1. Seriously what are you trying to do to me! I have just sobbed all my eye makeup off! I thought I did good getting up early and having my makeup done already!! Just beautiful.

  2. Post author

    well i figured if i was crying at 9am i’m bringing the rest of you down with me

  3. Post author

    haha Amma! I dont cry, like EVER at stuff like this but it slayed me. SLAAAYED me.

  4. Lizzie Jayne

    Most perfect video ever. Loved it (even though my face is now soaking wet).

  5. Oh my…that was so beautiful, I cry at everything so I just overdosed on tears at that video, so lovely…sob’

  6. Amazing video… I was wondering what was wrong with me as I wasn’t crying like everyone else seems to be… but the tears appeared when they were on the rooftop and streamed down my cheeks like a river! Damn! Loved it.

  7. The first minute made me laugh the next four minutes made me smile, then the tone of the music changed and I knew what was coming as I watched I had tears welling in my eyes (I know Ime a man but I have admitted to this phenomana before) before long they were flowing, duh.
    That mans voice by the way is awsome so gravelly and deep.

  8. Utterly amazing! Sitting here bawling my eyes out, think I may need to go re-do my make-up lol. Definitely the best proposal video ever!! xx

  9. RachyLou

    I have NEVER cried at any proposal before- until now! How beautiful. What a lovely couple and obviously so in love. I wish everybody in the world could feel like this! xo

  10. Oh good lord. I’m not one to weep [other than at The Notebook] but let’s just say there is one major lump in my throat right now. Beautiful.

    Though I can’t help but wonder how they did all the filming of the two of them without her being suspicious?!

  11. Post author

    charley, i reckon the ‘montage’ bits of video were bits they already had maybe…

  12. I love that it gave me the same feelings I had when I watched Up, and they showed her in the video crying while watching it. What a great memory to have for a lifetime!

  13. John

    thanks everyone for the kind words! i work in tv and told my girlfriend in september that I was going to work on short film for a contest about “my life” and of course she would be a part of it. So I basically brought my video camera to every occasion: vacation, Christmas, skiing, bowling. She is ridiculously patient, unassuming, and willing to put up with an obnoxious boyfriend with a video camera. but mostly i had footage of her. or she took some shots of me. So a pal of mine (who shoots wedding films) said he wanted to shoot engagement videos and needed “practice clients” so he took us out a few times 🙂

  14. good lord, why am i crying about people I’ve never met?!

    That was so beautiful, that guy has just ruined proposals for every man in the world now!


  15. Yes, they MUST play that at the wedding. The montage bits were filmed by someone else though as they were always together so must have meant there was always someone else on holiday etc with them!? Worked in TV… I probably notice these things more than most!

  16. Post author

    John, can I just say your video has turned the whole wedding industry into crying wrecks today! The idea is inspired and Ive watched it 3 times. HUGE congrats to you. I cant wait to see your wedding already!

  17. Wow that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. How creative and personal. Now my co-workers are looking at me funny. This doesn’t help that I am pregnant and an emotional wreck already. Thanks for sharing!

  18. What a love story! And this is just the beginning…
    Congratulations to the gorgeous couple and thank you for sharing such a beautiful and heartfelt story. Will you do a video of your wedding too? Please?

  19. Jenna

    Ahh that was beautiful! I actually started crying in work… feel ashamed. Haha :o) x

  20. I just have to comment but I don’t know what to say!!!!!! {and that is unheard of!!!}.

    This is the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen. Really. 7 and a bit minutes of utterly amazingness.

    So perfect, so beautiful so bloody brilliant!!!

    I am still sobbing now too! 😉


  21. Colette

    This is the most amazing unique fantastic proposal ever… I’m sat in my husbands fishing shop in tears (scaring the old men) and cannot thank you enough for sharing it with us all, totally amazing!!!!
    Ps my husband proposed on the m6 motorway.. I’m giving him killer looks!!!!

  22. OH just came in and asked what I was crying about! I sent him the link with a note saying I expect similar!

    Absolutely beautiful! Would love to see pics from their wedding!

  23. So have to admit I thought everyone was exaggerating about this. But just checked it out and still crying a little. Don’t even know what to say. So moving and utterly utterly romantic.

  24. Lizzie Jayne

    John, When you’ve had the wedding please send some photos to Kat so she can show us! Congrats on the video and on getting engaged x

  25. That is just the most beautiful film…i’m a bit later than the rest of you but crying my eyes out…

    She’s one lucky girl to have a proposal like that! Beautiful…


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