Vintage, Floral and a Tattooed Bride

This gorgeous and rockin’ bridal shoot took place in LA and was shot entirely with film, with virtually no post-production. The bride wore a Betsey Johnson dress and shoes and jewellery from Tarina Tarantino. Her cute parasol was from Chinatown Los Angeles.

Thank you to Parisian photographer Juliane for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Juliane Berry Photography


  1. the photographer did an amazing job with these – its really hard to shoot in bright, full sun, so for these to look so amazing is incredible… love the styling too!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shot # 23! They are all beautiful of course, but the color pop in that is just amazing! I spent a couple years working with film and know how hard it can be to get things right. These shots are beyond amazing!

  3. lisapnla

    What an amazing shoot. The colors are breathtaking. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures.

  4. Nathalie

    Photos magnifiques, avec beaucoup de couleur, mais surtout un très bon travaille … BRAVO, J’ADORE

  5. Audrey

    Des photos de mariées hors du commun avec un style très tendance!
    De la couleur, de la folie, pour un résultat superbe!

    J’adore, j’adore!

    Les photos sont splendides!!

  6. Jennifer

    Julianne, I love all of your photography! These are absolutely beautifu!!!!
    Hope all is well with you!!

  7. Amy

    These are amazing photos, the bride is beautiful, the colours are so complimentary, I love that even with the bright sun you can clearly tell the color differences. Juliane has such an eye for the details in each picture. If only she were in LA and could shoot my wedding!

  8. Beautiful photos! The photographer did a wonderful job.Congrats, Julianne Berry! I love the Betsey Johnson dress as well. Truly a nice antidote to the usually corny bridal shoots and attire!

  9. I love Juliane’s work. In this particular case, great selection and use of colors and light. they bring a specific mood and character to this series. Very cool work!

  10. What stunning, celebratory and amazing pictures! Juliane photographed my wedding as well, she really captured the magic of the day and my connection with my husband! She is so talented, inspired, intutive and magical! If you are getting married, treat yourself to the gift of lifetime by inviting Juliane to your wedding!

  11. Juliane brings a commercial ability and eye to very intimate and personal moments – this is a combination of talent that cannot be taught! Gorgeous imagery. Brings surrealism to life and inspires!

  12. Nancy

    Juliane shot my family for years. She has an amazing eye and has just gotten better and better over the years. I miss her and hope that she is in LA when my girls get married!!

  13. Scott

    Takes the typical fashion shot and blows it to bits. These are fresh and full of energy, wit and fun. Actually makes me feel good!

  14. Bea

    I looooooove the way you mix colours and textures. It’s so fresh!!
    Even though the tattoo thing might be a bit too much for me… lol

    Keep doing such great works Julianne and, I hope someday we can meet up!



  15. Sandy

    Absolutely brilliant rich colors! The clarity in the photos capture the pureness of the person and true color even with the bright sunshine. You are such an AMAZING photographer Juliane!! I love the adorable poses you have these brides do. It really makes the photos fun to look at. As well, even the more serious photos are beautifully breath taking. So ellegant!

  16. Aude

    J’adore Juliane !!!! Les photos sont magnifiques… Les couleurs… Tes photos me font beaucoup penser aux tableaux des impressionnistes… Bravo !!!!!! 😉

  17. Aude

    Magnifiques photos Juliane ! Les couleurs (et le modèle) sont magnifiques. Tes photos me font vraiment penser aux tableaux des impressionnistes. Bravo ! 🙂

  18. Kelli

    Amazing! I’ve known Juliane since high school. She is an incredible photographer! I am so excited and honored that she is going to do my trash the dress shoot in January!!

  19. Robin

    Juliane the pictures are extraordinary. Beautiful colors. I still have your black and whites of San Francisco. Would love to have you photograph Travis and Lauren’s weddings in the future (if you are in LA).
    You are as talented as ever.

  20. Michelle Hamilton

    well well well…what can I say!!! My girl has done it again:) these photos are stunning and soooooo colorful…..i felt like i was standing right there! My sweet Juliane, you are soooo amazingly talented! I love you to the moon and back! Cant wait for you to photograph me in my black wedding dress:) hehe.

  21. christina

    I love these! And seeing as i am your biggest fan, i have to say these are amazing Juliane, i hadnt seen them all and these are just super!!!! Talented and lovely you have got it all and are going places sweety 🙂

  22. Jen

    Intriguing and captivating, yet vibrant & playful! An artful masterpiece of classic style encompassing stunning elements of personality, color and expression.

  23. Avinger Nelson

    You have always been one of the best photogs from “the group”. These shots are great! It also does not hurt to have a great model like Kelly. Let me know when you are in town. Maybe we can go shoot together.


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