Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 15th April 2011

Photography Credit: Tyrone Bradley (full wedding here)

Utilise friends and family where you can to create a perfectly personal wedding (and maybe even save a bit of money!) Do you have a talented seamstress for a Mum or a sister that arranges flowers in her spare time? Is your Dad a wizz with a toolbox? Get them on it!

Check out some of my favourite recent DIY weddings for inspiration:

Elbie & Derek’s Opulent & Eclectic DIY Wedding
Emma & Pete’s “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” & A Big Fat Surprise Wedding
N’tima & Steven’s Love Across the Sea
Amber & Jeff’s Candy Land Wedding
Song & Dony’s Mythical Creatures Wedding
Cazz & Liam’s Comic Book Geekery Wedding
Autumn & Kevin’s Romantic Vintage Valentine’s Wedding
Charly & Kelly’s Pink, Red & Valentine’s Backyard Wedding
Olga & Jo’s Two Day Russian/British Fusion Wedding
Rob & Justine’s Beeeautiful Art Retreat South African Wedding
Carroll & Dan’s Detail-Heavy, Day of the Dead Plantation Wedding
Tasha & Noah’s Americana Backyard BBQ Wedding

Many MANY more here!

Asking (or ahem begging) for comments on your blog is a one way street to loserdom.

Sure, you want comments on a post you’ve spend hours putting together but think outside the box when it comes to how to engage with your readers instead of simply trying to ‘get comments.’ Working on building a sense of community around your blog is a sure fire way to encourage people to want to comment and add to the discussion. Similarly, work out what kind of posts attract the most reader interaction and work towards creating more of this content for your website – this is clearly what your readers want! In my experience the types of blog posts that get the most comments are competitions, personal posts and posts that help people or offer a new opinion on  subject.

It’s also really important to make it as easy as possible for people to comment. If your readers have to jump through hoops to leave a comment with various stages of verifications, the likelihood is that many won’t bother.

Finally, ending with a question is a great way to engage conversation…So bloggers, what’s your option on getting blog comments and what kinds of posts have you found get the best reception?


  1. I have to admit I have been guilty of asking for comments in the past, but I try not to do it any more. I find it frustrating when a wedding I have featured that I think is amazing, hardly gets any comments, it makes me feel bad for the people involved. BUT I find that people really love the discussions post and as you say the personal posts.
    I have found that haveing a regular disucssions on the same day each week, and asking people to join in is definately the best way on my own blog. people really love a discussion, and they also seem to like it when I am open and honest with them about how I feel. People connect with people, if you are honest with them, more often they are honest and with you and more inclined to leave comments. Some posts I put up i don’t expect much of a reaction, mainly becasue they are just pretty posts for people to look at.
    I’ve learnt that not everyone comments on everything and not to beat myslef up about it!

  2. Post author

    totally true! i too feel bad when aweeesome weddings dont get many comments. boo to that!

  3. There’s a difference with what you guys do though, because you are offering something to your readers usually in the form of inspirational weddings and it is great to get people’s views on that. As you say, you need to offer something to your readers other than a deluge of self promotion which is what a lot of blogs do. I was really fed up to read somebody’s tweets the other day, which consisted of about 20 tweets why you should buy into them and then they posted a tweet list slagging off the 5 people who had just stopped following them (I imagine my name followed soon after when I stopped!). Not the way to work it!

  4. On inspiration blogs such as this, I rarely comment as I don’t feel I can say more than the standard ‘wow, I love her dress/flowers/photos/groom’.

    As you have discovered personal posts get more attention in the comments section, as Kelly@bohoweddings mentions, she feels bad for the people who’s wedding is featured that don’t get a lot of comments, I have never thought of it that way before. I forget that the bride and groom will be reading the post too and taking the comments personally, I will remember this and realise that they will be reading, and every swoon over her dress or choice of groom will not go unnoticed and will make a sparkle of happy inside.

  5. The best reception always is more in a giveaway post in my case, and then the personal ones, and then the ones that include my work as a photographer. I’ve never realised that is an all behind the scenes structure in every post and if we think them better we’ll have a better reception. Thank you Kat.


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