A Creative & Colourful Vintage Explosion

I teased you with this shoot on the blog last Friday, and since then I’ve been getting daily tweets and facebook messages asking when I’m blogging the full thing…so needless to say I think you’re going to like this baby just as much as I do!

This styled shoot was set up by photographer Andrea Ellison who wanted to get together with some of her favourite wedding industry companions and create something great. She told me all about it last week, “I had been speaking with Mandy from Saddleworth Shindigs for a while about arranging a shoot “just for the pure hell of it ”  The time was never right and we couldn’t find anyone suitable….and then Amelia Rose Wheeler walked past me in a pub dressed to the nines like she had just walked off a 1940’s film set…I set off in hot persuit  leaving  my hubby chewing his own leg off with embarrassment as I picked up our model…she is a burlesque dancer called  be_bop_ a_lulu who also owns a vintage clothes store and she is just aceness itself.”

“I am like you. I totally agree that just because you have someone nearby who has the same business as you do that doesn’t mean you have to hate each others guts,” Andrea continued. “I have two other photographers, Claire Penn PhotographyJo Rutherford Photography, both hugely talented and both on my doorstep, and the best work we do is when the three of us get together and share ideas and shoots. We support each other, we pass bookings to each other and we never see each other as competition. There is a photographer for every bride and if your true to your style they will find you if they like what you do”

LOVE! Thanks to Andrea and the whole team (listed under the gallery) for sharing their beautiful shoot with us today.

Photography Credit: Andrea Ellison PhotographyClaire Penn PhotographyJo Rutherford Photography
Props & Hire: Mandy Beck of Saddleworth Shindigs
Flowers/Bouquets: Lynn of Hair Bows Wonderworld on Etsy
Cakes: Helen Finney of Cats Whiskers Cake Design
Dresses: Amy Russell of Honeypie Boutique
Venue: Willington Hall
Hair & Make Up: Hannah Jones
Models: Hannah Jones & Amelia Rose Wheeler


  1. Eeeeeeeee!!!! So so so happy I’m putting down my cuppa to do a little dance. What a gorgeous shoot, you three!

    Also, Ellison, I LOVE how you found your model. You’re embarrassing but in a very good way xxx

  2. Wow, what a fantastic shoot. Love the colours, jaw dropping!! These three gals are all amazing photographers and beautiful people in their own right. Stunning models always help too!!

  3. Fabulous shoot! I love these girls; Andrea, Claire and Jo are gorgeous people, full of fun and energy and they deserve every success! xx

  4. Wow – these are amazing!! I am sooooo proud to call the three of you my mentors and my friends!! Absolutely beautiful. Jo, Andrea and Claire, you deserve all the success in the world!!! xxxxxx

  5. This shoot has so much attitude that it is almost crazy! I am proud to say that I know Andrea, Claire and Jo and their infectious personalities are really reflected in these amazing images. I am so proud that I could pop with excitement for them. Thanks Kat for sharing …

  6. Natalie Lloyd

    Fabulous – I used Claire Penn Photography for my very small wedding, and she was brilliant kept us all relaxed and captured our memories perfectly.

    These are so wonderful and prove that white isn’t necessary for a wedding (I got married in black velvet).

  7. Mandy

    WOW!!! Totally loving this shoot, made up my mind that I definitely need to go vintage! Is it just me just having a blonde moment or are the links not working? x

  8. Love the shoot and love the vision I now have of you leaving your husband mid-sentence to chase your model out of bar to “pick her up” lol!

    I couldn’t agree more, Andrea on the idea that it is a great idea to have a good relationship with local photographers who share your vision, but it is sooooooo hard to get others to see you as anything but a threat 🙁 Any top tips on that front?

  9. Oh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I am sooo proud of them!!! You girls totally rock and I also love how you picked up your model! better than any guy would manage lol

  10. OH. MY. GOODNESS!! What amazing pictures! I think the top one could be my favourite picture ever! Sooo many ideas and so much inspiration thank you!

  11. Hi Hilary…….yes! ..I hope ….don’t waste time on the haters……for every one of the nay sayers their will be someone just like you just glad of a friendly word and happy to meet…shoot…and share….trust me !

    I met both….don’t even bother sharing air with the “grumps”…… no point ….old dog and spots and all that ! ….the fact that you took time to comment on others work shows who you are….find more of those xx I am sooo very glad I did x hope that helps x

  12. Alexandra

    What lovely pictures, so different to what the usual wedding photographer does, you must really love what you do to just spend a day doing it for fun. I’m not sure which photos belong to which photographer but I love them all I’ll definitely be keeping up with what you do next Andrea, Claire and Jo xxx

  13. Well, I’ve had a busy day and just caught up with all these comments! 🙂

    Hilary – what Andrea failed to mention is the addition of cake and wine which often helps when meeting other togs… that’s how you sort the wheat from the chaff and is certainly what works for us three. Not whilst shooting of course. Although…

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone. xx

  14. Thank you so much Kat for featuring our shoot, as you can probably tell everyone had a fab time and it was just like playing haha

    deer donna all hair pieces were made by our very own Lynne aka Hairbows Wonderland isn’t it stunning


  15. Looooooooove this shoot!! Gorgeous!!!!! Big fan of Hairbowswonderworld work!!!! I could recognize her work a mile away! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Stacey

    Love this shoot! So glad you linked the dresses, gonna have to buy my wedding dress there! LOL Where did those beautiful red shoes come from?? : )

  17. Amelia Rose Wheeler

    Hey stacey, the shoes are my own from faith, but ive seen a very similar pair by vivienne westwood which are to die for! 🙂

  18. Stacey

    Thanks Amelia! I absolutely love them, I just bought a similar pair in black but the red is amazing lol! I cant wait to buy everything for the wedding now, this shoot has given me such ideas : )

  19. Oh wow – the fun side of a vintage styled shoot! I love it. The dresses, the colours, the fun and sunshine… brilliant 🙂


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