Jonnorae’s Nerdy Movie Theatre Wedding

Amorae & Jonny- or Jonnorae as they often go by – wanted a very personal wedding…and they certain achieved that by celebrating their self proclaimed “nerdom”! The pulpit that the officiant stood was a throwback to the pipes that Mario traveled down, and instead of a typical unity candle or sand ceremony, they brewed a potion like Harry Potter! At the reception they wanted to pay homage to their ‘nerdiness’ with centrepieces of books, legos and miniature games hidden inside the hand painted faux books. They also held a quiz for their guests to play at their tables called “Jonnorae Geekdom Trivia” (by the way, I love this idea – we did it too!)

The ceremony, held at Lakewood Theater in Dallas, TX was just as bespoke. Instead of traditional vows they played a round of rock, paper, scissors to decide who would read theirs first, and afterwards they both phones to update their facebook statuses to married!

Thank you to photographer Brandi for sharing this wedding today

Photography Credit: Brandi Thompson Photography
Venue:  Lakewood Theater in Dallas, TX
Bride’s Dress: Custom made by Melanie Fredrickson
Shoes: Custom embroidered Chuck Taylors/Converse
Bouquets: RBK Creations
Cupcakes: Sprinkles Cupcakes
Robot Cupcake Toppers: Super Face Punch on Etsy
Hair/Make Up: Emily Hudspeth
Wedding Planners/Coordinators: Sweet Pea Events


  1. those cupcake toppers are the perfect combination of nerdy and adorable, love that they are personalised to look like the couple. plus her underskirt is to die for x

  2. This colour scheme is stunning! I am in love with the personalised converse sneakers and all the little geeky details – really original and I absolutely love her engagement and wedding rings!!

  3. This couple is the cutest! Thanks for featuring them!

    The bouquets were a blast to create! Felt, buttons and of course LEGOS!

    Amorae and Jonny, you guys rocked it! Awesome job to you too Brandi! It was truly a wedding of awesome!

  4. robyn

    I love the color scheme, the use of converses, the use of a theater, and most of all, love the facebook updating idea at the end of the ceremony! (already planning on at least changing our facebook relationship status during the ceremony, but a wall update is a great idea!)

  5. Molly Mandell

    I stumbled across this post because I live in Dallas and I’m trying to help a friend with her wedding dress…she wants a colorful petticoat under hers as well. Is there any contact info for Melanie Fredrickson??? That dress is amazing

  6. katherine willis

    how did you get that dress? my best friend is getting married in july and wants a similar look for her dress. pettycoats??

  7. Dominique

    Did you dye your petticoat yourself or did you buy it like that? I’ve only ever seen people do the one colour. My wedding colours are the exact same and I was going back and four debating if I would do mine blue or purple but if there’s a way I can get both colours in there, I will totally do that instead!

  8. Caroline

    I am getting married on 4/29/17, and this is EXACTLY the dress I want, only with peek-a-boo red crinoline, and I’ll be wearing red Converse. My daughter will be wearing the same dress only smaller, with black peek-a-boo crinoline and black Converse.

    Can you share my email address with your friend and find out if she could make dresses like that? Absolutely perfect.

    Caroline Weiss

  9. Krystle Zambrana

    Hi! First off, CONGRATS on an amazingly unique wedding! I am doing the same colors as well and I LOVE the converse and petticoat idea!! Could you please tell me where you were able to go to get a two colored petticoat? So far, everyone I’ve contacted on Etsy can only do one color and yours is PERFECT.

  10. Tina Mckeever

    My daughter is getting married in Oct and those are her colors, she’s also a big converse fan would love those shoes. Where did you get them


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