It’s Time to Celebrate… BIG Rock n Roll Bride News!

Credit: Shell de Mar Photography (sneak peek of a fabulous e-session I’ll be blogging really soon)

I just wanted start this week with a BANG and some seriously exciting news!  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know this already (I just couldn’t keep it in any longer) but I had to make the big announcement on the blog too. ..

As some of you may know, ever since launching Rock n Roll Bride waaay back in 2007, I have been living a bit of a double life. As well as running the number one wedding blog in the UK (yeah I’m a big show off!) I have been moonlighting as a TV Producer at the weekends. Hold your horses though, it’s not that exciting…I have been producing shopping tv!

I started the job straight out of University in 2006 when I thought I wanted to work in television. While I have enjoyed the job immensely and met and worked with some truly incredible, talented, driven and inspiring people, the time has now come to close that chapter in my life. I will be sad to leave all my friends but right now my allegiances have shifted from selling jacquard duvets and Royal Doulton figurines to bringing alternative wedding awesomeness to the world.

I went part time in May this year to focus more on Rock n Roll Bride. However since then, and because of you, my f-ing amazing readers, I am now in a position to be able to fully support myself with the blog alone. I couldn’t do this with out you and without my utterly incredible sponsors/advertisers. I literally have no words to express how grateful I am to every single one of you for making my dreams come true.

So here on in things are going to get seriously exciting. As soon as I’ve worked my notice, I will be officially a full time wedding blogger.

Pink champagne and Percy Pigs all round!


  1. Fantastic news. I am sure that, with more time to do what you’re so passionate about, the blog will go from strength to strength. It’s been a fab journey to watch you take so far. And I can say I (just about) knew you before you were famous!

  2. Post author

    Haha liz, famous? Hardly! Thanks for the love though and I’m so pleased to have made some awesome friends along the way

  3. Such fantastic news, well done~ your blog is an inspiration to all, as is your personal journey that has brought you here, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing what comes next!!

  4. Congrats!!! Great news. The blog is already amazing – can’t wait to see how even more fabulous its gonna get! You’re a great inspiration to everyone who wants to quit the 9-5 and live the dream! 🙂

  5. Oh Kat, its an absolutely Fabulous thing! I remember going from part time tog to full time tog and it was the BEST thing I ever did!!! xx

  6. Yeay, well done that’s great news! If this means more content I may never shut down my laptop… congratulations! x

  7. Congratulations! I have only just found your blog and absolutely love it. Nearly took a day off work to read back to the beginning!!

  8. Congratulations Kat, not only a massive personal achievement but also a complete inspiration to all of us out there escaping the rat race to work in a field that we’re passionate about! x

  9. Woop Woop! Such fantastic news-well done you; you’re an inspiration to anyone who has ever wanted to do something different and worked hard to get there. Congrats! x

  10. Yay!!!!! Bubbly & cupcakes are in order I’d say! Let’s get through all the Christmas madness and we’ll celebrate BIG in the new year? 😉

    Giant hugs and kisses!!

  11. Well – congratulations Mrs Rock n Roll. Does this mean we will see some more fabulous photo shoots in the new year featuring your gorgeous self!?? You must be sooo excited. Seriously. I am so happy for you – all that hard work has certainly paid off!!!

  12. Go you! Nice one lady, I know the feeling well of getting out of TV and it’s a good one! It’s a BIG move but can only be a good thing. Here’s to 2011 and beyond… did someone say party? I’m there 😉 x

  13. Congratulations Kat! Your blog is fantastic and I’m sure it will be even better now that you have all your time to devote to it! (Mind you I’m looking forward to seeing how you can possibly make it any better!) xx


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