Their Big Fat Leopard Print Lesbian Wedding

One of the things that really stood out in your survey responses was that a lot of you wanted more Rock n Roll same sex weddings. Well my dears, you ask and I deliver! I have actually been dying to feature Linsay & Amanda’s wedding for a while now but with wedding season being in full flow I have been a trifle busy! Patience is a virtue though my little kittens and I think you’ll realise that wait was worth it when you see these two kick ass chicks!

With people coming to their wedding from the UK and The States (Linsay is English and Amanda is from America) the couple decided on a kitsch Royal theme with red, white & blue as their colours (to reflect both flags) as well as for a bit of fun all round! “We just wanted to have fun with the theme but also sort of add a bit of camp irony to what was a fabulous lesbian wedding” Amanda told me. “I love the photo of the Fergie and Andrew choc tin! But seriously, it was a profoundly special day especially not only cause it was our wedding but because civil partnerships haven’t been  legal for that long and really lesbians need to find a new narrative when it comes to weddings. No More White Suits! You can both wear dresses and both be ‘the bride’ and balance it off well without either one having to feel overshadowed. And now Linz and I are wives for lives! How cool is that!?”

Both brides wore dresses by Candy Anthony – although it wasn’t planned! They both actually picked their dresses completely seperately.

To keep costs down the couple decided to get married on a Monday. They said that most people were happy to have a bonus day off work to attend their wedding. The day started at Shoreditch Town Hall for an emotional ceremony “It is a lush building with lovely steps, stained glass windows and has a slight church feel (which is nice as Amanda is a Catholic and us gays can’t do spiritual services)” Linsay explained. The reception was held at Linsay’s best woman Katy’s restaurant The Elk in the Woods in Islington. “We chose this as it’s got so many good memories for us and the bunting and royal tat would look amazing against the deer heads (and we got booze at cost price.)  Also Camden Passage is awesome and would look amazing in photos.  All of the food and wedding cake was made by the fab chefs at the Elk.  Both Katy and I are half Danish so the food had a slight Scandinavian feel. Not the cake though, that was a big fat comedy cupcake donned with red white and blue icing.  We drank bubby and a cocktail named the Cornish Tickler (I am a Kernow lass)” Linsay continued.

“Why are we Rock n Roll Brides?” Linsay concluded “Mainly because we did what we wanted and didn’t give a damn.  It was a real “F you” to all of the ignoramuses in the world.  It was also an F you to prop 8 in California. The most Rock n Roll moment was perhaps the epic wedding cake food fight at the end of the night or me breaking my toe….And one thing we both wanted to achieve was to prove that lesbian weddings can be fun and stylish and tattooed and be completely free of bad white suits!!!”

Yeah so I officially love these guys! Thanks so much to Linsay & Amanda and their fabulous photographer David for sharing this awesome wedding with us. Be sure to check out the full list of where the couple nabbed all their gorgeous wedding bits after the thumbnails. 

Credit: David McNeil Photography
Ceremony Venue: Shoreditch Town Hall
Reception Venue: The Elk in the Woods
After Party/Disco: Old Queen’s Head
Brides’ Dresses: Candy Anthony (Amanda wore Liz Taylor & Linsay wore the Leopard Print)
Lindsey’s earrings:  Accessorize
Lindsey’s necklace: her Mum’s
Lindsey’s Shoes: New Look
Amanda’s Pearl necklace: Gift
Amanda’s Shoes: Hobbs
Amanda’s headpiece:  Janine Basil on Etsy
Amanda’s necklace: lulu splendor on Etsy
Royal Memorabilia: various – Ebay, Camden Market
Bunting: Zig Zag Bunting
Bouquets: Gingerlily Flowers
Centrepieces: Diy
DJ: Arts Theatre Club


  1. Oh my!!! These images just brought a big fat smile to my face! How cool or those girls! And the photos by David McNeil are superb as always!

  2. Go team lesbo!
    LOVE it! Every bit of it. Adore their dresses, especially the leopard print one and love their eccentric, non-conformist approach & ethos.
    Their day looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Emma

    I saw this wedding a few weeks ago on David’s blog and loved it then! It’s so vibrant and full of people who love life! I absolutely love the leopard print dress too!!

  4. Jo

    Cant believe I miss it! Looks to good 2 be true… all those conversations @ work paid off! Congrats again! Fab wedding! 🙂 Love Jo xxx

  5. sue

    The day was as amazing as it looks in the photo’s!!! every bit of it exactly reflected both of their personalities!! Royal theme…. Genius!!!

  6. Kristen

    GORGEOUS!! – the wedding & the brides. I was a guest (& a self proclaimed bridesmaid 🙂 & had the most AMAZING time!! From the style, to the food, to the love these girlies share…. we’ll all remember it forever!
    Congrats ladies!!!!!!!!!

  7. so glad these pics are finally out! what a stunning wedding for two stunning women. that leopard print dress is simply to die for and the pics in camden passage really work, plus they look like so much fun, what a good idea x

  8. Thank you so much for the comments, and to Amanda and Linsay for asking me to shoot their wedding.

    It was lovely working with such a great couple, and I’ve made two great new friends to boot!


  9. Marissa

    probably one of my favorite weddings! They are just about the cutest couple EVER! I love their dresses and everything. Congrats to them!

  10. the fact that they ended up with dresses from the same place is absolutely adorable. 🙂 they both look so goofy (in a good way) and fun!

  11. Pie

    Fabulous. You NEVER see lesbian weddings in the ever so slightly offensive mainstream bridal mags (why do they insist on pretending that men can’t even get a haircut without their gfs organising it for them?). Anyway that aside, this wedding looks amazing and not a lesbian cliche in sight. Well done girls. Lesbian weddings are THE best. 😀

  12. Katherine

    Had a brilliant day, such a laugh. Great article & was such a London city wedding. Amanda & Lindz looked fab! Bring on the reunion!

  13. Emma

    It. Was. Fabulous. My first civil ceremony and it will take some serious kitsch & imagination to top!! Linz & Amanda are perfectly matched and vast amounts of fun was had by all. The food fight was messy….my dress went in the bin but it was sooooo worth it!! x

  14. Linda

    Girls, what can I say?!
    Love you both to bits and am so happy you let me share the best day ever with you.
    It was just brilliant – You 100% Rock!
    x x x

  15. This is, without a doubt, THE hottest wedding EVER! I am so in-love with both these Brides and love love love the ‘Wives For Lives’ quote!!!!

    Truly beautiful!!!


  16. nico

    oh, wow! so cool.
    but i have to say, i do love a dyke in a suit. rawr! (but a well-cut suit, obviously). delicious

  17. kelly @outlawheart81

    *squeal* i love LoVe LOOooOoove this! the antlers & buntings are to die for!!!! love it!

  18. Have just found and fallen IN LOVE with your site, especially this wedding. We are planning a ceremony in Thailand and need inspiration on how to plan an awesome same sex ceremony, and will keep an eye on your site. Do you happen to photograph in thailand…planning a trip in 2012 by any chance….?


  19. j

    Damnit, now I want a lesbian wedding!
    All girls, all pretty dresses, and no boys allowed in to mess up my aesthetic 😛

    But I am stuck marrying a boy who wouldn’t look good in a dress, even if I somehow convinced him to wear one (probably by use of chloroform 😛 )

  20. Lucy

    WOW!! What fabulous brides!! Please can I take them both home? Seriously what a glorious set of images….please get these two in a magazine ASAP!!

  21. Janet

    wow, the most adorable wedding I have ever seen! Really love the attitude, the dresses are amazing and totally cool! Congrats girls!


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