get married too!! Thanks for posting 🙂

  7. Hey, you just saved my sanity on what to do on this rainy morning with the 4 year old. She’ll love that and there are some Vogues gathering dust in the corner… perfick

  8. Lisa

    I just bought mine from ebay for under £4! they are brand new too so don’t buy them from B&Q etc. They are called Shredding scissors.

    thanks for this tip I am a teacher and I am asking all of my pupils to make the flowers for my bouquet and this is just perfect for all ages.

  9. anjaly

    Actually, this type of simple paper flower are very good.
    So cute, I’ll try this ……………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. love it!!! its sooooooooooooooo creative and cute :). at first when i saw the pics of these flowers i thought it was damn hard. but so easy. where else could i get such a creative art. thank you so much for helping me. luv u <3<3<3

  11. merci pour l’idée : avec un peu moins de volume, je les vois aussi très bien sur mes cartes et mes pages de scrap !… avec tous les vieux magazines que j’ai en réserve, la maison va être toute fleurie 😉 !!!… et en noir et blanc, avec des pages de texte uniquement, elles seront jolies aussi…
    j’ai posté un lien ici : (et aussi sur le board “DIY : flowers & bows”)

  12. This is amazing! What a way to spend some time with my grandkids or even myself with all the magazines I have hanging around my house, and the wondering what I can do when TV is so boring. Recycling is great, but having something to fill the empty Vases in my home would surly do my decorating a bit of cheering up around here! Thanks for the wonderful tip. I might even give the teachers in my Grandson’s Summer Camp this tip. They are always looking for something for the kids to do, and it would make a nice little gift for mom at the end of the day! 🙂

  13. Lemon and Lime

    I would love to see a 4 year old attach these flowers to a skewer stem !!!! Please tell me what I am doing wrong, there is far too much paper to roll and the skewer just slips through or due to bulk of paper impossible to stick to skewer.

  14. Lemon and Lime

    Just as I thought, is that double sided sticking tape you are using as you roll ? Just viewed another site and they use this, makes sense.

  15. Lemon and Lime

    has anyone ever tried curling the petals with a knife? Gives a nice closed bud effect.

  16. Lemon and Lime

    Ha no replies re rolling ! I am using a pencil to roll and then carefully binding with the green garden tape. As said the bulk of paper at the end results make it difficult .

  17. Geo

    I did my trial run on these today… Tutorial was very easy to follow! For my first attempt, I used the magazine cover. The paper was too thick, and it did not look good. For my second attempt, I used an inside page, and it turned out great. Thanks so much!

  18. Dixie

    As a teacher, I have loads of catalogs and it kills me to put them in the trash. I also sponsor my school’s Nature Club. So I had to try this. It was great. Can’t wait till school starts again. I am so going to add this to my recycling projects.


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